Traditional Trade Fair Construction

Mobile presentation systems from easy display as an alternative to large-scale trade fair stands in times of financial crisis are piling up budget slumps in advertising messages. Nielsen Media Research GmbH in June 2008 in a study for the German advertising market said of slight growth, amounted to their assessment of end of June already just waiting for a constant lack of advertising expenditure when negative trend (- 0.4%). Other experts predict stagnation and significant cuts of the marketing budget for the rest of 2008. At the end of the year 2008 analysts saw a decline of in advertising spending in Western Europe of 7%. In April of this year, the media agency Zenith Optimedia has now published a startling analysis. Thus the spending on advertising would go back worldwide 7%. Especially in Central and Eastern Europe were the strongest declines expected. For all this interesting results of the AUMA are trend study fair 2009, among other things, examined the position of exhibition of German companies in the B2B marketing mix.

Therefore could This year, its leadership claim the trade show as a marketing tool for 81% of the respondents. Apparently, the aspect of personal dialogue plays the biggest role with the customers on a fair. Against the background of limited advertising budget when at the same time constant relevance of trade fairs, it seems advisable to find alternatives to the traditional trade fair construction and large-scale trade fair stands for medium-sized companies. The EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover has efficient and low-cost options, which by no means lose effectiveness with its product portfolio of mobile presentation systems. Currently, the EasyShare display GmbH on fairs offers compact solutions tailored to mobile presentation systems that meet guaranteed each claim. Available options are four combinations of mobile presentation systems, which can be freely extended with additional, mobile presentation systems. The presentation systems combines the easy BudgetCombo: 1 x folding display easy MagneticCurved with carrying case (at the same time, promotion counter); 1 x rollup display easy RollBudget; 1 x foldable DIN A4 brochure holder of easy stair. The presentation systems combines the easy PromoCombo: 2 x rollup display easy RollBudget; 1 x promotional counter ExxCurve; 1 x foldable DIN A4 brochure holder; 2 x Thekenaufstellr EasyX mini.

The presentation systems combines the easy SummerCombo: 1 x folding display expand MediFabric outdoor, 1 x promotional counter of easy ExxCurve, 2 x easy flying banner. Highlight of the offered combinations mobile presentation systems is the easy LuxuryCombo. The folding screen contained Octanorm Vario D400 with its many extensions and flexible mounting options in the area of fair presentation systems increasingly prevails. Also following presentation systems include: 1 x carrying case (at the same time, promotion counter); 1 x rollup display easy QuickRoll, 1 x DIN A4 brochure holder Octanorm P3. All presentation systems are supplied including pressure and numerous accessories. EasyShare display GmbH sour wine RT 4 30167 Hannover contact: Jerome Chung (Public relations) jerome.chung(at) mobile presentation systems

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