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It is necessary to assume the existence of opinions, positive as as much negative in the network. For this reason, it is important to construct positive a digital identity, to take positions before arriving at situations critics. The strategies fundamental to improve the reputation online of a mark they happen through: Detection: It agrees to […]

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Adela Alos

To summarize, all organizations need: * a prior task of planning that includes the maintenance and sustainability of digital repositories that are due or be preserved permanently, with their sizing medium to long term. These are part of the corporate memory and contain a knowledge which we must preserve for generations futuras.* have clearly defined […]

The Characteristics Of Micrometers

Micrometers are computers used by engineers to measure thickness and internal and external depths accurately. Unlike other gauges such as vernier and caliper, its results are safe and are easy to use. This invention is based on the micrometer screw, a device developed in the 17TH century, but in principle was used to measure distances. […]

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Unique Biometric Watches

Each person is unique from others and there are personal qualities, thus proving it. Thanks to science, we know that every human being has behavioral, and physiological qualities that make each person unique. These qualities include the shape of the face, fingerprints, eye patterns, voice, signature, how to walk and how to enter. Biometrics is […]

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BI-cube Wins It Security Award 2013

Toyota wins the award for the bi-cube identity & access management with single sign-on project this year were on the it-sa (IT security fair) in Nuremberg it security awards. The eponymous magazine awarded to the 8.10.2013 interesting and outstanding projects in the categories of management, security, Web/Internet security, identity & access management, as well as […]

Safe TIC: Early Defibrillation Saves Lives

Innovative system for the early defibrillation by SafeTIC bypassed critical 27 minutes Mannheim December 2012. It may take up to half an hour to arrive the first rescuers on the scene. SafeTIC is of the opinion: this period is much too long. There must be a way to help heart patients also used effectively. And […]

Safe TIC Biometric Finger Vein Recognition

The SafeTIC AG explains, what makes you so sure the finger vein procedures Mannheim may 2013. The finger vein recognition set up by the SafeTIC AG is a relatively new biometric, but already enjoys a high level of user acceptance. Infra-red technology convinces in terms of security all along the line. The false acceptance rate […]

Emergency Defibrillator

The SafeTIC DOC defibrillator in the field with the care and support service Berger Mannheim September 2012. The SafeTIC emergency Manager DOC saves in the mobile application life. Six copies of the defibrillator accompany staff SafeTIC customer care service Berger from now on in the car. More devices were installed in the rooms of the […]

Czech Interior Ministry

Here add, that the old format of visa extension and pasting her passport to a foreigner will be changed immediately after the entry into force of biometric passports for foreigners. After their entry and use, extension of stay will be a foreigner to get a purely conventional common database, and if necessary to prolong the […]

Biometric Control

It is not a secret that agencies have used it to the government, for the identity card emission de like certificates, passport or cards of the social insurance. Nevertheless, the biometry has begun to be implemented in many other areas, example of them are the access controls. Many experts assure that the biometric indicators will […]

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