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Customer Manager

Customer orientation is capitalized at PORTICA and constantly improved. For this reason, the optimizing for IT, logistics and finance has hired two more Customer Manager. Kempen, 05 November 2013. Alexandra Fritz and Simone Horster are now central point of contact for customer support and development in the areas of advertising material logistics & E-commerce. At […]

The Pheromones

We reacted to pheromones in a subconscious level. So unlike the aerosols of Colony that simply give good scent him, the pheromones will make him seem more attractive and the excitation and desire to wake up in the members of opposite sex. The difference between its personal scent and the pheromones Unlike their favourite colony […]

Time Management Tips

Sometimes during the day we have so many tasks and at the end we realize that we could not deal with the remaining issues as we would like. Moreover, we are in our own routine that we do not realize that we cherish so scarce and precious resource as is the TIME. Now, how much […]

Clean Sky

If vesalgo that you really like and want to buy, buy it here! I assure you that you will not find better prices or qualities, nowhere else. We arrived because of night to Urubamba, k k’uychi Rumi, Claudia waited us pararecibirnos. We stayed in 2 independent 2 floors and 4 squares cadauno bungalows. Precious, with […]

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Vivan Toponymic Wars!

Vivan toponymic wars! We are inventing a new user exonyms: Macalla (talk contr. Bloq.). It is also very active. Anybody is encouraged to review their attacks topon micos Catalans – Dodo 08:12 16 Jan 2007 (CET) I read the title of the post and do not know why I have discerned that the message was […]

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Fire Alarm Sensors

Security, magnetic contact sensors are designed for mounting on doors, gates, windows and so on. Danny kind of sensor consists of two parts, executed in the same buildings, in one case the magnet is located in another area. data sensors on the opening as soon as the magnet is removed from the reed switch for […]

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The Part

Being the ideal mother, that one that kneads and took care of, protecting its son. 4. QUARREL As we can observe, the monoparental family still passes for difficulties in such a way for the responsible person for commanding the family how much for the child who suffers influences from this cuidador and the adversities of […]

Latin American

But which escaped goes looking for and seeking va escaping from something else. Cubans on the island thrown in the water apparently for political reasons and the Dominicans are thrown overboard for economic reasons. Of course, U.S. soil receives them Cubans who tread as heroes and with the legality; chasing them to others as criminals […]

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The Use

A big step forward came in 1907 when a Simon of Manchester, has patented a process screen Printing silk fabric rubber squeegee, called silk screen printing (English = printing silk). From this and takes its name screenprint. Silk screen printing technology – a system of technologies that allow to put paint or a paste of […]

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