Virtual World

Dependence of the virtual world Arnaldo Nogaro 1 The recent reading of two articles (‘ ‘ The risks of the excess of exposition to the world virtual’ ‘ – Magazine Patio, ago/out, 2009 and ‘ ‘ The Internet transforms its crebro’ ‘ Magazine Sees, 12 of August of 2009) had made to reflect me and to write on the subject. Exactly being a new phenomenon, I have read very on it for personal and academic interest and confess that I am one in such a way apreensivo one with what I have evidenced. The human being developed the knowledge in different fronts, improved science and the technology, believing that this everything would bring it greater benefit and quality of life, beyond saving work and diminishing its physical effort. But what we are perceiving it is that what, in principle, would be a fantastic profit in favor of the man and of the society it starts to present its more perverse face. Who tried and used the existing technological devices does not want more to return to previous the practical instruments and. I am socializing mine you distress in relation to the subject, does not stop scaring somebody or as form of wanting to bar, to nail a removal of the virtual world, because this would not even be possible in reason of as our lives are atreladas it, but with the intention to take parents and educators to give to attention to the behaviors of our children and displayed young that pass long time to the Internet, virtual games and other spaces. In cited articles they are salient positive points of the new technologies of the information and communication, as well as them they facilitate and in them they assist in the day the day: amount of available information, new forms to make research, reinforcement in the cerebral circuits that control the technological abilities exploring other regions of our brain, new modalities of personal relationships, storage and availability of data with rapidity etc.

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