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Mystery Shopping Service

R & B Group for several years actively uses Mystery shopping (other names services: Hidden buyer, Mystery Shopper, Mystery Shopper, Practical buying, etc.) in their work. The demand for this service today is quite high and it growing. For most companies, high-quality service is key to successful development is a competitive advantage. Trade sector, for […]

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Technology Magic

All that the user has to do is buy a plastic card of good quality, soft and clean the printer occasionally, using simple cleaning cards and replacing or cleaning removing dirt from the printer roller. Not only print, using encryption also The ID card printers such as Magicard Rio 2 and Tango 2 also come […]

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Yaracuy State

Historical review: The hairless buns are a typical and popular dish both for its simplicity and for its exquisite taste. It is consumed throughout the country, but those made in San Felipe, Yaracuy State of pork enjoy fame. The most common preparation is with filling of meat, and sometimes of fish, but they are always […]

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Circle Science

For example, if we see one, two, three white swans, we would dare to say: All the white swans are. But at the moment that we saw one black, our theory would be false. Nevertheless, we could affirm: All the white swans are not. It is thus as it advances science. It walks towards the […]

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Special Studies

But the airship went on, so to speak, again and again to climb. This type of aircraft has those qualities that distinguish it from other aircraft. Our task is not included arguments about the technical aspects or a story about the history of managed aeronautics. For this purpose there rather extensive special and popular literature. […]

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If to think about the formularizations of Sartre regarding existence and essence from this lack of proper command, can give to it, with certainty, a reliable vote. If to give to attention in the history of the evolution human being we evidence that the man is a being that if adaptou, if formed and constituted […]

Mobile Cellular Service

Cellular telephony – Part I I go to divide the article in parts because I want to describe of detailed form all the details on the Cellular Telephone. In 1947 the MTS, System of Mobile Telephony was created (the things in English costumam to be behind for front), aiming at to take care of the […]

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