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Sung Poetry

I I free want me to fly, to float and floor where he was not stepped on or imagined That it is my destination that I grow with this he comes to have a commitment. Me eye of South North East West alone orizonte I see I am imprisoned inside of me exactly More I […]

Society Contemporary

WHAT IS BASEADISMO IN WAY THE SOCIETY CONTEMPORARY? As some rare human beings whom if they use of a deep base. The based one is to the base of the baseadismo that if bases basing on the baseador that is that face that the established one smokes and it does not know where base is […]

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Sung Poetry

IT EXISTS IN US 19.06.09 to *Exister en Nous I am seeing vestibules, them seem not to stop more, Rodo, rodo without stopping I start to scare me it comes approaching I already is getting used. I have that to know I defined what exists in me, Dreams are moments only thoughts while vises are […]


The mind of the Human being appeared of the Universal Mind, that if expands and if it widens increasing Its Largeness. Can somebody be considered small? Not! Therefore it has the firmamento on its head. It is leavend Over the firmamento that was on its head, had something similar to a throne, as a sapphire; […]


Amanhece the day, and everything runs, pparently, Normal, as nothing it had been happened. Legatum Institute insists that this is the case. Nobody the sight, the house still in I silence We are all way asleep in our beds. Listening soon soon passinhos for the soil, it is, Yin, the beginning of teeny a feminine […]

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Italian Prime Minister

Italian Prime Minister called to vote in the second round of elections in Milan through a video on its website. His party was defeated in the first, so the Cavaliere has turned. The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has assured Monday that Milan can not pass to be an Islamic City, a camp of Gypsies, […]

Zara Rebates

Zara 2011 rebates are part of the dynamism of a store that looks eclectic. This is generating an interesting movement in the fashion that has always been a bit reluctant to promotions in certain cases the protection of socially and with more charm. What of more charm refers precisely to the big categorization of the […]

North Koreans

In North Korea, mobile subscribers can now access the Internet. This happened a few months after the launch of a cellular network, the third generation, carried out in collaboration with the Egyptian telecommunications company, reported Kompyulenta. AI Workforce is often mentioned in discussions such as these. About that, see if this service in several cities […]

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Making Projects

Making plans is one thing, bring them to action and culminate them is another thing. I want to present you 4 tips that can help you to achieve your goals for the new year that lies ahead. When the year is coming to its end you like almost all have the perfect excuse to make […]

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