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Online Advertising

It is a fact that the internet has become part of our lives, and it is now stronger than ever. Now we depend on the network for socialize, make friends, learn about other countries, expanding our knowledge, and, of course, sell our products. So the figures of advertising on Google continues to grow unabated. This […]

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Role Of The Management In The News

Flattery is like the shadow does not make us bigger or smaller. It is said that knowledge management is the management of intangible assets that create value for the organization. Most of these intangibles are related to processes involved in one or another way to collecting, structuring and knowledge transfer. Therefore, knowledge management in organizational […]

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Monitoring IP

With the evolution and popularizao of the computer networks, the majority of the new constructions already is being projected foreseeing future installations of these equipment, making with that the architects and engineers not only think about constructing, but in the security of the people who occupy the new enterprises. When we speak in implantation of […]

Corporate Offices

Office chair in our time can be seen in the office of the well-known corporations, and in the rooms of a small organization with a dozen patrons. Such versatility is due to the fact that the chair just needed to work organization or enterprise, because they are responsible for the comfort of employees, helping comfortably […]

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BlackBerry Biometric

RIM manufacturer has launched a conceptual model of the new BlackBerry, which includes in addition to the features of a smartphone, a biometric ring that recognizes the emotional States of users and the vital States. This concept is undoubtedly literalism maximum of the idea of communicating emotions. The biometric system which has the new BlackBerry […]

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Synergy & Technology

Such synergies have a good argument. First is a significant cost savings. According to the Spanish make the investment in Martorell for the development of the new model was 200 million euros, significantly reduced the creation of a new model. Another argument for the adoption of the Exeo is the reduction of development time, that […]

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Related Registar

The Register of Domnios nowadays is more easy and cheap, beyond the advantages associates to have a proper domain. Some of the advantages associates to the register of domnios are: benefit to create its proper mark; to have its proper ' ' morada' ' online, through which its visitors can accede to its site; possibility […]

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is the most efficient technology in the field of biometrics. Fingerprints are at risk for counterfeiting, as well as reaching mistakenly prevent access if your fingers are dirty or wet. Iris recognition devices are too invasive. They can generate diseases or serious conditions. Voice recognition devices may not give good results, especially when […]

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Coca Cola Product

It is, therefore, a specialized type of market research that uses biometric measurements (brain activity, heart rate, Galvanic Skin response) of the subjects studied to obtain conclusions. The neuromarketing would improve techniques and advertising resources and help understand the relationship between the mind and the conduct of the recipient, something that currently can be considered […]

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Asterisk Linux

The importance of enterprise level telephony is evident. Therefore, every advance in this service is crucial to the sector. The universalization of the Internet has made possible the development and generalization of IP telephony, a technology that allows the integration of the voice and data communications in a network based on IP protocol. The result […]

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