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Los Watches Biometric

All Directors of companies would like to believe that you can rely totally on their employees. They want people who have passed an interview and subsequent testing, to be completely honest. However, human nature makes that there are always a few people, that justify the existence of surveillance and control methods. For this reason, since […]

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The Study of History

During the course of time the succession of events that shaped the history of mankind have left an indelible mark for the next inhabitants of the earth, thanks to this research and study of history has been a key factor in the success of today’s society. Studying history is not often an option sought by […]

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Access Control

Intelligent locks: Access Control and biometric systems the use of biometrics for identification purposes, is something quite old. It is no secret that government agencies have used it, for the issuance of identity documents such as certificates, passport or social security cards. However, the biometrics has begun to be implemented in many other areas, examples […]

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Employee Performance Optimization

Consider, that organizations have sacrificed the experience of having people with lower wages and this increases the hidden costs, understood as that which is reflected as an expense rising due to waste, rework (often not quantified), overtime (even those that are not paid staff), poor organizational climate, low coverage of compliance with the job profiles. […]

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Readers Camera Biometric

Surveillance is the monitoring of the behavior. System monitoring is the process of monitoring of people, objects or processes within systems for conformance to standards expected or desired in reliable systems for control of security or social. Clinical surveillance refers to the monitoring of diseases or public indicators related to health (e.g., symptoms indicating acts […]

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The Evolution of Education

We are in the knowledge era, where things currently are renewed every day, what is now innovation will be obsolete tomorrow. Similarly, educational media operates, changes in the school as a physical environment to what we have today, virtual rooms and distance learning. The use of computer tools in the training of professionals is certainly […]

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Watches Biometric

What are systems biometric and what are watches biometric in this age of technological advances, the business environments grow and grow. For this reason, emerging companies, as well as the veterans, need safety and control, that are accurate and reliable mechanisms. Biometric clocks are suitable devices, which comply with the requirements mentioned above. You may […]

Construction Technologies

Windows as part of the building envelope have a significant impact on the quality of the home, playing a role in energy conservation and increased consumer cost of the building. From 30 to 50% of the surface of the walls in the building can be occupied windows, so when determining their size should consider the […]

Environmental Energy

And tried to answer how energy can ensure the humanity without harming the environment, social stability, or threaten the welfare of future generations? 2. Principle and economic activity: Sustainability and Sustainable Development Onshore Exploration, is development that ensures the needs of the present without compromising the ability to face future generations meet their own needs. […]

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GPS Vehicle Monitoring

We would like to draw attention to the fact that the direction of navigation today is not a mystery, heard about this many, but not everyone uses. Only now beginning to think about the introduction of satellite tracking transport. The same way it happened with cell phones. First, mobility was not available for most, Then […]