The Timna

– However, Mr. gave in them to be able to step on serpents, and scorpions, and all the force of the Enemy, and nothing in them some will make damage! (Lc 10:19); – This will not be the first error of Sanso, it will take as wife a foreign woman, opposing an ordinance made for Mr. to all of Israel; ' ' Nor you will become related yourself with them; you will not give to your children its children and you will not take its children for your children; Therefore they would make to deviate your children of me, so that they served to others deuses; the anger Mr. if would light against you and fast it would consume you (Dt 7:3 – 4) ' ' ; IV? Dangerous relationships; – Sanso will have negative, dangerous interpersonal relationships; – The problem key in the life of Sanso if summarizes in the first sentence that describes the life of it: ' ' The Timna went down Sanso; seeing in Timna one of the children of the filisteus ' ' (Jz 14:1). Of this time it asked for that the parents obtained this woman for it, but they had answered: ' ' She does not have, porventura, woman she enters the children of your brothers or all enters my people, so that you go to take wife of the filisteus, of those incircuncisos? Its father said Sanso: He takes me this, because only of this me agrado' ' (Jz 14:3); – God already had ordered that Sanso he initiated the release of the Israelis of the hands of the filisteus, however it was getting passionate itself for foreign woman, after all Timna, beed situated in the border of Jud; – He had other similar occasions. ' ' Sanso was the Gaza, and saw a prostitute there, and cohabited with ela' ' (Jz 16:1).

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