Colloquy Story

The story of Pink Guimares ' ' Colloquy of Bois' ' it contains characteristics of a novel, therefore this possesss a type of dramatical nucleus more than. The central nucleus of the story is the history of Tiozinho, a boy who loaded the corpse of the father together with a load of rapaduras. To put, others exist in the story nuclei as the history of the ox Rodapio that wanted to be man, the history of the Didico boy and the history of Bala.Todavia Joo in the end of the story all these nuclei if establish to the main nucleus. A marcante characteristic in the story is the linguistic experimentation carried through by Pink Guimares, is where the writer breaches the barriers between the narrative and poetry, transferring resources used in the poetry to chats, amongst them is: the ellipses, the apostrophe, the hyphen you rhyme, them, assonncia, onomatopia, and neologisms. It observes in the fragmentos below the job of these characters: ' ' Why cachorrinha – do? weeds are sestrosa and one instant of rosnear cannot stop, and, moreover, it was as that hipnotizada, for the contemplation of the animal-man and estalidos the Chaple-chaple of the leather canvas shoes cru.' ' (Pink Guimares, p.328, 2001) the words detached I break up in it above are respectively examples of the job of the hyphen (cachorrinha-do-weeds), archaism (sestrosa), onomatopia (chaple-chaple). In the next one I break up we will see examples of assonncia and neologism: ' ' With final rabeio, the Pope-honey was empoou and espoou in the coasts, and walked the wheel, very fast, because it is well as soon as make iraras, to aclarar the ideas, when it hurries to take any resolution. It turned, it curripiou, it thought, it finished to think and there they had run for the right edge, dragging always alone the back rooms, that weigh excessively. .

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