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Russian Roads

Overview of tires to motorists is always a hot topic. Consider this time the tires Nokian. Production of tires Nokian started in 1932 in the town of Nokia in Finland. The company starts its activities with Manufacture of tires for bicycles, and only then, with the arrival experience, and evaluating the prospects of the market, […]

GSM Phone

Anti-theft satellite complex consists not only of the GPS-unit, capable of transmitting the coordinates of its location, but also a set of mechanical and digital devices: immobilizer, tilt sensor, datchki heel sensor shock, alarm button, the siren. The list of installed devices defines a service company, a satellite signal, and also depends on the brand […]

Taxi Drivers and Mobile Phones

Who also coordinates the activities of taxi drivers? After all, even if the client called Taxi Driver, located on the opposite side of town, they are unlikely to agree on a price for the trip, and even more so about the time for transport. A ring round hundred or so taxi drivers, to put it […]

Restoration Of Worn Details As A Way To Extend Life Of Those

How can I prolong the life of equipment? Many people ask this question. Car broke down, got the machine. Buy new parts cleaned very expensive. There are technologies restoration of worn parts. When you restore parts, depending on the requirements of the worn surface requirements, technologies are used semi-automatic welding with consumable electrode, mechanized processes […]

Brake Discs: Myths And Realities

It so happened that the scope of development and manufacturing of brake discs is closed in terms of information. And this is logical, since a slight change in the composition or the production of brake disks of technology directly affects the its properties. And who wants to advertise his own successful technology? Nevertheless, the desire […]


The turbocharger was invented by Swiss engineer Alfred Buchi. It was patented in 1905. Diesel locomotives and ships with turbochargers began appearing in the 1920s. One of the first mentions of the turbocharger on the engine nedizelnom was when Stanford Moss, General Electric engineer, used for aircraft engine turbo V12 Liberty. The engine was tested […]