Restoration Of Worn Details As A Way To Extend Life Of Those

How can I prolong the life of equipment? Many people ask this question. Car broke down, got the machine. Buy new parts cleaned very expensive. There are technologies restoration of worn parts. When you restore parts, depending on the requirements of the worn surface requirements, technologies are used semi-automatic welding with consumable electrode, mechanized processes of plasma and electric-and flame surfacing. For this purpose, can also be applied manually welding arc, consumable electrode, TIG and plasma. A wide range of materials and technology makes it possible to get deposited on the surface of any operational details of any properties: – high resistance to wear when you work with or without lubrication, including abrasive and cavitation wear – high corrosion resistance when working in chemically aggressive environments – heat-resistant surfaces in the machinery at high temperatures. Anti-friction properties in the vapor deposition is achieved by sliding into internal and bronze outer surfaces of parts. High operational properties of the recovered surfaces are achieved through applied surfacing materials that do not require additional heat or other treatment. We have experience recovery of parts from low-carbon and alloy steels, cast iron, bronze and aluminum. Park versatile cutting equipment allows the machining of the surfaces on shafts, bushings, and and mechanical processing of body parts turning, grinding, boring, honing, drilling, milling.

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