Surface Preparation Application

Surface Preparation Application impregnation (soil) before re coating feasible and justified. Our Practice shows that, among other things, it helps reduce ink consumption and, importantly, promotes the proper formation of protective and decorative painting surface. Apply primers and impregnating be delicately. Excessive consumption leads to the formation of a film on the surface, which leads to the opposite, negative effect, namely, the problems with the application of paint itself.

3. The choice of colors common error or a deliberate choice purchaser (the manufacturer of work) is his decision to save money on finishing work on a « low price – low consumption – at least approaches the wall. » First question. Price paint – lifetime coverage. Facade Paint coatings are destroyed at a certain speed, which depends on (in order of importance) the climatic conditions, prescription of paint, the thickness of the protective layer. Low cost of facade paints – is its low raw material costs, which, in turn, by 70-85% determined by the content in it, quality and cost of key components: the dispersion of acrylic and titanium dioxide. Low cost – it’s short term operation coverage, despite the fact that often it is difficult to determine visually.

Our experience shows that the optimized ratio « price – quality » facade are in price range from 45 to 65 rubles / kg, including VAT, packaging, given the tinting or without, depending on the pricing policy of the manufacturer. Such paints for this price offer lifetime protective coating of 8 years or more. Second question. Price paint – paint consumption – unit cost of the consumer. Higher quality paints have a higher covering power, lower consumption and, as a consequence, unit costs for the consumer material, expressed in rubles unit surface area is comparable with the option of using « cheap » paint. Michael Steinhardt understood the implications. Why save for one kilogram of product before using it if there is no significant savings in one quarter.

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