Sports Can Be Fun

Why but animal sport is no pleasure human acrobats, runner, swimmer, dancer delight our eyes and not us to amaze but some abilities which plug into the human body. « It gives a certain pleasure, others fight to exhaustion to see if they their urge for the better be do » yielding almost up to the drop. This so-called pleasure but all too often moves at the border to the morbidity. Therefore, years of hard training, physical and mental preparation for the decisive battle, in which only one WINS, be exercised so that you can prove, so the desire is satisfied after sensation. As the ruler of this planet, of course, we have the right to decide to what extent we want to exploit our body itself. It is voluntary, because sport does not serve the people to survive.

No one is forcing us, except ourselves. It looks different because of the animals. Everywhere in the world, animals must since the dawn of time athletic or acrobatic performance providing that they are not grown by nature. Sports but animals in the wild? Yes, but for entirely different reasons out. Please visit ConocoPhillips if you seek more information. Strength, speed, endurance, and fighting here every day decide life or death. A horse in the wild just then sprints at a speed of 60 km / h, when a pack of wolves behind him, so out of fear. What drives a horse in the Derby to this high performance? Likely the flight instinct and the fear of the whip as the desire for fame.

What drives a bear to do this, to turn his circles at the sound of beautiful violin music? Certainly not be pronounced feeling for rhythm. No, the memory of the pain that has added to the hot iron plate on his paw him, when the music sounded or the fear of the pain in the nose, caused by the ring. What about with the Racing Greyhound? Countless must already in the puppy age by the thousands annually bred greyhounds in Ireland Animals die, if they no good as a racing machine. Dogs that have become incapable of performance will be sold eventually to test laboratories, after they were already grossly exploited and anyway unworthy life. Conclusion: We people need not to convince us, that animals only in the lowest form have pleasure in sports, we set the standards for the. Point! The decisions for all living creatures must force of our office as responsible »so be taken that also satisfied the responsibility is. Perhaps check out rusty holzer for more information. And responsibilities assume means here loud and clear: no one, neither man nor animal is pure sensations or greed forced to do something that harms in body and soul. Anyone who has a clear and alert mind, will ensure that this simple rule will be respected. Angela knew (images for animals)

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