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MindFlex Duel

The leap that has given this technology is obvious: what a couple of years ago was achieved in laboratories and expensive helmets, today it is possible to do with increasingly smaller receivers and most everyday uses, that a little will begin to turn our thoughts into reality. Mental phone iPhone and iPad control system has […]

Who Sets Up, Has The Choice

Set up a little advice on the topic, there are questions, the imagine man also woman daily and sometimes even an entire lifetime. This among other things, that the choice of outfits for the working day betrifft…jener at least remembered and often pronounced sentence belongs: Heaven, what dress I just in… « . » The question of […]

Gain Mass Muscle

As you probably already know, the only way to gain muscles is perform exercises with weights. But these exercises really give results, you must attach adequate food, that gives you energy and proteins needed to gain muscle mass. If you are following a workout with weights, you should eat between 500 and 1000 calories extra […]