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MV Bill Moments

These musical sorts have in Brazil representative famososcomo Marcelo D2, MV Bill, RZO, the Group the Rappa, Rationals MC' s among others, brings in its letters the situation of misery and abandonment in which the majority dascomunidades of the periphery is citizens, beyond portraying the formapreconceituosa and even though violent as the great part of […]

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The Kabbalists

Connected after all to understand the essence of the connection between human beings, we need to know its root. According to the Kabbalah, this root dwells in a site in which time and place do not exist. The Kabbalists tell us that at that site, all are connected, we are one soul, called the soul […]

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National Geographic

BOLHINHAS OF CHAMPAGNHE _ Al? Anglica? She is Aunt MARIZA, it remembers? _ Clearly aunt! (As to forget AUNT MARIZA? One of my favourites) AUNT MARIZA is one of the sisters of my father and I always adored it. When girl, it and more three aunts (Lourdinha, Maria Eugnia and Aline, the two last already […]

Tools Informaticas

The evolution of the teaching with the use of tools informaticas author. Eng. Juan Salvador Pineda Sanchez we find in the knowledge era, where currently things are renewed every day, what today is innovation tomorrow will be obsolete. In the same way, operates educational media, the evolution of the school as a physical means to […]

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The Ceiling

Here, surely all in the hands of your designers and from his vast imagination. Glue the ceiling for those people who want to get a smooth ceiling (possibly with a pattern), rapid installation and cost savings, can advise glue ceiling. Glue the ceiling consists of a square or rectangular panels of extruded polystyrene foam having […]

Charlie Chaplin

Here in Brazil, it is by means of magazines on cinema that the quarrel happened. As it points Fernando Moral of the Coast in its thesis ' ' The Sound in the Brasileiro&#039 Cinema; ' , in as the number of the magazine the Fan, Octvio de Faria goes to say: ' ' The cinema […]

Virtual World

Dependence of the virtual world Arnaldo Nogaro 1 The recent reading of two articles (‘ ‘ The risks of the excess of exposition to the world virtual’ ‘ – Magazine Patio, ago/out, 2009 and ‘ ‘ The Internet transforms its crebro’ ‘ Magazine Sees, 12 of August of 2009) had made to reflect me and […]