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Internet Work

It’s easy to get discouraged: in the internet business will see many failures. We’ll see how there are many moments in which we do activities, promotions, releases, etc. and people do not respond as you want. It has its explanation in each case and just have to find it, but basically I just want to […]

MV Bill Moments

These musical sorts have in Brazil representative famososcomo Marcelo D2, MV Bill, RZO, the Group the Rappa, Rationals MC' s among others, brings in its letters the situation of misery and abandonment in which the majority dascomunidades of the periphery is citizens, beyond portraying the formapreconceituosa and even though violent as the great part of […]

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Carlos Drummond

Jonas, me it explains example: The ox is ugly. Why the O is adnominal aid? – And and I, fessora? – You yourselves, Jonas, it does not have another Jonas here. – Bo bo ox – the ox. – It is clearly that it is the ox – In the one in I do not […]

The Emancipation

According to it, ' ' One knows, therefore, that as much the narrators how much the personages are performances of the author whom if she locates for backwards of them, but that she does not leave if to surprise in cena' ' 6 From the expressions that open the text, the reader can start to […]

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The Kabbalists

Connected after all to understand the essence of the connection between human beings, we need to know its root. According to the Kabbalah, this root dwells in a site in which time and place do not exist. The Kabbalists tell us that at that site, all are connected, we are one soul, called the soul […]

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National Geographic

BOLHINHAS OF CHAMPAGNHE _ Al? Anglica? She is Aunt MARIZA, it remembers? _ Clearly aunt! (As to forget AUNT MARIZA? One of my favourites) AUNT MARIZA is one of the sisters of my father and I always adored it. When girl, it and more three aunts (Lourdinha, Maria Eugnia and Aline, the two last already […]

Network Reality

Dynamics of development of communications in the Internet, can not not focus on yourself. Every day there are dozens on the Internet, if not hundreds of resources focused on communication and dating. Social networks blogs, forums, chat rooms, instant messaging software. How not to get lost among this abundance? Among the dinosaurs and the pioneers […]

Camera Samsung Digital The Nx10

Advances in digital cameras do not stop. Now, achieving excellent photos with a minimum of effort is very simple thanks to the constant development of technology, and in this, Samsung comes working very hard for some years. As a result, the koreana company brings us his new digital camera, the NX10, whose main characteristic is […]

Federal University

No criterion of election of the families, or benefited children does not exist, and this finishes generating ' ' injustias' ' , therefore many times, the ones that more they need finish being of are. In the case of the programs directed toward schools, also we perceive problems: the PDDE, for example, is a resource […]

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Digital Marketing

However, the aspects more hardly manipulable like file of a dominion, original content, of quality and in permanent update, a good corporative reputation online, a ratio under bounce in the visits and the capacity to identify the demands, to anticipate themselves to the changes and to generate contents for these demands before the competition is […]