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CEO Siesta

The celebrates siesta Group – global leader in bedroom, LEP -, and Gehirnaktivitats analysis for clinical trials and research – 2012 its tenth anniversary of Vienna, 03.08.212 – the 2012 siesta group is celebrating its tenth anniversary. An event on the occasion of the round birthday in Vienna took place on June 21, 2012. Highlights […]

PEW Research Center

Since the Kirchner came to power, its attitude toward the United States has been provocative and disrespectful. When George W. Bush visited the Uruguay in March 2007, the ruling couple held in Mar del Plata along with his close friend Hugo Chavez, a great party against the Empire. If not liked Bush, problem, the offense […]


Hunting along with fishing known to man from ancient times. In primitive societies it was the main fishing hunting of all peoples and tribes. The meat in the form of fried cheese and used as food, hides – for production of warm clothing and footwear, large bones – to create a variety of tools. Currently, […]

PLC Sports

Actor Richy Muller finished together with Bernd Kamushidulu ranked fourth in her class. The last run that season was Porsche sports Cup for the team very successful plc. Especially sponsor SafeTIC was pleased with several replica shine services. Overall, the three SPS driver Bill earned Barazetti (ITA), Markus Heckmann (GER) and Sun Moodley (SA) seven […]


SafeTIC AG: DOC system can be effective life-saving measures by medical laymen Mannheim may 2012: after a cardiac arrest every minute is precious. Who wants to help a people in a situation of emergency, can’t stop himself unhandlicher and complicated rescue devices with the operation. In such a case, the smooth handling and good functionality […]

Safe TIC: Experience

SafeTIC provides study results of the University of Vienna lay help in cardiac arrest before Mannheim August 2013. Every second person concerned dies of a heart attack, before a doctor arrives. Timely first aid one-third of the victims could survive however. This is the result of the study out of hospital cardiac arrest in Vienna: […]

SAILING Messages

The Internet is one of the medias, that stops sailing the user has that it has that to look for to have security in the interpretation of the information that if find in unknown sites, e-mails, messages. People that to understand that the Internet has the disposal many sites, with false content and badly-intentioned people, […]


Confectionary – are the products most of which consists of sugar or other sweet substances, as well as molasses, various fruits and berries, milk, butter, cocoa beans, kernels, flour and other ingredients. In mostly sweet foods, which differ in taste and pleasant aroma, beautiful appearance, high-calorie, nutritional value and good digestibility. A variety of confectionery […]

Private Navigation

Firefox counts on greater protection before virus and spyware and if you get to enter an attacking site, you will receive a warning message that occupies all the window of the navigator, this list of attacking sites is updated continuously. Quite the opposite happens to him to Internet Explorer that on a daily basis discovers […]

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« Usage of bi-cube single sign-on (SSO) for TOYOTA tradition quite in keeping with the TOYOTA tradition of the KAIZEN » – the constant improvement and perfection – the TOYOTA Germany has become after the successful launch of bi-cube identity & access management solution (IAM) now also for use of bi-cube single sign-on (SSO) of the Rostock […]