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Brazilian Association

The use of the cards with chip really has made it difficult in very the breaking of the data, considering that they are criptografados. ARAJO JR (2006) in tells that, Enrique Takaki, coordinator of the Committee of Security and Prevention of the Brazilian Association of the Companies of Credit cards (Abecs), the same comment in […]

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Corporate Transactions

However, SMEs have problems obtaining financing from banks merger and acquisition (M & A) transactions put back on in the middle class, particularly « Cross-Country » transactions, which shows the latest study from Frankfurt partner. « The reservations in the German SME market to M & A has been overcome and now has a similar maturity as the […]

The Joy Of Reading

The joy of reading we start wondering why television and digital media consumption was an part of our life? Well answer this question is not as easy as it seems at first sight. But if we assume for a moment that since time immemorial man has wanted to devote most of their efforts on things […]

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Our Attitudes and More

The attitudes are rooted in the mind, and life beyond the mind. Attitudes are our creations are our prejudices, our inventions. Life is not created by us, on the contrary, we are only ripples on the lake of life. The life is to explore, to go into the unknown, to reach the stars! Be brave […]

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Finnish Terminal

Turnover through the Russian-Finnish border in the past year, taking into account all Finnish Terminal amounted to 367 thousand teu, which is more than last year’s level by 17%. According to experts in this market will not stop, as export cargoes practically not involved in the field of container transportation. Russia now has a real […]

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FineTip Models

Larger models Aspire TimelineX 3820T, Aspire TimelineX 4820T, Aspire TimelineX 5820T will be available with integrated and discrete graphics with a powerful, they, along with Intel HD Graphics will be used GPUs ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 with a gigabyte of internal memory and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 with 512 megabytes per se. Both […]

Watches Biometric Controls

Watches biometric controls and of assistance assistance controls, are mechanisms used to keep a record of the hours worked by an employee of a company. There are mechanical systems that function to insert a tab, card or form of assistance; into the Groove of a clock. When the attendance card makes contact with the bottom […]

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Systems Biometric Access

Biometric systems are those that analyze an individual characteristic such as fingerprints, facial features or eye patterns. With this in mind, many organizations have decided to adopt these systems such as access control. Just as with older methods, based on biometrics methods have also been treated deceive one way or another. That is why many […]

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Systems Biometric Facial Recognition

The demand for security devices and systems increases every day. It does not matter if the economy is in recession because security will always be a priority. In fact, many companies and people prefer to sacrifice other things but not the security. Protection can not be neglected, whereas the dangers to which persons, properties, goods […]

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Gutshof Ziegelhutte

Through close cooperation, energy consumption should be reduced further Berlin/Rosrath. Always, the climate-hotels show engaged in sustainability and environmental technology to the highest degree. Positive was recorded there, that the creation of a national energy efficiency network is possible within the framework of the DEHOGA energy campaign hospitality. So the decision, the DEHOGA was energy […]