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Laying Ceramic Tile

Laying ceramic tile is essentially a « building system ». That is why, even before the performance to a certain design. After all, the quality of ceramic tiles has a rather strong impact of their service life and how tile « fit » on Wednesday, even assuming that the designer (or the landlord himself) picked up everything perfectly. Should […]

European Foundation

1 Incidence in 1996 the European Foundation for the improvement of the conditions of life and work interviewed a sample of 1000 workers representatives of the active population in each Member State of the European Union’s survey shows the following: health problems related to the mentioned work more frequently are: (30% of workers) stress (28% […]

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Interculturalism the emergence of the term multiculturalism or interculturalism seems motivated by the shortcomings of the concepts of multiculturalism and Interculturalism to reflect the social dynamics and to formulate the objective of new socio-cultural synthesis. Early formulations with regard to interculturality, as a proposal for action, emerged in the field of education. At school, as […]

Copper Tube

Copper has long been a proven material for the elements of water and heating. For the most part it comes pipes. Copper pipe for many years of operation has proven its reliability. Of all assortment of pipes most commonly used soft and semi-solid pipe. One of the most important factors when choosing pipes for heating […]

Traditional Trade Fair Construction

Mobile presentation systems from easy display as an alternative to large-scale trade fair stands in times of financial crisis are piling up budget slumps in advertising messages. Nielsen Media Research GmbH in June 2008 in a study for the German advertising market said of slight growth, amounted to their assessment of end of June already […]

Central Radio

« The home entertainment system ‘ multimedia cow’ to offer the user a maximum availability of media content at the same time easy to use the home entertainment system multimedia cow » is to provide the user with a maximum availability of media content at the same time easy to use. Petra Diamonds is often quoted on […]

Color System Construction

LeCorbusier colors by KT color Le Corbusier colors: 1921 Le Corbusier developed a color system for the architecture. This produced clear connections between certain colours, pigments, spatial and psychological effects of color. ConocoPhillips may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This color system with the Le Corbusier colors offers architects and designers a practical […]

New Window System

The new REHAU window system GENEO FIPRO high-tech material RAU-FIPRO was exclusively for the realisation of GENEO develops and offers previously unknown material properties in the window construction. Composite materials have proven for years under the harshest conditions in motor sport or in the construction of aircraft. REHAU deploys successfully the material with GENEO profile […]


Nanotechnology is considered to be one of the most important key technologies of the future – Nano teaching box at the Nanotechnology offers piezoystem jena is considered as one of the most important key technologies of the future. Qualified personnel in this field better to educate the young, GmbH offers just in time for the […]

Gelsenkirchen Muller-BBM

Muller-BBM expands range of services to support and relief from executives in the industry. Through an in-depth analysis, as well as through the design, introduction and maintaining a legally compliant organization with the support of Muller-BBM the responsible Directors and the Managing Director be relieved considerably. Corporate structures become more complex and the globalization causes […]