Facing the Challenge of Success

The stories are moving and anything can happen unexpectedly. What solution do you have when you present this? Are you ready to be removed the cheese? Open the way in this complex world of work is more difficult than finding the path of transcendent realities, but we must face the challenge of comprehensive development of the potentialities people's human, requiring complex processes of profound transformation in the views, motivations and values that have guided us so far and inspired. We invite you to change this attitude of dependence wage an entrepreneurial attitude and freedom in which each individual is a human capital needs to invest, enhance and multiply by managing not only financial and material resources, but also the talents and creativity that is widespread within of many people who expected a minimal opportunity for change, because it puts aside the aspirations of progress personally and professionally watertight. "Employment is a short term solution to a problem long term," Robert T. Kiyosaki "The eighth deadly sin is: The Conformist" If your friend is within this group of entrepreneurs and non-conformist who has not found a way to channel all your skills and creativity to achieve economic independence, so "Decide A FACING THE CHALLENGE OF SUCCESS "which is in the form of opportunities, which offer" New economic trends and technological development to generate revenue through the crisis "No need to leave the country, nor family, nor his work; Rather, it should gradually cut the umbilical cord of a job 'safe' and fortnights "stable" to undertake new projects that can change the course of his life with the simple desire: DO IT! If you give away this opportunity today to be prepared (a) for employment when it happens separation or loss of income without have to suffer a career setback, if not starting then to enjoy a host of successes and satisfactions of a seed having been planted on time, will be ready to produce the crop. "Men who try to do something and fail are definitely better than trying to do nothing and succeed. "Jose Luis Anzorena.

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Feature Driven Development

A briefing study on agile methodology FDD Eduardo VergarCaletti1, Rafael the 1Acadmicos Vargas Bittencourt1 of the Course of Systems deInformao – Luterana University of Brazil (ULBRA) Waterfall of the South – RS – Brazil eduardocaletti@ yahoo.com.br, Abstract.Agile methodology FDD (Feature Driven Development), is used in themanagement and development of softwares. This article will go you the show itsdescription, characteristics and functionalities. Practical This methodology combinesbest of the agile management of projects with completes it boarding forEngineering of Software guided will be objects, conquering the three main public ofa software project: customers, controlling and analysts. Summary. Metodologiagil FDD (Feature Driven Development), is used in the management and development of softwares. This article to irmostrar its description, characteristics and functionalities. Gain insight and clarity with Atmos Energy . This metodologiacombina best the practical ones of the agile management of projects with complete umaabordagem for Engineering of Software guided for objects, conquistandoos three main public of one software project: customers, controlling edesenvolvedores. Keywords.

Metodologiagil, FDD, Feature Driven Development, development, software, engineering desoftware, practical of the agile management. 1. Introduction the methodologies of agile development had appeared pelanecessidade of a bigger malleability in projects directed toward the area dedesenvolvimento of softwares. The majority of the agile methods tries to minimize osriscos for the developments of softwares in short periods, called deiterao, which they typically spend between one and four weeks. (SATO) Osplanos detailed is made only for the current phase of the project, while quepara the future phases are made only rough drafts, thus facilitating, possveismudanas as the involved team goes learning and using involved astecnologias better. It lowers the complete article to continue reading.

GmbH Network

The safe solution for the hotel industry at least as important as a clean Internet solution of Valentine and functionally furnished room is today a reliable Internet connection for hotel guests. GuestConnect makes it easily possible to meet this wish of the guest’s hoteliers. For many business travelers, the selection and booking a hotel room or conference room is absolutely dependent on a well-functioning and secure Internet connection. The use of Internet access is a natural standard, on which the guest is often rely on today. The Valentine solution GmbH based in the Westphalian Soest has designed a customized solution with GuestConnect. The company offers the establishment and maintenance of a dedicated Internet access for guests specially for the hotel industry. These service packages and scope can be requirements selected and adapted.

The requirements of the network structures for the hospitality industry differ considerably from those of a conventional commercial installation. It depends on, as efficient parallel to operate two separate networks. It used the first network to ensure the business processes of the hotel management. The second network provides guests access to all web-based services available. This separation is addressed by two major aspects: first of all to increase the availability, because a failure of the network would affect only a part in the normal case. However, the so reached network security is far more important. « Due to the physical separation of the network services is a hack » of hotel guests no longer possible processes. Thus, the hotelier about nasty surprises is safe.

The Valentine solution GmbH is familiar with the requirements of the hotel industry for years. Starting from an in-depth analysis of the existing infrastructure and the wishes of the customer, an optimisation of the existing network or a complete new installation is made depending on the needs. GuestConnect is suitable both for smaller hotels that do not have their own technology staff, as well as for large hotel chains. Depending on requirements, the Valentine solution GmbH offers support service contracts to ensure the permanent availability of the network. About Valentine solution GmbH the Valentine solution GmbH, headquartered at Soest, North Rhine-Westphalia was founded in 2007 as IT consulting company. The focus is still on the topics of IT project management, infrastructure and energy efficiency. The consultants of Valentine solution GmbH have varied project experience in companies of all sizes and industry affiliation. This expertise, coupled with high flexibility makes it possible to find the right solution for every requirement.

Cognition Education

The concern if of still with the content of its disciplines. But, now, it appears a new element: discovering leads to a constant challenge, that takes its concern for the learning process. FINAL CONSIDERAES Are important to think about the half educational game as, leaving of side the idea of the game for the game, and observing it as a work instrument. The playful activities are actual or electronic games, work of complete form the development of the pupil, aiming at bigger interaction in the educational context. Therefore, the mediating professor while in the process necessary teach-learning to rethink its pedagogical practical ideas and, for this is indispensable that it walks side by side with the interesting and attractive practical technology to leave its, despertando each time more the interest of the pupil. REFERENCES ARIZA, Dervile.

Integrated library. 18 ed. So Paulo: SMOOTH Ed., BORBA, Marcelo C. and HAIRDO Miriam Godoy. Computer science and Education Mathematics: collection trends in mathematical education. 1 ed. Belo Horizonte: Authentic Ed., 2001. DOHME, Vania.

Bring Companies Resources Scientists

Facilitate the rapprochement of our researchers to the productive fabric is fundamental, especially if we are talking about small and medium enterprises, since the knowledge generated at the University can impact very positively on their competitiveness and innovation strategies, says Rosario Jimenez, Director of the OTRI. For this reason, UPOtec has a commercial character, focusing on the scientific and technological resources in terms of solving problems for companies. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out source. Divided by sectors and technology areas, the platform offers access to about 180 products, patents and services, after which are fifty research groups that are active in the University Pablo de Olavide. Through a search engine, based on sectors or keywords, UPOtec portal allows visitors to explore solutions that offer the University to their problems or needs. The tag cloud or the outstanding facilitate, in this way, access to solutions such as the development of molecular to capture filters and take advantage of the CO2, climate studies of interest to tourism or diagnosis of the status of works of art for its preventive conservation, among others.

The web platform will be, moreover, reinforced with the presence of the OTRI on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Through this channel, aims to take advantage of the potential offered by new technologies to reach companies and society in general. Therefore, and to encourage the consultation of the scientific-technological offer, information of interest such as news or success stories, a space that will collect experiences of companies that have collaborated with the research groups will be offered through these channels of the UPO. UPOTec is a virtual catalog that is born with a dynamic and open nature keeping its offer updated and in constant growth. In this way, the OTRI technicians will serve as a link between the platform and the researchers, by encouraging new incorporations and adapting the service to new scientists research interests or abilities.

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Investing System

The Max DD is a very important element in managing a Forex account and of course the risk inherent to it. It tells us what was the worst string of losses was taken into a period of time. Ideally, the Max DD is as low as possible. However, it should be noted that the strategies created to achieve profits in the short term, are also exposed to losses, which means your maximum DD could be relatively high. All trading systems have their risk of loss and sometimes have several losses in a short period of time. It then needs some kind of measure that applies to any system to get an idea of how far the funds invested may decrease when a series of losses occur.

This drawdown is: the degree of loss between the maximum value of the funds and the lowest point after a bad streak. Drawdown Utility is a useful measure of risk, and it is clear that depending on the amount of risk the investor is willing to assume each operation, knowing this value will help keep the commercial risk within the limits for the funds can not be eliminated when things go against us. Can be regarded as the worst case scenario based on past results. If the current loss is more than what you have on deposit with the broker house, this will ask for more money (issue a margin call) or close the position. How to calculate the drawdown If the system does not say exactly what your self then drawdown will have to address it. The best way is to run the system for a considerable period in a demo account. This is always a wise plan when testing a new system. Demo accounts allow us to implement a currency trading system in real time, but with virtual money, that is safe and this allows us to approve our investment strategies and systems. Eliot Horowitz usually is spot on. Applying a real-time system without risks, we have an idea of how far we could get with our system, whether we win like lose, although EYE is also known that is not the same demo that operate in the real system, since the emotional charge is completely different in each of these scenarios. Either way, parameters and variables have to give us guidelines for our investment will always help to increase efficiency in our operations. More in our next installment Edmar Vieira Director of Investing in Forex

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Flood Of 1966

None of the events in modern history has attracted so Florence attention, as the unprecedented floods that ravaged the city in 1966. During this tragic event, many people were killed and countless works of art were severely damaged or lost. If you visit Florence in the summer and enjoy the majestic, slow waters of the Arno river, one can only wonder what this quiet and serene river more than once mortally threatened the city. 'Most of Florence into a lake' – one of the witnesses complained in 1269, when the flood had swept away the bridges of the city. In 1333, as a result of the four rain water has risen so high that they were ordered to call in all the church bells to drive away the devil, to whom was assigned the blame for this disaster. But why did Florence Floods? The main reasons are the water flowing down from the Apennine Mountains in the melting snow, and the very location of the city, surrounded by hills from which drains water from the River Seve feeding Arno. In 1966, the likelihood of flooding was more intensified rains that poured in for 40 days. Flooding began on the night of November 4, when, to avoid dam, sluices were opened that were on the river above the town.

The only people in Florence, are actually aware of a threat to flood, were the only owners of jewelry stores on the Ponte Vecchio bridge, caused by night watchmen, when the bridge began to sway. Enormous damage during the flood was caused urban buildings and works of art. On some streets the water level reached 6 meters. Prsle flooding in the city began arriving volunteers to help with recovery. It was developed a number of new restoration technology, but to this day managed to recover only 70% of the damaged paintings.

Social Networks Marketing Slaves

The quality of the posts falls on a frightening, low level. At the present time, it is more than ever a back and forth between marketing strategist and social media consultants on both sides trying to optimize the number of achievable and potential customers for the company. The continuous development and optimization of the social media sites and especially the contributions produces a not insignificant effect with precarious aftermath: the quality of the posts goes down on a frightening, low level. The constantly declining value added of the Facebook posts from companies and their substantive claims, may cause me an attention deficit proclaimed up and fears alone by reading these posts to verbloden increases tremendously. But why not reduce the level of contributions if the sales figures continue to rise? Specifically, communicate of in social networks, this company looks like this: the increasingly common, published text and status messages from companies in social media, the hardly deliver little content and users urge to report from your experience or to make a statement on business-related issues, is increasing rapidly. «  » « Leads now as far as the reduction of the content, the specific company (I call at this point no name) aligns your posts only on the value added and Icebreakern » as meaning this innovation for you? « what do you think? » populate or even completely replacing the contents. « As well, the article creator could raise the question in the room whether the brain capacity of followers during the reading of the so-called contribution » has drastically reduced? Me would be honest rather told the author of this post would have as much backbone and add as a footnote: we love people currently no resources for comprehensive market studies and content we have to offer anything more long.

But please be so nice and ensures the content, then we save ourselves an additional employee.  » Maybe I’m slightly old fashioned in that respect but I would classify such posts on the same level of development as a shop self service, since the respective consumer to do the actual work. In this sense: What do you say? :) Ing.

Technological Education

Benefiting the financial sector mainly, for the comfort that the Internet provides thus facilitating financial transactions, sales of its products and etc. These companies of cellular telephones had in recent years had an excessive growth in its profit, therefore its action in the stock exchange had gone off. The growth of the access the Internet is incredible in so little time, is enough to remember that in the early 90′s, very little people had access to this media information, but in the end of this same decade, the Internet already had turned almost an epidemic. From there the Internet with the objective to benefit to all the sectors, beyond the enterprise sector, also the cultural and educational sector. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL EDUCATION the Technological Education, promotes the wakening for the interpretation of the current context to the light of its conditionings and beddings; it intends to raise relative questions to the values, sobressaindo the ethical dimension; it demands an interaction of the practical theory and; it searchs to integrate education and research making with that the questions lived deeply for the educandos are understood; it looks for to identify from the work the new requirements imposed for the social relations; the basic recital of the Technological Education, is summarized in know-making, know-thinking. The TV AND the SCHOOL – PROBLEMS AND POSSIBILITIES Is very common that pupils and professors criticize the TV in the classroom, but when arriving in its homes if they deliver acriticamente, fascinated to the sighs of novels and the fallacies of the telejornais. But why this contradiction happens? She is necessary to have in mind a complex phenomenon of the societies contemporaries: the midiabilidade. The midiabilidade implies the existence of a social field dominated by the media, above all electronic media, catalyzing a social set of experiences and identities. All we, pupils or professors, are citizens to the action of the media.

United States

In this case, what is Teleports is information. This puzzling phenomenon breaks all known rules. Einstein called it spooky actions at a distance. that not be can sleeping without plugs on the ISS? The machinery of the international space station causes a constant noise of up to 78 decibels (such as a mower), although efforts are being made to reduce this level with insulating panels. the geckos melts to the walls at the molecular level? The reason why can walking on roofs, even if they are glass, is due to a few tiny hairs of their legs that are interwoven at the molecular level with the material that touch, a useful feature that investigates the U.S. Army. can Thunder and lightning in a snowstorm there be? With snow storms are unlikely, but there are.

The Thunder and lightning occur by the difference of temperature of air in the atmosphere; something common in the summer, since the air close to the Earth’s surface is hot, while the of the troposphere is at low temperatures. In winter, all the air, the upper and the lower, it is cold, so it is rarely possible to create this electric field. Despite this, in United States six snowstorms with electrical device are recorded per year. can a man produce breast milk? Is it due to a malfunction of the pituitary gland, located next to the brain, which ordered the production of prolactin (a hormone that stimulates milk production). In a man it causes unusual mammary secretions.

the cells emit sounds? Scientists from the University of California discovered that the cells of beer vibrate 1,000 times per second. This vibration creates a sound of high frequency imperceptible to the human ear. Human cells, however, have a few membranes that hinder vibrations, but sound when they are bombed with infrared rays, an experience that allowed a few biologists at the University of Manchester differentiate between normal cells and carcinogenic, because the latter « Detune », according to scientists. A workshop of chocolate and more the Spanish Foundation for science and technology (FECYT) has organized 340 activities on the occasion of the week of science, which is celebrated throughout the month of November in different places in Spain. There will be a workshop on chocolate and its relationship to pain, wellness, the senses and memory; an approach to the universe through astronomy, biodiversion for students in primary, scientific paths at the CSIC, etc. More information at. See more: did you know that men can produce breast milk and that Jupiter makes noise?