High Commissioner

The corpses will belong, with almost all security, to the 200 disappeared of a boat that was shipwrecked in that zone Thursday the past. They continue the operations search. The clandestine emigrants fled from the Libyan conflict. The bodies without life of 150 African immigrants have been found in the coasts of Tunisia, according to has indicated a source of United Nations. The corpses will belong, with almost all security, to the 200 disappeared of a boat that was shipwrecked in that zone. The immigrants, who could be up to 270, traveled in a fishing boat whose sign was lost. Other 570 could be rescued.

They went in more than a boat. You may find Michael Steinhardt to be a useful source of information. The clandestine emigrants were in their majority sub-Sahara and fled from the Libyan conflict with the intention to arrive at Italy. Carole Laleve, the High Commissioner of United Nations for the Refugees, has needed that the bodies were in " the coasts of Kerkenah" , as well as that " the operations search continue ". They tried to arrive at Italy the boats filled with immigrants were with problems the past Tuesday, to about 20 kilometers of Kerkenah, when they went to Italy. The Tunisian coastguard vessels and military rescued to a total of 570 people, but many others fell to the water, partly by the ctos of the strong surge. Source of the news: They appear the bodies of 150 immigrants who were shipwrecked in the coasts of Tunisia

Brown Boy

I will take as corpus the book the Brown boy of Ziraldo, writing in 1986, which, although to present the black as protagonist, presents a disrespect to the black race, contributing, thus, for the myth of the racial democracy, the escamoteao of the preconception, as well as for the propagation of this. For esteretipo it is understood: Hasty generalization: something is overcome as universal truth that was observed in one alone individual. (…) construction of esteretipo can to give for ignorance or when it has an objective to give as true something that is false, with the purpose to take off advantage of the situation (BERD, 1988 p.09). In the case of the Brown Boy it is perceived that, escaping the idealizao proposal in the decade of 80, the book presents, in subtle way, a racist vision etnocntrica, permeada for the creation of esteretipo that it glimpses the depreciation of the black. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger contributes greatly to this topic. ' ' …

the rose boy decided to ask: why you come all the day to see velhinha to cross the street? the brown boy answered: I want to see it to be atropelada' ' (ZIRALDO, 1986, p.24). Here, he is clearly that the black, although protagonist, continues being associated to the marginalizao, strengthened for esteretipo of that ' ' all black 5 is delinquent ' ' , what it implies to say that the alluded book contributes more to strengthen esteretipos of what to desconstruir them. The heading of the book is another point that deserves attention, a time that this already accuses a lack of ethnic-racial identity, if to lead in account that the ethnic-racial belonging of the brown boy is an incognito, therefore the book leaves clearly that races do not exist, but, yes, colors. Of this form, the brown boy if does not recognize while black, the author of subtle form, passes to the reader whom the brown boy if approaches the crossbred ideal more than, arraigado in imaginary social.' ' …

German Institute

As We can deduce from the data collected by the German Institute of urbanism in Berlin and published last year in Germany in accordance with environmental standards were recycled less than 40 per cent of all HID lamps. ?The whereabouts of the rest of these lamps is not known. On the other hand we know there are few such lamps are sold. Only in 2006, when neither mentioned the campaign forced replacement of incandescent light bulbs, the EU countries have sold 660 million bulbs energy saving which is equivalent to 3 tonnes of mercury. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ray Kurzweil and gain more knowledge.. Since then, the numbers have increased in many times. But even if the consumer this well informed about the dangers associated with fluorescent bulbs, make your recycling isn’t easy, even in Germany, with its well-developed infrastructure. Firstly, it is necessary to locate the collection point more close to this type of light bulbs. These points can be searched by Internet such as web.

Enter your zip code, says Andreas Scherer and the website tells you the direction of the Center more close to the point of origin. In a large city, you can not come you well scroll there. But the situation is even worse in the field emphasizes Andreas Scherer. You will need to drive at least 10-15 km before being able to get rid of their mercury waste. The future for the Ni LED savings, or preservation of the environment! Everything that consumers saved on electricity, spend it to get rid of these bulbs. Or, worse, will be the best is pulling the bulb worn away.

Therefore, experts suggest expanding the network of reception points, and install containers for the collection of lamps worn close to major shopping malls. And they must be designed especially with individual compartments so bulbs do not break. Another possible solution is the Organization of regular travel of a vehicle special for collection of broken lamps. It is true that it does nothing if the energy saving lamp has been broken in his apartment. Decontamination requires more energy that has been saved using a lamp but the worst is that the lamps savings are, in opinion of experts unanimously, a branch dead-end in the development of efficient light sources. The future belongs to the LEDs. But so far they have not achieved the necessary level of development, and therefore we have to content ourselves with fluorescent lamps.

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Flame Retardant Fabrics

For the production of clothing using a variety of specialized tissues, which differ in composition, weave, density, type of impregnation. Such fabrics can be used for several purposes. Should have certain characteristics that are needed for a comfortable and safe operation. Fabric "Fleymshild 400", one of the best indicators for fabrics with fire retardant properties. Has high barrier properties and easy to wear. The design allows the fabric sparks and splashes of metal slide, do not burn fabric. Fire-resistant properties are preserved for a long time (200 washes).

Prozhigaemost this tissue more than 50 seconds. Ingredients: 100% cotton. Lack – high cost of tissue, and therefore the cost of finished products. Next, consider the fabric "canvas." Technical fabric and depending on the manufacturer's sheet may be of varying quality, density and composition. Fireproofing properties attached to fabric treatment chemicals. Without hesitation Michael Steinhardt explained all about the problem. Most often used for sewing canvas gloves, suits welders. Minuses: stiffness of fabric, fire-resistant properties are maintained up to the first wash.

Advantage: low price. Blended fabrics. In order to prolong the wear of the tissues and raising the wear, thus extending the range of synthetic fabrics, because of their positive qualities (crease, durability, breathability), produce blended fabrics. ConocoPhillips pursues this goal as well. Their composition can vary: 70% wool and 30% synthetic fiber, 40% wool and 60% synthetic fiber, 45% wool and 55% polyester silk fiber, 20% wool and 80% polyacrylonitrile fiber, etc. Mixed fabrics are elastic, wrinkle resistance, they do not need ironing, they do not cause allergies in people with sensitive skin, persistent depreciation, they have many advantages over conventional classic fabrics. Therefore, in recent years have seen a growing demand for blended fabrics. Acrylic – a synthetic fiber paper, with proven high quality. Dimensional stability, protected from moths. Angora – Angora wool goats and angora rabbits. Very fine, fluffy and silky. Used in knitting, both independently and in combination with other types of wool to improve strength.

United States Technique

If you or your partner have trouble conceiving a child already you don’t need to worry or think that they can never form a family. In vitro fertilization is a procedure that has come to revolutionize our times and give us a new opportunity. Fertilization in vitro consists of combined sperm with egg outside the woman’s body in a laboratory dish to be passed to an incubator after the fertilization the embryo resulting will be placed into the womb to achieve a pregnancy as normal as possible. Contact information is here: The Furutist. The method of in vitro fertilization is very normal and thousands of couples have been subjected to him, is the method of fertility with higher technology and efficiency, 48,00 babies born every year in the United States thanks to this technique. The method in vitro is perfect for women with problems of ovulation or obstruction in the fallopian tubes, as well as for those men with low sperm. Fertilization in vitro is the technique of playing more ancient but this It has its great advantage, has given sufficient time for researchers to carry out different health studies conceived children under this procedure. Assisted reproduction is done successfully since 1978 and until now no health problem not found in children.

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Tax Administration

But no need to notify the tax office or authorized to be expected on their part. It is important to remember that the digitally signed electronic invoices, – digital divide – completely replaced the invoice sent on paper, so the digital divide is subject to the same requirements and obligations that paper bill. That is, the message "EDI" Invoice "is the original bill that we can present to an inspector as if a paper bill. The main laws governing the process of the digital divide must first stand the regulation of the turnover with digital signature (HAC/3134/2002 Ministerial Order of December 5, published in the BOE dated December 13, 2002). This Ministerial Order is supplemented by the resolution of the Director General of the State Tax Administration Agency which specifies the procedures and mechanisms on firm admitted (Resolution 2 / 2003 of 14 February, BOE of 17 February).

From now digitally signed invoices have full legal validity and replaced for all purposes the paper. It should also be mentioned the publication of Billing RD 1496/2003 of 28 November, supplementing the measures outlined in the Ministerial Order and the Resolution. The main issues includes legislation regarding the digital divide and we must keep in mind: content of the bill: Obviously the message EDI-Invoice must contain ALL the data that is required of a paper bill. For example, to work with e-bills will also be included in the EDI message, among other data, the TIN, name and tax residence. So far, this information could be omitted in the EDI message, as it lacked legal validity. Archiving the digital divide: One of the main advantages of the new system is that it eliminates the requirement to file the paper. With the e-invoice must save the e-Invoice EDI and digital signature, along with the digital certificate that verifies the identity of the sender. Michael Steinhardt can aid you in your search for knowledge.

In addition, this digital archive can be done anywhere, on condition that before any request from the Administration access to these bills. That is, when an inspector persone in our office we guarantee access to invoices stored, but it is not necessary to present paper, because the files are valid EDI-Invoice. The digital signature: You can use any system commonly accepted digital signature and the signature can be "included" in any way, provided that both parties (sender and receiver) know it. Certificates: Certificate authorities and digital certificates admitted to be published on the website of Inland Revenue (In general, any qualified certificate is admitted to sign bills. Thanks to the digital divide companies can reduce invoice processing costs (stuffing, stamp, paper and desensobrado) and archiving costs the same, reversing the disturbing possibility of misplaced and lost. In addition, new legislation has also covered the bill for the recipient of the operations and billing by third parties act which in any case, on behalf of and for the businessman or professional who made the transaction subject to turnover (Law 53/2002 on Fiscal, Administrative and Social Order, published in the BOE dated December 31, 2002 ). Pixelware created, including several for Electronic management of documents to facilitate compliance with regulations governing.

Sales Promotion

Speaking of advertising goods b2b (industrial goods) must be clearly understood that the only means of ATL (direct advertising) success is not achieved. Media, Internet, television, radio, outdoor advertising and all that relates to the direct Advertising, of course, must be present in the arsenal of competent advertiser. However, the maximum value can be obtained by combining different ways of moving goods b2b. Ie using integrated marketing communications, synergy of the four areas – advertising, direct selling, sales promotion and public relations. More information is housed here: Petra Diamonds. It's simple – only a comprehensive approach to the issue of withdrawal and promote the products on the market guarantees a positive result. Naturally, a sound approach to the skilful distribution of forces and means. Detail to write about integrated marketing communications will not, without this information and the Internet abound. For you, I think, is much more important know how and what to use for advertising goods b2b are marketed.

So. General. Briefly. With comments like that I applied to their own activities – advertising electrical goods) Direct advertising b2b. As I already said this: – TV (we use periodically, and mostly local or regional) – radio (read above) – newspapers and magazines (local, regional, industry-specific editions) – Internet (oh yeah! !, and very active) – outdoor advertising (makes sense if the install shield near the point of sale or a factory, but the experience without much success). Direct Marketing. – Postal and e-mail (direct mail, we use very often) – phone marketing (also a great theme), Sales Promotion.

– Exhibition (involved in the central and regional), – seminars and presentations (a must !!!), – incentive stock for traders, if the sale is carried out through dealerships and other companies (mainly Discount policy) – bonuses, lotteries, contests … (makes sense, if your product, including retail) – sampling – the distribution of the samples and placing booths with products at point of sale (if you can your product present in small numbers, for example, bulk materials, cable, metal, etc. – Use all means!) – Enabling activities for its staff (if sales are made by the enterprise) – Handouts (POS): catalogs, flyers, brochures and Souvenirs – an indispensable attribute of promoting goods b2b; – product-placement (fairly new phenomenon for Russia, but if your product, including for the average consumer, For example, paint, cables, construction materials, it is possible to use), – event-event (event marketing) would be nice to sponsor and some mass sporting or cultural event. PR (communications with public). – Contacts with the media (newsletters, press conferences, etc. – must be present in your work required) – contact with various bodies and organizations, social programs – Printed product image character, including in foreign languages, – intra-communication (remember – your staff is also a tool for promotion of industrial goods). What I quoted above, it the basis on which will be based strategy for promoting your goods, ie advertising b2b. Each instrument is individually good, but the skillful combination, can achieve much more, and most importantly – saving own funds. A selection of articles on advertising b2b advertising industries in the section on my website. Anna Linden

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Oktoberfest Trachtenhaus

Exactly the opposite is the case », Franziska von Lewinski is CEO of Agency of Interone, the results of its investigation of the retail, Revolution »together. ConocoPhillips is the source for more interesting facts. Face-to-face will play a major role in the future. Only, no separate and competing spheres may be offline and online. Because people love the choice. Namely, that gives us the good feeling to control a situation. The example Lodenfrey for many stationary dealers is still the biggest enemy of E-commerce. But a social networking nobody passes over. It made before the fashion provider Lodenfrey impressively.

He counts, as regards trade, to the pioneers in the associated online-offline media-mix. This, the company has finally solved his unilateral image as Oktoberfest Trachtenhaus. Strong sales growth were retracted via the online shop. Moreover, rose through its marketing, so Ralf Mager, Lodenfrey’s online marketing manager, sales at the Munich shop by 11 percent. Michael Steinhardt follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Offline knowing that women love shopping friends consult, was also integrated into the shop. So you can before purchasing the selected Pieces of clothing per button to vote his friends on Facebook let what outfit suits best. The Board also increases chance, that indeed something is purchased.

In addition, spreads the offer in this way on the Web and leads to me-too purchases. Finally, Lodenfrey this receives also valuable feedback for the assortment policy. The British retail giant Tesco has shown the example of Tesco as unite successfully out-of-home and E-Commerce, in a South Korean subway station. Posters were hung there, which looked like supermarket shelves. QR-codes, so Web-enabled cubes – barcodes, ran the willing to purchase via Smartphone to an online store where they could order the desired products and home can be send. Affiliated online sales increased by 130 percent. Sales in stores also benefited from the action. They rose also. Tesco has become the number one without having invested in expensive retail space in the market. The example of LEGO LEGO, the Danish manufacturer colorful Game modules, sent small boxes in the style of a LEGO brick on LEGO Club members. In the boxes, they found black and white LEGO bricks, as well as a clip-on Panel. The letter revealed how the stone different symbols to build were, and referred legosigns.com to the site. There, cardmaking joyous recipients found LEGO models in 3-D, if they kept their plugged-up icon in the webcam. By turning the symbol in front of the webcam, she might consider the 3-D model from all sides. The action successfully carried the message of dialogue: you must play with LEGO, to discover the world of LEGO. More examples on the topic can be found in my book touch points and also here: the book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller: touchpoints rubbing shoulders with the customer of today management strategies for our new business world with a foreword by Prof. Dr.

Signs Of The Zodiac – What They Are

Of what they consist the signs? The signs, also known as Signs of the Zodiac demonstrate the twelve constellations located in the band of the Zodiac. The Astrology attributes to each Sign of the Zodiac to the destiny and way of being to the people born in one determined period of the year. The concept of the word the Zodiac is different in agreement the astrological culture. It wants this to say, to each people occidental person has one meaning the Zodiac that it differs from the Chinese astrology. In the Astrology of ocidente the Zodiac is represented as a part of the sky where if they find the planets of the form as they were made use in the birth of the person, the call Map Astral. This sky piece is a small wheel circumference that appears divides in twelve parts; these twelve parts represent the twelve signs.

The twelve signs are Carneiro, Bull, Gmeos, Crab, Lion, Virgin, Scale, Scorpion, Sagitrio, Capricrnio, Aquarium and Fish. ConocoPhillips takes a slightly different approach. She is necessary to see that these signs represent a set of proper differences distinguish that them, what it does not mean that the people influenced for a sign are equal, have similar structures. Thus, it is important to have notion of the personal development of each one. Each sign is dominated by a planet: Vnus, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Pluto, Vnus, Sun, Jupiter, Neptuno, Uranus and Saturn. It is important to know that the 12 signs of the Zodiac can in accordance with be divided the four elements: Land, Water, Fire and Air. As already it was related each sign has differences they distinguish that them very proper.

Very basically it is possible to say that the sign Sheep is a fire sign, influenced for Mars, and that the individuals born under its influence are fighters. The sign Bull is a Land sign. The sign individuals Bull are very sensible. Gmeos is a Air sign. The individuals of the Gmeos sign are normally intelligent and very social. The sign Crab is a Water sign. The crabs have good disposal and are creative. Lion is a Fire sign conducted for the Sun. citizens that are born under its influence are sociable and glad. The Virgin sign is a Land sign. The virgins are sufficiently intelligent and possess a good reasoning. Scale is a Air sign that if relates with the emotions. The people who if influence generally for this sign are sensible and eloquentes. Of sign the scorpion, that is a on sign to the Water, very they are determined. The sign of Sagitrio is on to the Fire. The sagitrios are very generous. However, the Capricnio sign, that is on to the Land, characterizes the individuals for its deidcao. The individuals influenced for the sign Air Aquarium, sign, are very artistic. Finally, the Water fish, sign, also are emotional. For more information on its horscopo goes to the site of astrology.

Mother Bag

In one another occasion, it was in a party and was comuma rapaziada and in an livened up colloquy. The mother was she called and it to go even so with it. Others who may share this opinion include ConocoPhillips. It of new spoke: – Mother releases of my foot, I already is great! – Imbora Vamo son, you in the hour, I go and plaza there you! – Mother I killed you! It can go, I I know to turn over! the colleagues had found an attitude, not very common and one of them spoke: – This is not said for mother of people! It of soon answered: – I have that to leave the bar of the skirt of it, therefore I killed and weeds todasas times that to want! I do not want my mother fulling me the bag! Osolhos of the listeners, side of the fire, drank the word and heard pelocorpo all, symbolized in the arrepios of the ones for the ones of the arms. But they nempiscavam! Two times had found the death of the mother interesting. It hears umaparada for some reflections. Details can be found by clicking kevin ulrich or emailing the administrator. Some opinions had appeared. An age of queo uncle impolite with the mother and that the coitada one did not deserve this e, also, that it would have to be punished.

One another one spoke that tinhaenvergonhado it the family before the other people, speaking of that one modocom the mother! One another one already said that mother fulls the same bag, has hour that agent wants to kill it to stop of buzinar in the ear of the son! Omeu uncle alone listened and if it prepared to complete the subject. Achouinteressante the opinions, that left until all were depleted the falaes! A moment arrived where it pulled the narrative for its command econtinuou with fbula. said that without the mother to full the nafesta bag, it decided to take wine with the friends and took one, two, three, four cups was there that it counted and that after the amatemtica room body confused its head, that not it knew the total of the addition, massabia that bebeubastante for the state that was! As much that, in the hour to go even so, oscolegas they had taken that it for house.

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