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In this era of technological change, the business environments grow and grow. For this reason, emerging companies, as well as the veterans, need safety and control, that are accurate and reliable mechanisms. Biometric clocks are suitable devices, which comply with the requirements mentioned above. You may ask: what is a biometric clock? And the answer is very simple: is a device of control of employment assistance, similar to that agujeraban cards, but automatic. It is possible that at some point we saw that traditional assistance controls had some shortcomings, with biometric clocks these shortcomings are things of the past. Well, a biometric clock is an advanced method of attendance control, but can that thing of biometric still is not very clear. Biometric refers to physical qualities or behavior that are specific to each individual. This is best understood with examples, in this way, fingerprints, iris, the retina, the voice, how to talk, how to write or type; they are biometric qualities.

Biometric clocks work to receive a biometric quality, that is usually a digital fingerprint. Imagine that an employee arrives at their work site, what is the first thing that makes? Register your attendance. If you have a biometric clock employee goes to this and puts his finger on a reader. The reader sends the recorded information into a spreadsheet, where you post the employee name and your arrival time. When an employee ends his working day, the process is similar. As you can see, an employee can only give account of its entry and exit. You can not report income or output of a partner, since one fingerprint is something personal and non-transferable. Many cards or access passes had this inscription: personal and non-transferable, but this was not the case.

In contrast with biometric clocks this if applied, no matter beliefs about thefts of traces or clones of them: not possible to circumvent to the System. Biometric clocks are a sensation, since they avoid many traps that some employees did. Thus, employees of any business have no chance of practicing dishonest tactics, so the only option is to work in an honest manner. As we can see, biometric systems are fraud-proof mechanisms and are intended to put in waist to those persons who need motivation in their daily tasks.


Systems biometric based in Las veins biometric systems are no longer something completely unknown. Today, many people are aware of these appliances, which analyzed some quality of behavior or physical, to establish who is one person. Many already know mechanisms for the analysis of fingerprints, eye patterns and facial features. However, thanks to advances in technology could be created devices that analyze other qualities, which are also unique to each human being. One of these qualities are veins. Recent research have allowed to establish, that the qualities of the veins are different in every human being. Thus, is has been able to ensure that the width of the veins and its location, in the face or in hand, could be used to establish the identity of persons.

Biometric systems based on the veins, is the most notorious example procedure since it analyzes the vascular conformation of the hands. This analysis requires that the person to be verified, put your hand in a infrared scanner, then the system produces an image of the vascular conformation of the hand and compares it with the information in a database. In the same way other biometric systems, the analysis of veins has a registration and one of verification process. Tuition is entering the system information, which will be the basis for the verification process. Verification compares the sample taken, with the of a database and be positive the person, subject to this control, you can access a specific place.

The veins have several advantages, are difficult to emulate, steal, lose or forget. Analyzing something which is far below the skin, deceive the system chances are virtually nil. However, the analysis of the veins is something very new, so that devices of this type cannot be found in the market and the information about them is somewhat limited. In addition, devices for analysis of veins can be large, which is something that very few customers they are looking for in a system of this kind. A biometric clock is one of the best options for the control of staff. A watch of this nature is based on biometric systems, so it is a reliable and infallible tool.

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Production Costs

2.B depending on the method recognition of expenses in the profit and loss can be divided into: the cost of the product; the costs (expenses) period. Costs of products directly related to the implementation of enterprise production activity, manufacture of products. Atmos Energy addresses the importance of the matter here. They have a place in the presence of production and for the most part absent at cut-off. Expenses (costs) of the period are a function of the reporting period, they are more correlated with the duration period than in the issuance and sale of products. Thus, the costs (expenses), the period can be regarded as a loss of the reporting period. In this classification, are not pure, but there is pragmatism.

You can use it conclude that if there is no production, no product cost, it still remains the cost of the period. The costs of the enterprise – a complex and multifaceted phenomenon. For effective management is necessary to use a classification which implies the grouping of expenses on certain criteria. 3. costs on economic elements you can define and analyze the cost structure of the enterprise: depending on the proportion of an element in total costs of production and industries can be divided into: material-(high proportion of material costs in the cost), time-consuming, asset-intensive. Moreover, this classification assumes determine the proportion of each element of the economic costs regardless of at what stage of production or organizational unit in which they are incurred ("labor costs" reflect the use of labor resources, regardless of what functions – production, organization, maintenance, or management – workers perform and in what division of labor).

HTML Blogspot

My profile 'All about the blogger' on the platform Blogger (blogspot), is constantly updated with new templates, widgets, hacks, and tips, but as you know, any drastic measures are not safe. I have often got into trouble, when the viability of blogs' hanging by a thread. " So today I want to talk to an interesting and important topic sverhpoleznuyu backup. Of the built-in backup blogspot is, except that 'Load the message template' tab 'edit HTML', agree – this is not enough because these backups are understandable in fact only service Blogger, to the same thing malofunktsionalnaya. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Atmos Energy . Today, I want to present you a special free utility to backup your blog on the service Blogger (blogspot) – Blogger Backup. This tool allows you to create local offline copy of your blog on your hard drive, and that is especially valuable, 'backup' and comments! Besides that all the posts You can back up, and they can be restored. However, at the expense of the latter option, nothing definite can not say because I restored, thank God, yet there was no need. In general, the utility Blogger Backup, like, I think it must have to any person, leading blog on blogspot..

Microsoft Abilities

With it is possible to create and to use tools that they allow to give form around to the environment, becoming the work most easy and the life most pleasant. The global vision of Microsoft for the education understands that governments, institutions and the company can be joined to develop the potential of educators and educandos and to transform the learning by means of the use of the technology. It increases that the quarrel has IDO since the position of that the focus must continue in the transmission of knowledge by means of disciplines, with the introduction ' ' transversal' ' of abilities and abilities, values and attitudes, until the position of that the focus must radically change for the construction of abilities and abilities, with ' ' transversalizao' ' of the knowledge to discipline, of the values and the attitudes. The common citizen hardly obtains to deal with the avalanche of new information flood that it and that new ideas and problems, new chances are intercrossed with, challenges and threats. They had called it to it was of the information and the communication.

According to PCN? S (1999), the news technologies of the communication and the information permeiam daily, the independent one of the physical space, and create necessities of life and convivncia that they need to be analyzed in the pertaining to school space. The television, the radio, computer science, among others, had made with that the men if approached for images and sounds of before unimaginable worlds. Pretto (1997) places that to understand the new processes of acquisition and construction of the knowledge he is basic to try to surpass this impasse. This understanding, on the other hand, pushes us necessarily to consider basic the introduction of the calls technologies of the communication and information in the teach-learning processes. But Pretto (1997) affirms that the pure and simple introduction of the technologies is not transformation guarantee, therefore any technological innovation brings certain discomfort to that, although to coexist it, understand not yet it.

Biometric Systems Biometric Access Control

Biometrics is responsible for the identification of persons. Thus, biometrics studies the physiological and behavioral, qualities that make each person unique from other. Thanks to biometrics, it is possible to establish clear differences between two people. Biometrics had their first characteristic uses at the end of the 19th century, when it was established that fingerprints were different in every human being. At that time failed to find a method that would be used by police institutions and which is in force today. With the passage of time could find other qualities that are also unique to each individual, these are termed them biometric indicators.

The most common biometric indicators are: fingerprints, iris and retina. However, there are other indicators such as the features of the face, the voice, how to walk, talk or write. All of these indicators have gone from being used by investigative agencies, to be employed by companies of technologies for the creating the so dreamed biometric systems. Biometric systems are devices that have many utilities. In the field of security, these systems have come to be the favorite of many customers. This is because that these systems allow you to restrict access to sites or information conclusively.

Thus, biometric systems are the new paradigm for access controls. Access control is a mechanism that prevents unwanted people from entering a protected location or access to private information. First access controls were the traditional doors, then they were replaced by electronic gates which were opened by using smart cards. While these cards were a breakthrough, their effectiveness was affected by unscrupulous people, who found the way to falsify them, steal them or simply individuals who lend them to others.

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Stomach Acidity

The acidity is a common digestive problem, but the good news is that it can be avoided, which means that it will not have to feel those pains in the chest again. Then, what is the stomach acidity? The acidity is caused by acid of the stomach that our body uses to digest foods, when this one enters the esophagus. The esofgico sphincter inferior is a small lapel that maintains to foods within the stomach and avoids that the acid leaves. If the cover is not closed correctly, the acid of the stomach can enter the esophagus and cause acidity. This acid brings about a sensation of ardor in the chest. Also it can undergo a bitter flavor, that is caused by small amounts of acid which they travel by the esophagus until the mouth. Some reasons exist for which the esofgico sphincter could not be closed correctly. Some foods relax the esofgico sphincter – greasy chocolate, mint, caffein, alcohol and foods can have this effect.

The pressure on the stomach, caused by activities like the rise of weights, it can force the exit of acid outside the same. Certain medical conditions can cause a greater risk of stomach acidity, including the autoimmune diabetes and many diseases. The form to also eat can cause problems – to eat laid down causes that it is easier that the acid of the stomach escapes towards the esophagus. The slight stomach acidity can stay under control following some simple steps. Comma with care. It tries to avoid the foods that cause heartburn. The sharp, citric foods, tobacco and some medecines as aspirina and the ibuprofeno can irritate the coating of the esophagus, reason why try to stay remote of them. Seated comma, and avoids to lie down up to three hours after eating.

It tries to remain in an optimal weight for his height, and avoids to smoke and to drink in excess. The antacids are the form most common to alleviate the heartburn. These are available without prescription in their pharmacy, and alleviate the symptoms of the acidity. If you undergo acidity in form it frequents, is worth the pain to visit its doctor, who can prescribe to him blocking of histamina-2, which diminish the amount of acid in the stomach. There are other medecines that can be considered, like the metoclopramida one, that empty quickly the foods and the acid of the stomach, or the inhibitors of the proton pump, that they prevent that the stomach produces acid. If the heartburn is chronic and medecines do not help him, a surgical procedure called fundoplicatura is an option. This reinforces the muscle of the esofgico sphincter inferior, stopping the acid flow towards the esophagus, and has a rate of success of 85%. The acidity is a painful problem, but it can be solved easily. So it follows these steps and it alleviates his suffering today.

Rio De Janeiro

Hybrid of Audio – It separates signals TX (transmitted) and RX (received). Microcontroller – It is the responsible one for the management of the circuit and if it communicates the same with the microcontroller of the monophone through signals in FSK (commutation for frequency displacement) using caminnho of the signal of audio. It fits to the microcontroller to generate the security codes, to choose the audio canal of more appropriate for link, to recognize the arrival of a call, etc. Reset – the microcontroller through a RC Recycle (electrical resistance/capacitor) that it keeps the tension low in the bolt of reset during some instants when the device is energized, guaranteeing as soon as the program stored in the micron is twirled since the beginning. Crystal of Clock – Responsible for the generation of a steady frequency for the perfect functioning of the micron. Source of Feeding – To provide the tensions for the functioning with the base and recharge with the battery with the monophone. Leds – They indicate if the device is energized, if battery of the monophone is being loaded, if the line is being used, etc.CIRCUITOS OF the MONOFONEA basic difference is the absence of hybrid key, substituida for the receiving capsule and the microphone, the presence of the bell and the keyboard, and the battery for alimentao.OS 4 ESTADOSMinas General, Rio De Janeiro, Espirito Santo and So Paulo. Trick a system of telephone without wire can assume 4 distinct states: Wait – When the monophone is of the base and it does not occupy the line, it is in the condition to receive or to originate a call.

In this condition both the units continuously sweep the canals to the search of an order of communication of its pair. When a communication order is recognized ceases the sweepings and initiates the protocol enlace for it. Load – All time that the telephone is placed in the base a new code of security is generated. Sensory circuits in both the units ‘ ‘ percebem’ ‘ (generally through fall of tension in the terminals of an electrical resistance) the load condition and ‘ ‘ avisam’ ‘ to the micron. The micron of the base adjusts the frequency, binds the transmitter and sends for the monophone the new code, that is also recorded in its memory.

The micron of the monophone, simultaneously, the same adjusts the frequency of the receiver for canal, receives and records the new code. It enlace it enters the units alone happens if the security code will be the same. Some devices make the exchange of code through one third metallic contact, what it eliminates the necessity to make the exchange saw radio canal. It is almost impossible two neighboring systems with the same code, and same if this happened would be temporary until one of the monophones was placed again in the base. It are of the Hook – It happens when the keyboard key talk is pressured, to originate or to take care of a call. This means a communication order, the base confers the code of security, allowing or not, the access to the line. Test – it is used only for maintenance ends.

Watches Biometric Systems Cards

When you want to implement a system for the control of assistance, there are several options that could go. The following possibilities, which are known more at the time shall be mentioned. Keyboards systems are the most economic units. He is assigned to each employee a code that must be entered in the clock’s assistance. Googles opinions are not widely known. This code, or password, is often the number that identifies each employee in a company listing. The advantage of this system is that not required card, which helps to save money. Other leaders such as Taptu offer similar insights.

In addition, the cards can be lost and a system based these needs a special reader. One problem with this method is that any employee can record the attendance of another, to avoid this, a video camera can be the solution. Some keyboards have a verification mechanism. I.e., the employee enters his password and his name appears on a screen. Readers drives, fingerprints, are that most have drawn attention, in recent years. With this system, the employer ensures that an employee can not dial card by another, so she can have certainty that the person who has supplied its footprints, is who they claim to be. The employee placed his finger on a watch of assistance and thus registers his arrival. The only problem with this system is that it can not be used in industrial environments, where there is too much dust, grease or dirt on the hands of workers.

Another method for the control of timetables is which is based on cards. There are two types of cards: the magnetic and the barcode. Magnetic cards are pre-numbered and with them an identification number is assigned to each employee. If an employee loses his card, simply is assigned another, with another preset number. Barcode cards work similarly, except that each card you can also add information for each employee, in addition to your photo. In addition to biometric systems, scanned fingerprints, there are also other devices that They analyze other qualities. Thus, it is possible to find biometric clocks that have readers from hands, face and eye patterns. These systems are very accurate, but their prices are not the lowest, traditional systems, such as the reading of footprints, remain the favorite.

DocPath Software

For both options, in addition, it is possible to deposit documents in the different branches with the total confidence and security of which the confidentiality is present at any moment of the process. In this sense, the consulting service that offers some companies suppliers of software of documentary technology, and in particular of the distributed document impression is vital to give an optimal answer to the needs of the clients. A project correctly designed and integrated will produce, without doubt, great satisfactions to the users and the human equipment in charge of its support and its maintenance. , Thus previous an exhaustive study of the needs of the company client, will be easier to size offer and to budget a project by means of different methods from document distribution like for example, the centralized impression, the hybrid distributed one or; or the shipment by electronic mail, fax or through the Web, in real time. Eliot Horowitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Operative advantages Thus, the implementation of this type of documentary software allows the production of a high volume of impressions, the document generation in the delegations and in addition it becomes a diffuser of information by Internet and Intranet, which makes possible to the companies to use a unique tool for all their documentary process. The distributed document impression has great operative advantages as they are the automatization and immediacy in the distribution of documents of great quality with the consequent improvement of the communication between the different offices; the saving of the time and the money due to the optimization of the documentary processes; as well as the improvement of the corporative image that projects the company, which without a doubt allows him to position itself in the ranking of the most valued within its sector. Existensoluciones flexible and modular of documentary software in the market that has been positioned like unquestionable reference as far as the impression distributed in the sector of the bank and the insurers. With these products of  » Remote Office Printing » , it is possible to generate and to distribute to documents of business under demand through Internet and Intranet in a time record..