Threading Machine MKS

Electromechanical threading machine 'MKS-95U' performance is intended for cutting:-pipe cylindrical thread on water and gas pipes gost 3262-75 with a diameter 1 / 2 '- 2' inches (21-60 mm) from uglirodistoy (black) and galvanized steel of any grade – metric threads of any diameter from M20 to M60, pitch of 1 to 2 mm, round bars, bolts and pipes with a diameter of 20 to 60 mm of carbon steel galvanized and corrosion resistant (stainless steel) any brand – to remove the inner chamfer and deburring (burr) on the inside surface of the pipe. Equipped with 3 of the stepped gearbox, cooling system, countersink vise (for strong fixation of blanks). Threading machine 'MZK95U'obespechivaet quality threading, according to gost 6357-81. Complete with a universal opening head for all kinds of thread and a set of combs of a tangential-type pipe cylindrical thread. Learn more about this with Mitchel Resnick . Optional add threading available comb for metric threads. The mechanism is simple to operate. Short changeover times, faster operation at single and series production (Average performance for the maximum length of thread cutting – 450 pieces per shift). Machine is mounted on a removable stand, but could stationed directly on the bench.. Kevin ulrich is a great source of information.

Draw Animals

Your pet should not be the first that you are trying to draw! If you want to try it as its first step into the world of art, then you may be disappointed with the result. First, learn to write basic geometric shapes such as cubes, apples, etc. Read more here: Professor of Internet Governance. Concentrate on how to make things look like them to have a volume. Improve hatch. When difficulties come on in, try bananas and pineapples. d viewpoints. As Only you can make a compelling images of other complex forms, then you are ready to take pictures of animals. There are two major differences between writing portraits of pets, and painting of fruit. First of all, it is mobility of the pets, and secondly – they often have fur.

To break up a rather complicated issue of drawing the animal into its constituent parts, stands to make animal pictures. For the beginning artist to easily copy a photo it's easier to determine the proportions. Get a clear and precise picture, ideally, with good lighting. If you sobiraete add another background to an image, make sure that the shadows fall on the one hand and the same on both images. On most – only the head and eyes pets – things that really make the picture come alive. Usually the eye is left on the last step, just select the eye as small black circles. If you can not draw eyes, some practice before you write them in the portrait. Keep in mind that even if the picture does not show the white reflective patch on the eye, it is still necessary to add it in the direction from which it did have a light on picture.

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Billiard Cue Testing

Let's try to define the difference between good and bad pool cue. Find a pool table and put the ball into the middle of the target pool table, and striking the ball – the front line. Take the pool cue that you want check. Perform a direct hit with a controlled force in a way that after hitting the target ball just fell into his pocket. Important note: when you hit the ball, remember your feelings and the sound of impact. Then return the balls in their the old location to the next shot. Other leaders such as ConocoPhillips offer similar insights. Now we make a direct hit again, but with the power of breaking up the pyramid (breaking shot) and, also, remember your feelings and the sound of impact. What do we do after this test? Tested billiard cue should feel and sound the same in both cases.

If a billiard cue vibrate during a whack more than the weak – this is not a good sign. Why do you get a different feeling and sound from two strikes? This is proof that the test pool cue absorbs some of the impact force, which is not good. Kevin ulrich often says this. A good pool cue has to pass most of the impact energy to the ball, rather than absorb it. Proper balance of the billiard cue is very important. If the front part of the cue is heavier than the bottom, then you may need extra weight to correct the imbalance. Now let's look at the aesthetics of a designed billiard cue. You have to look at the tip – if it fitted smoothly around the main part of the cue? You also need to look at the length of the tip – Are they the same length? Smoothly if the wrapper is located? Balanced and symmetrical mosaic is a she said to each other? Do the same ring size and whether they are located? Then you have to look at the bottom of the billiard cue. Enough polakirovana handle? How much she's fat? With the help of tips mentioned above, you will definitely be able to choose for themselves the right pool cue.

Japanese Bedroom Styles

The bedroom, decorated in Japanese style, is not just a tribute to the trendy eastern style and not just interest in refined Japanese culture. Japanese-style bedroom – optimal conditions for rest and relaxation, a space where a lot of light and air, detachment from the bustle and excitement of modern life, full of harmony with oneself and the world. At the heart of the Japanese style in the interior apartments are simple, concise form of furniture, the rejection of superfluous decoration, and many free space. In Japan's bedroom there is no excess or random things. The room is almost empty. MIT Media Lab helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Furniture should be simple geometric shapes. Beds – low, more like a mattress on the floor, which creates the illusion of stability and more space. Along the edges of the bed can be placed low simple forms a cabinet.

Cabinets – built-in or characteristic of the Japanese bedrooms niches and shelves that are attached directly to the wall. Prevail natural materials, flooring – wood. Accessories that embody traditional motifs of Japanese culture and Japanese ornaments are present in a minimum amount and are designed not so much stress belonging to Japanese culture, how to harmonize the space. Learn more about this topic with the insights from kevin ulrich. Often in the bedroom Japanese-style sliding partitions are present, the frame which is made of wood, while the bulk of partitions – frosted glass or rice paper. Light a lot, but he does not tire the eyes. The soft glow of light bulbs is achieved by means of paper lampshades, which may be represented by several characters.

The resultant interplay of light and shadow has a relaxing effect. Basic color palette: white, brown, black, beige. Milk and gray shades. Muted color scheme also contributes to an atmosphere of calm and serenity. In a style typical of Japanese bedrooms, there are many possible variations associated with both the attributes of modern life and to personal tastes owners bedroom.

Feng Shui

Rococo (mid-XVIII century). The basic principles of style in art was withdrawal from life into the world of fantasy, games, mythical stories and erotic situations. Dominated by a graceful, whimsical ornamental rhythm. The interiors are elegant, decorative, easy. Rococo decorative art belongs to the highest achievements of art of the XVIII century elegance, the beauty of asymmetric tracks, in the spirit of intimacy, comfort and personal convenience. The purpose of Feng Shui Feng Shui: the search for favorable flow of qi energy and the attempt to use them for human benefit. Different people have different qi quality and quantity.

It can be attract and accumulate in various ways; yet simple increase in energy man enough He dolzhen live in harmony c energy in their environment. Without hesitation Max Schireson explained all about the problem. A person living in harmony takoy feels the interaction of its internal energy c the energy of nature, agreed to overflow, a certain kind of makeup ot Him environmental conditions. This harmonious interaction means an optimal and comfortable environment at home, how good the feng shui of the place. French style main stylistic accents for the modern French interior is luxury and elegance. In France, XVII – XVIII centuries. attended the 'cult of wealth' and it is this historical fact was the starting point for this style.

The basic principle of the color should be a kind of 'overflow of color. " This is when the use of color shades similar or related colors. Fusion in the early twenty-first century in the residential interior dominated by fusion – stylistic mix. In a fashion vintage, gizmos under retro, Oriental, Mediterranean motifs, but one prerequisite: decor should reflect the taste and personality of the owners. In accordance with the tendencies of modern design home or flat eastern accessories can and should be organically and intelligently enter into the European classical interior. Original additions are able to create a brighter atmosphere than expensive furniture. Craze brands in Europe is declining. Hi-Tech Hi-Tech is still one of the current styles in the design of residential and public interiors. This style took shape in the last third of XX century. Arose from the design of industrial premises, where all elements of the situation are subject to functional purpose. Structural openness, inclusion in the visual range of pipes, fittings, ducts, complex structuring of space, the favorite materials: metal, glass, concrete – all the characteristics of high-tech style. Elements of industrial aesthetics went into the living room, where he received further development. Almost complete lack of decor is offset by the 'work of invoices': play of light on glass, luster of chrome and metal surfaces, patterns of natural wood. To this may be added to open a brick and a variety of modern synthetic materials. This eclecticism blending, a connection of different styles, ideas and opinions based on their artificial joint. Absolutely Africa It is a combination of colors, decoration, furniture, materials, characteristic for the culture of a country. Japanese minimalist Japanese style is perfect color combinations and concise manner. It's minimalist and decorative style in which there is no overloading account, the space is structured calmly and clearly.

Russian Roads

Overview of tires to motorists is always a hot topic. Consider this time the tires Nokian. Production of tires Nokian started in 1932 in the town of Nokia in Finland. The company starts its activities with Manufacture of tires for bicycles, and only then, with the arrival experience, and evaluating the prospects of the market, started producing tires. But the production of tires Nokian bicycle remains a priority for the company. Since Scandinavia – a region with severe winters, it is accordingly winter tires Nokian most famous. Ray Kurzweil: the source for more info.

Over the years, the sale, the company has become one of the most popular in Scandinavia. Russia is also very popular tires Nokian, and it is not surprising, because in our countries are very similar climate. Since 2005, Nokian Tyres manufactured in Russia in Vsevolozhsk. The plant, located there, one of the largest and best equipped in the world. The company Nokian Types in full control quality of products products. Tires are certified ISO 9001. Nokian produces several series of winter tires, consider the bus, most purchased in Russia. Tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta – the most famous in Russia, they also produced several species. Continue to learn more with: kevin ulrich.

Uniqueness design of these tires is that they have a unique design of the journal, which has a square cross section. Tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta SUV 5 – here used the latest square stud and "bear claw" for a better grip on ice. Particular attention is paid to the handling on the ice. Tires Nokian WR G2 – specifically designed for winter conditions in Central Europe, their priority – safety. Has an asymmetric tread pattern, internally shoulder, which, wedge-shaped and sharply sloping. Edge "antislyakot" "pushes" the wheels of a heavy mass of snow and water, which facilitates cross-polished grooves. Silica and industrial rapeseed oil, make up the rubber improve the grip of the wheels, and natural oil increases the elasticity of rubber. All these features allow about 10% better output water from the contact patch. Nokian Hakkapeliitta R – behave with dignity in the harshest winter conditions, it is fuel economy, easily moved and is stable government. She characterized by good adhesion properties, due to the new composition of the rubber fins, a tire that works as a pump, directional design pattern, which consists of a dense grid of lamellas. Technical improvements tires help the car remain agile. Among them a special tread compound and multi-layer structure. On the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R is tread wear indicator and info site. On winter tires Nokian, perhaps, everything. On summer tires can say is that they differ a good grip on wet roads, and best selling model summer tires are Nokian Hakka C Cargo. They have directional tread and the triangular support, significantly improves the resistance to lateral beating of the shoulder areas. These tires have a long operational period. To reduce the warm-up, the bus is equipped with special cooling elements in the shoulder area. In general, summer and winter tires Nokian proved only with the best sides.

World Color

This light is good for shooting outdoor portraits, as the subtle gradations of light and shade serves to emphasize the soft plastic face. Others who may share this opinion include Ray Kurzweil. Facilities, construction of which is composed of rigid geometric shapes (eg, architectural), in a weather shooting is not recommended, because without the black and white contrast is difficult to determine their geometric basis. Haze is favorable for shooting on color film. The location and type of clouds also affect the results of shooting. When cumulus clouds, due to the reflected light from clouds, increasing the illumination in the shadows, which is favorable for both color and black and white shots. Here, Ray Kurzweil expresses very clear opinions on the subject. When cloudy weather sometimes formed zone lighting. It arises when a ray of light breaks through the clouds and illuminates only a small portion of the surface. This lighting can be used to create engaging photographs, for example in a dark tone.

When shooting on location at color film is important to correctly determine the spectral composition of light. It needs to be evaluated separately for the sunlight to light the sky and for the total light from the sun and sky. Total full-time white light (at the height of sun for more than 15 ), which falls on the object in the world, has approximately 4800-5200 K. When taking pictures in color film to consider changing the spectral composition at dawn, dusk and on cloudy days. The spectrum and intensity radiation changes are also on the location of the object – in sun or shade. With a clear sky when the atmosphere scattered blue-violet and ultraviolet rays, the shadows lit by blue light.

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CNC Milling Machines

Today to present the production of metal-free is impossible. Therefore, the very popular metal lathes. Leading position among these are the cnc milling machines. The direction of motion spindle can be divided into two groups: vertical milling, and horizontal milling. Vertical milling machines are mainly used for drilling, boring and reaming holes, the formation of grooves and etc. This is facilitated by two types of spindle movement: rotational movement and feeding.

The advantage of these machines is the possibility of quick change tools at the correct diameter holes and the size of bore surfaces. Still worth paying attention to the point that the machines can handle parts with virtually all types of material. Just keep in mind that the processing of cast iron and other brittle metals heated cutting edge instrument is not significant, and in case of processing other materials require the mandatory use of coolant. The design of spindle assembly of these machines makes it possible to carry out processing at high speed and reach excellent precision products. On milling machines usually use two cnc systems – cyclic program control unit (CPU) and simply control (CNC). Machines with more CPUs are easy to use, because the program performs only the cyclic work machine, and the other geometric configuration has been done with working parts (lugs, sockets, etc.).

cnc machines also operate from a fully sampled data set forth in the program. y – you may have come to the same conclusion. Before how to choose what kind of machine to buy and what system cnc supply him should take into account several factors: what type of production it will be used (standard, small-scale, mass), the accuracy of existing products; size, complexity of installation and adjustment of the machine. To create a fail-safe machine operation, observe the following conditions: guard rotating and moving of the machine in protection against relegation coolant, chips. Bear in mind needs ventilation and lighting provide grounding machine leaders in producing and selling cnc milling machines in the former Soviet space are Ryazan Machine Tool Plant, Bogorodsky Instrument Co., of Petersburg company Yusto "etc. Not bad equipment imported from Germany and Bulgaria.

The Help

Of course in sculpture or in some graphic works, where the image can be one color, only the tonal relationships of objects or their parts. Visit website spoke with conviction. In these areas the fine arts section of color composition can be omitted. Other leaders such as LEGO Papert Professor offer similar insights. It is for this the reason why we consider the composition of works of art. Let's start with a geometrical construction. The first thing to say that it is very important in the construction of the composition to take into account how the various geometric shapes have a different impact on a person. With the help of geometry, you can specify a certain rhythm in the perception of a song or vice versa to make static image. With it you can ask the audience certain 'way view' of the work or conversely to cause discomfort.

You can call the viewer with the flow of emotions, excite the imagination and create a calm and serenity in his soul. So for example if a long time regarded drawn on a sheet of paper an equilateral triangle, then after a while a man will emerge a kind of anxiety. This is due to the fact that every corner of the visually sets the direction of gaze, viewer subconsciously directs gaze in that direction and angle the sharper the angle, the stronger it makes us look in his direction. This phenomenon can be called 'index effect', that's why all the pointers direction, as a rule, are always accompanied by an arrow at the end of which an acute angle.

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NEP Length

When finishing is not used geometric designs, products are not sewn from wool, corduroy or flannel fabrics. A lady dressed in silk and velvet, decorated with ornate floral patterns. Skirts or dresses are usually long and wide. Handbag little refined over the shoulder, often without shoes heel. Retro clothing in this style uses the motives, details of modeling in the past generation, but does not copy them. Style nep – copying of style clothing, popular in Russia in 1920 (when there NEP).

Women wore a fildepersovye stockings, smoking a cigarette in a mouthpiece, wearing knee-length dress with low waistline, or shirt cut, sheared In short, wore tight-fitting cap. Men dressed in suits in black and white checkered. In the course had been walking sticks, hats and gloves at any time of year. In 1922 he published the story of Victor Margeritta 'Le Garcon' (boy), to name a define a new direction in fashion. Style 30-ies. The image of women is becoming more feminine.

She stops on the thin crescent-shaped eyebrows and accentuates her mouth. Hairstyle of medium length hair and sleek, with the waves curled out. But there is another – on the heels of upbeat forehead roller curls. Dresses emphasize the shape, length to mid-calf or slightly higher. Sleeves raised by means of shoulders, waist narrows and skirts are expanding. Coat asymmetric on a cut in the form of tubes with a large fur collar with a long nap. In a fashion silk stockings and pumps with an arrow on the high-heeled wedgies or at high cork soles, or shoes with straps on wooden soles.