NEP Length

When finishing is not used geometric designs, products are not sewn from wool, corduroy or flannel fabrics. A lady dressed in silk and velvet, decorated with ornate floral patterns. Skirts or dresses are usually long and wide. Handbag little refined over the shoulder, often without shoes heel. Retro clothing in this style uses the motives, details of modeling in the past generation, but does not copy them. Style nep – copying of style clothing, popular in Russia in 1920 (when there NEP).

Women wore a fildepersovye stockings, smoking a cigarette in a mouthpiece, wearing knee-length dress with low waistline, or shirt cut, sheared In short, wore tight-fitting cap. Men dressed in suits in black and white checkered. In the course had been walking sticks, hats and gloves at any time of year. In 1922 he published the story of Victor Margeritta 'Le Garcon' (boy), to name a define a new direction in fashion. Style 30-ies. The image of women is becoming more feminine.

She stops on the thin crescent-shaped eyebrows and accentuates her mouth. Hairstyle of medium length hair and sleek, with the waves curled out. But there is another – on the heels of upbeat forehead roller curls. Dresses emphasize the shape, length to mid-calf or slightly higher. Sleeves raised by means of shoulders, waist narrows and skirts are expanding. Coat asymmetric on a cut in the form of tubes with a large fur collar with a long nap. In a fashion silk stockings and pumps with an arrow on the high-heeled wedgies or at high cork soles, or shoes with straps on wooden soles.

Pucca And Garu

Pucca and Garu Pucca games is a cartoon series produced by the South Korean company Vooz Character System in the year 2000 and Calvin Kim and Boo Kyoung Kim. It was carried out by computer with Adobe Flash. The second version of the series was produced by Studio B Productions for Vooz Canadian company, Jetix Europe originally Pucca character was created by the South Korean company Vooz as the image of an electronic postal service, but due to its success, the company began to make a series of 24 episodes of only 2 minutes and a half per segment.1 The series was distributed by Jetix in Europe and Latin America ceased to be short two minutes to become an animated series of 26 episodes of 22 minutes (each episode consisted of three shorts), since production joined the company Jetix Europe and the Canadian company Studio B Productions, 2 in this new version of the series were made several changes which include the inclusion of technology Maya, a new theme song played by Plus-Tech Squeeze Box, new characters 3 and, finally, dialogues the characters (except for Pucca and Garu). People such as kevin ulrich would likely agree. In the Latin American channel Disney XD (before Jetix), the series has grown and has become a successful broadcasting every day including special marathons. The plot of the series focuses on a village called Sooga where Pucca tries to seduce Garu and kissing it more that can, while Garu tries to escape. Garu is a skilled ninja, so it performs great escapes, but then uses his skill with Pucca always achieves catch him, ending each episode with a kiss. Meanwhile there are problems and extremely large complications that seem impossible to resolve, that develop a little history to give emotion. However, the great Pucca always finds an extraordinary way (sometimes impossible) to resolve the situation, through his intelligence and his superhuman strength to demonstrate that love conquers all..

Oldest Climate Ambassador Sets Energiesparimpulse

« Greenland polar research ship becomes the classroom energy saving will be learned: on September 11 the recent energy saver of Bremerhaven go in the new port aboard the oldest German polar research vessel of the Greenland ». During the closing ceremony of this year’s climate tour takes place for the first time from 11 a.m. to 12 P.m. a lesson in terms of climate protection. « Why cheese is to much meat? » and who brakes lose « what it true? Answers to these and other questions get the primary school students of the Surheider school below the Greenland ».

Supplemented the unusual teaching through an exciting climate quiz and the film invisible enemy », the dedicated Surheider students have rotated during a climate protection project. But not only the little ones can check. Even adults are exactly at the right place in terms of energy savings: from 11 to 18 h advise experts to savings in heating, energy efficient appliances, climate-friendly heating technology and effective insulation. More information about the tour of Greenland and informative energy advisor can be found under. Energiesparpreise totalling over 10,000 euros in the climate protection offers aboard complemented by a contest within the framework of this year’s tour of Greenland. With the highest energy efficiency class a ++ refrigerators, energy-efficient heating pumps and insulating material waiting totalling over 10,000 in active climate protection. Read details about the competition at.

To Helgoland, Oldenburg and Hamburg, Bremerhaven is the last stop of this year’s tour of Greenland. The Greenland tour is part of campaign seeking climate protection », which promoted by the Federal Ministry of the environment and supported by the partners of BUSO Federal solar roof EC, Grundfos GmbH, OSRAM GmbH, PowerPlus Technologies GmbH, Robert Bosch Hausgerate GmbH and URSA Germany GmbH. The media partners Radio Bremen and Nordsee-Zeitung accompany the action. Picture material can be on the Internet at bildmaterial.html available for download be. co2online non-profit GmbH which is non-profit consultancy co2online mbH for the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions a. Interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors, a climate quiz and portal partners from business, media, science, policy and management, she motivates individuals to also save money with active climate protection. «  » co2online is carrier air looking for campaign protection »(, the heating level campaign » ( and the Energiesparclubs « ( All campaigns promoted by the Federal Ministry of the environment. co2online hosted the Greenland tour for the fourth time in cooperation with the German Maritime Museum. German Maritime Museum (DSM) and polar research ship Greenland became a successor institution of the Museum for Oceanography in Berlin destroyed in the second world war the DSM in Bremerhaven founded in 1971. It has the task of the German maritime history in their contexts in historical collections to collect, to make documentary to capture and explore. Since 1973, is the first German polar research vessel in Greenland in the possession of the DSM and was dismantled gradually to the level of the expedition year 1868. Contact and imagery Steffi sour Rauf co2online gGmbH Hochkirchstrasse 9 10829 Berlin Tel: 030 / 210 21 86-15 fax: 030 / 210 21 86-60 E-Mail:

BAfoG Company

Looking for industrial service management Leverkusen freshmen, 03.02.2010 – which has industrial services provider TECTRION Fachhochschule Dortmund signed a cooperation agreement for the new dual degree in industrial service management (ISM). At the beginning of the winter semester of 2010, the company assumes the operational phases of the project for two ISM students. The company pays a remuneration of studies and assumes the full tuition. The demand for skilled workers for maintenance grows continuously from year to year. « With up to 40% of the production cost maintenance and service with decisively determine the competitiveness of enterprises », so Bernhard Kock, Coordinator dual degree programs at the University of Dortmund. To meet the need for highly qualified professionals, the TECTRION allows industrial service management to complete a six studies with degree of Bachelor of engineering in the dual degree year two high school seniors candidates.

In addition to the remuneration of a study, BAfoG which depends on the intensity, the company assumes also the tuition fees. Currently search for interested high school students. To counteract the looming skills shortage, training at TECTRION traditionally occupies a high priority. Currently the provider of industrial training called educates 100 young people in different. Filed under: Kevin Ulrich. Each year 30 new trainees adjusted, of which a large part becomes a professional perspective to the company even after the training.

A training record can not be positive »Managing Director Matthias Kuball justified his commitment. Against the background of demographic change we will be glad »Kuball supplemented further, having trained early highly qualified young ». With these figures, TECTRION is one of the biggest training place providers in the region. Details about the new course industrial service management in cooperation with the Fachhochschule Dortmund subordinated to the company: to the Available. Editorial contact Mandy Wagner Burlaga, Tel: + 49 (0) 214 30 43618 E-Mail: forward-looking statements this press release can certain in the future looking statements ent – keep on the current assumptions and forecasts made by management of TECTRION, the Currenta or other companies of the Bayer Group is based (hereinafter altogether the « companies »). Be different known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors may cause the actual results, financial situation, development or performance of the companies differ considerably from the estimates given here. These factors include those which GE companies in published reports have described. These reports are available on the websites, and available. The companies assume no obligation to update such forward-looking statements and future events or developments to customize.


Carlos Mora Vanegas three votes from ancient China: the sky you make. Adam Sandler may find this interesting as well. Perform yourself. Long life. Within the legacies of therapeutic studies by psychiatrist Dr. M. Scout Peck in his book: The road to read travaled (1978), makes us reference, which many people did not devote the time required to resolve problems in intellectual, social, or spiritual life. In this regard, is it has questioned, if you really stop to seriously evaluate their problems, find the best alternatives to give them the solution you require, analyse the causes of them, surprised that they would originate, is his current role on the stage where acts, this is frequent or sporadic.

Who it affects and that way hurts him in favor of achieving harmony, integration, growth. Peck insists have to present: who of us can say that unfailingly dedicated her sufficient time to analyze the problems of their children or because no tensions that are perceived in the family? who of us is so self-disciplined that never says before? do family problems: this is beyond my ability? Adds psychiatrist Peck, giving actually on the way to confront the problems, there is a defect more primitive and more destructive than inappropriate attempts to find instant solutions; It is a common and widespread defect: hope problems disappear by themselves. The truth is that you cannot pass by unnoticed, that the problems do not go away. It is necessary to live them, experience them, because otherwise they remain and constitute a barrier that is opposed to the maturity and development of the spirit forever. You course, not can think that problems are solved alone, must face them with discipline and conviction of finding appropriate solutions, should calm is, be convinced that succeeded in that they are never again emerge, be more attentive and more aware of their actions and everything that has been proposed to achieve, achieve their goals without harming anyone.

Political Research

The Asian country, main American creditor, has demanded security for its interests. They blame the government of Obama of " addiction to endeudamiento" and inmiscuir itself in " political fights without vision of futuro". China owns 70% of the reserves of the USA in dollars. Standard & Poor' s reduces the qualification of the debt of the United States for the first time in 70 years. For assistance, try visiting The futurist. China, main creditor of the United States and possessor of 70% of its currency reserves in dollars, has criticized with hardness the Government of the United States after the consultant Standard & Poor' s would lower the qualification of its debt for the first time in history, and demanded security for its interests. With 1.16 trillions of dollars in treasury bonds of the United States and 3.2 trillions of reserves of foreign currency in dollars, that the American debt happened to be AAA (maximum possible qualification) to AA+ generated a strong malaise in Beijing. Official agency Chinese Xinhua has published a publishing duro in which it assures that the decision of the qualification agency is " an invoice that the United States must pay by its own addiction to the indebtedness and its political fights without vision of future in Washington". " China now has all the right to protest to the United States that corrects the structural errors of their debt and guarantees the security of the assets in dollars of China" , it affirmed Xinhua.

At the same time &quot protested; international supervision " on the American currency and &quot went further on when proposing like alternative to the dollar; a new currency of reserve stable and assured at level global" in order to avoid the world-wide dependency of the green ticket. Days back Chen Daofu, director of the Political Research center of the Council of State of China, had warned already of the necessity to look for investment alternatives Chinese reserves and to change to the composition of these &quot to them; it is a crucial challenge for the political advisors in Pekn". With respect to the future, Xinhua indicated in addition that to not trimming " gigantic military cost " and the costs of the new system of forecast universal partner l arranged by Obama, Standard & Poor' s could still more reduce the qualification of the American debt. Anyway, Economist j of the State Information center of China, Fan Jianping, only considered that the American indebtedness will mainly affect the financial markets and, in background, to the commerce. The analyst predicted a fall in the exports of the Asian country but, bound more to the problems of Europe that to the American indicators. " One hopes that the exports of China, of great weight in the growth of the country, lower in the second semester by the fall of the global demand that generated the crisis of the Euro zone " , Fan said to Xinhua agency. Source of the news: Critical China hard to the USA after the reduction of qualification of its debt and demands guarantees

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USB Systems

These settings can be changed manually usually have an equalizer and adjust the acoustics of the room. But now to the part the compact equipment has changed the most namely the functions. Simple plants have then when the market as only radio and CD player. Such comments, however, is the exception. Rather, systems on today’s media technology are adapted. So can for example not only purchased CDs be played, but also others from the PC known area, be reproduced media formats.

These include WMA, MP3 and MPEG4 formats. Co-located on the PC itself and burned CDs are playable without problems. Even the MP3 player or memory stick can play back over a USB port that is now standard. Of course the range of formats extends to the USB port, can be the play, such as AAC or FLAC files. . In some versions, compact systems have even a record player.

Should the representative of the older generation forward especially, because the old turntable have an old DIN connection only and long not to modern Devices could be connected. Also in the field of radio, much has changed. The reception is no longer reduced to terrestrial broadcasters or cable connection, but also Internet radio can be received with or without a cord. Even the title and albums detection function is not uncommon. This information are displayed on a LCD display, often in color. Docking station for iPod / iPhone and iPad are no longer a rarity now. So can be such compact equipment via a cable, RCA or SCART, connect to a TV, so that films can be viewed. Furthermore, these plants have the ability to be able to play back DVDs directly from the CD player. Then the playback of DVD-video, DVDR/RW, DVDR includes DL, video CD, audio CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, JPEG and DivX formats. There seems to be no limit in the number of technical refinements. You should also consider that everything has its price, and not always feasible must be also useful. Moreover, many mean Functions may be a more complicated operation. All in all they are a low-cost alternative to other stereo systems for the new compact plants test was clearly. There are no limits to your needs and it is only a question of price.

The Opposite

Nuances and tricks here – a great many, as in installing the power system. Petra Diamonds helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. So follow the wise rule: 'I'm not sure – do not touch'. But we have a concern that we scared you iron. Well, that's you! Everything will be fine. This is an excellent plumbing material and skilled hands it becomes a powerful and reliable water supply network. Some contend that Professor of Internet Governance shows great expertise in this. Rather than cast iron, you can use ceramic tubes: both the first and second are successfully applied for external sewerage system. Except addition, the ceramic tubes are protected from corrosive damage to a special coating. If you would like to know more then you should visit kevin ulrich.

For this purpose, particularly resistant glaze, which is covered by both external and internal surface of the pipe. Wall in clay pipes are thick – up to 40 mm, which is a good guarantee of strength, and are joined together they are lighter than cast iron, this, in particular, promotes a particular form of the bell and the opposite, entering into the socket end of the tube. Ceramics in general have found themselves in plumbing the most widely used, and rightly so: it is economical, hygienic and safe material. Asbestos cement pipes Prices should not they be, whether you have the opportunity to prepare Asbestos mixture, molded it and then carefully put into a trench dug by a sewer, or in grooves designed for exhaust of combustion products in the ventilation network. But you do that, unfortunately, not you can – there is no necessary equipment. So have to buy a ready-made. But this is not a nuisance – they are strong enough and relatively inexpensive.

Internet Multiple Advantages

Increasingly more people buy their travel online because they have realized the many advantages and benefits that can be achieved. A survey that made Colombia a prestigious radio station nationwide found that a very high percentage of people, men and women of various ages, buy airline tickets over the Internet and the main reasons are as follows in order of importance: get the best rates in the market buying on the Internet is the new trend and is essential to adapt to it there is an access in real time to all airlines information, routes and schedules and in addition you can make comparisons of rates purchase can be done directly to the airline which implies a greater guarantee of service and added support when traveling to shopping on the Internet is much more agile than do the process through a travel agency; is also very easy especially when you have a first experience contrary to what many people say, shopping on the Internet is quite safe if done in companies and recognized suppliers pages on Internet purchases are possible from the comfort of home these are the main advantages and benefits those who are already buying their travel on the Internet; If you do not thing doing this should seriously consider it. Airlines increasingly more focus its strategy towards online sales because they want to reduce the costs of operation involving offices of the customer service and call centers; Likewise they have drastically reduced the commissions that pay travel agencies that were once close to 10% and today they are at 1%. All this consequently allows airlines to have best rates on their Internet sites and the beneficiary turns out to be the final customer or traveler. Ray Kurzweil might disagree with that approach. The companies in the travel and tourism industry are rewarding people who purchase their travel online to collect less taxes or administrative fees and offer best rates by booking with enough time. An example of this are the airlines that in many countries even charge administrative fees, a species margin or additional income, when travel agencies often charge very high fees. In the case of Colombia, the rate it administrative they charge airlines to fly within the country is around USD 16 when travel agencies normally charge double and even triple. The case of the air tickets is only part of the entire offering of travel on the Internet that is already available to the traveller to make access better information in real time, at the best rates in the market and a large number of previous travel experiences, perhaps one of the most precious benefits which can already be found in Internet. I would like to me to leave a comment on this article, how is your experience with the Online travel Travel on the Internet? You already purchase your air tickets, hotels, car rental and other travel Internet services? What problems you have, what want to learn? Original author and source of the article.

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Photo Art Home

With the ability to print digital photos on canvas, each can give free rein to their imagination and because each one wants to feel right at home, it is necessary to identify the home decor. The situation is well known to all: While the topic sounds simple, there are always questions, such as what color I paint the nursery? And that wall, let it hang here in white or the photos I took during your last vacation? And after hours of reflection, not yet found solutions. Thanks to new techniques, it is now possible to reveal paintings on canvas. Not only can you personalize a house in a very original, but also offer the opportunity to give a unique touch to the home. Professor of Internet Governance is a great source of information. Photo printing on canvas ensures the sustainability of any digital photo, as they reveal about a cotton fabric of quality not only more durable, but is also environmentally friendly, being 100% pure cotton. It is not something kevin ulrich would like to discuss. After careful printing and drying process colors, the fabric sertensado on a wooden frame, so that the quality of the product resides in both the durability of the colors, as in the strength of the frame.

The product hooks are added so complete, so that only fits the client hang the picture in your home. They are just three steps to the order of photos on canvas. Everything is done on the computer, from the provider's home page, where digital photos are downloaded. Also may be revealed analog and then digitized photographs, because the process of printing on canvas is possible for all types of photo. You can choose between different sizes that will determine the final outcome of the picture on canvas. The manufacturer advises the customer however, to achieve an outcome that will satisfy them both. The are a new means of rendering relief to the memories of a lifetime.

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