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How to get reliable results? For inspiration, marketing agencies, market research cease to be something unique in the Russian business practices. Research the market grows every year by a quarter or more of its annual volume has already exceeded $ 300 million. Representatives of even the most conservative industries no longer rely on an ephemeral 'entrepreneurial intuition' and appeal to professionals in search of knowledge about market. And it is quite timely, it should be noted, please contact: increasing market failures and even death are caused by companies the wrong course of business, murderous strategic blindness. Marketing research – the loyal, if not the only way to practical knowledge about the environment in which there is a business. This information is based on the most important management decisions, through which the company is certain, more or less favorable position. It is logical to assume that the quality of these decisions depends on two factors – the competencies manager and reliability of the information gathered during market research.

This article focuses on reliability problems of marketing information gathered during the quantitative research. This material continues a series of publications on the problems of marketing research, begun in article '2000 words about how you can not conduct focus groups' in August this year. Quantitative marketing research aimed at obtaining the most accurate quantitative estimates of various parameters of the studied subject, that is, deal with figures. Clearly, if the serious decisions based on the figures, the requirements for the accuracy and reliability of these figures must be no less serious.

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Choose Lodging

To choose the lodging of certain site is one of the things most important for the success of a site. Thinking a little, if somebody reads an announcement in an informative bulletin or sees to banner in a site, and when clicar in it and it does not get no reply, will be that user goes to try after a certain time again? Using it probably never more it will not go to clicar in such banner or announcement. a potential customer was lost. Exactly for something so simple if the current lodging of sites will not have the resources necessary to execute a stand of purchases, for example, of good quality this will go to make with that customers lose. Then as we can see, the choice of a lodging of sites of quality is very important. Thousands of hosts exist, but also some simple steps exist, that we need to give to find host perfect of a much more easy form.

In first place we need seating in them and thinking on the necessities that we will have before looking one host. Host would be constrangedor to choose one and immediately afterwards to discover that it does not support none of resources that we need to execute our site, or that we are paying for things that never we will go to use. The form most correct to know which is these resources is to ask to ours web to designer (if we will not be we ourselves) which the necessary resources for the site in question. One of the necessary characteristics for the electronic commerce that normally are not enclosed are protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), that he is used so that let us can accept credit cards with security and manipulate given sensible in the site. Other characteristics that are necessary are CGI (Common Gateway Interface) that it allows that is executed programs as stands of purchases in the site.


Reconstruction and restoration of images – this task has to face more and more: for more than 100-year history of photography, in any family archives have accumulated a lot of photographs, and very often – the pre-war period! What can we say about their condition? Of course, calls for restoration of photos from the traces of time. Nothing goes in vain for old photos – the light, humidity, incorrect and frankly negligent storage demulsify, distort the very paper that makes the image contaminated, or unreadable at all. High-quality restoration of photographs allows us to take pictures almost new: digital technology makes it possible Scan and translate a black and white and color pictures into your computer, and further processing of images in Photoshop. What next? Old pictures can be recovered from virtually every state, and sometimes spend a beautiful painting, if you approach it with the necessary knowledge. All kinds of injuries or major point, in fact amenable to manual or automated remedial. Eliot Horowitz has similar goals. But once you want to consider one BUT: if you lost an important detail of the frame (eg, divorced and lost), the true restoration of the pictures is problematic. This is the only fundamental constraint.

This work requires the involvement of the artist, although a specialist in rehabilitation of old Photos may also have such abilities. How to fix in Photoshop all the rest, treatable flaws? Need to start small: first, to correct the most common and minor abrasions and cracks. Then move on to bigger – the restoration of cracks in the photo using clone stamp tool or healing brush is available and the beginner. Note that in the process was left frankly lurid round traces of otherwise wasted effort almost nothing: who of the children enjoy picture with signs of correction in photoshop? In the next stage, you need to fix the spot. They can appear on anything, and left on the shot unpleasant feeling unkempt. They easily amenable to correction – because under them almost always visible and available for processing. After a phased restoration and colorization of old black and white photos, she was breathing freshness, safety, intact and originality – we came to the goal of our work. To fill his hand, teach techniques, not to smudge the precious staff should be sloppy work!

CPU Software

Damage to computers today is not a rarity. This is due, first of all, the rapid evolution of computer viruses that may appear on any computer. Regardless of who sits at the computer (an experienced user or a novice), a computer virus can attack at any time. Of course, there are situations when a computer part breaks down. After that the computer needs repair.

Also There are glitches in computer software, which can also lead to computer repair. Our computer service for over 12 years, provides the following services: computer repair, notebook repair, assembly and upgrade computers, virus removal, software installation, setup wi-fi, refill ink cartridges and other services. If you have broken a computer network is not working, you need to install or configure software or hardware We are ready to render necessary assistance quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. We employ highly qualified specialists who are professionally involved in repairing computers. We quickly run diagnostics, and resolve the problem, regardless of complexity.

The key to successful computer repair is the exact definition of the source of the problem. The causes of computer failure are diverse: the combustion power unit, thermal damage the CPU or motherboard, workmanship, poor working conditions, hard drive errors, contamination of contacts memory, malicious viruses and more. Under no circumstances should you try self-repair the computer, it can lead to irreversible consequences, when it was any effort will be futile. Software Installation You slowly began to work a computer, begins a long time to think to perform a variety of programs, or does not boot – all point to the failure of the operating system. Of course, you can try to solve the problem themselves, and thus of course will only worsen situation, but can occur when the above symptoms to go directly to our computer services and we very soon will send you a qualified computer repair, which will hold a free detailed diagnosis and eliminate all the causes you any inconvenience in use. Virus Removal If your computer loads slowly, there are system errors, or just hang everything – this is true a sign that it wound up a virus and is likely not alone. In this situation, we must act as quickly as possible. It is best to turn off the PC and call our expert computer assistance, which at the earliest possible return your computer to life, remove all viruses, and install the most modern antivirus. To work with a computer, we use only licensed software. For the treatment and removal of viruses and malware with our computer services offered licenses of Kaspersky, Dr.Web, Nod32. Our specialist will advise you and help you select and install the most appropriate option for you anti-virus protection. Check out our diagnostics and specialist free *, paid only repairs your equipment. We are always ready to come to your assistance and repair of computers, software installation, configuration, windows, set up a wireless network and other services on a professional level!

Systems Benefits Biometric

With the advent of biometrics, to places of work, ancient access controls and traditional work attendance control clocks; increasingly come closer to its demise. In fact these devices can already be considered museum pieces, which are replaced by faster, more accurate and more effective mechanism. Thanks to biometric systems, business security and productivity have been optimized. The reason it happens is because many companies lose much money, when people arrive late, leave early or recorded the assistance of a companion. Many businessmen have suffered with this type of situation and thanks to biometric clocks have found a way to put a stop to them.

When it comes to safety and precision, nothing can overcome biometric clocks. It is general knowledge that the sliding cards or passwords can be copied or obtained fraudulently. Similarly, other mechanisms of income can be lost or cloned. Biometric clocks can prevent all this, what It explains the popularity enjoyed by these devices. Such is the popularity of biometric organizations watches as banks and airports used them for quite a considerable time. A biometric scan is more difficult to copy and is a more reliable way of gathering information about attendance and hours worked by one or more employees. This is because such scanning verifies the identity of an employee, based on their fingerprints, or any other biometric indicator. Biometric clocks are accurate and avoids approximations, assumptions and accounts wrong in handling the payroll of a company.

In this way, employees receive the exact payment, according to their performance, which puts end to annoying paperwork, endless accounts and inaccurate results. These devices are ideal for those employers who are not comfortable with the cards that are agujeraban, but that do need to keep track of time. Similarly, biometric clocks are suitable for field staff, who does not work main facilities of a company, but which can report your income through laptops or cell phones. For this you can use computers with readers of traces or phones with voice recognition systems. Many experts say, that biometric systems and biometric clocks, in particular are ideal in companies with many dependencies, in which each of them can be monitored by a system, which lets you know the location of each employee, during your working day. If you want to know about what is an access control, it’s best to visit.

Energy Communicative

The difficult is to make this interconnection, is to promote in the school a communicative ecosystem that contemplates cultural experiences, the use of the medias of the information and the communication and still to make of the pertaining to school space a place of significant learning in the direction to enchant its participants. It is basic that the man and the nature keep a healthful relation, balanced, as well as a healthy relation is necessary enters communicative ecosystems in the school and that the flow of the relations between the individuals and the groups that it participates unites the access of all to adequate use of the technologies of the information and the communication. ‘ ‘ The express communication the dynamics of the daily one, the social existence of the individual and of the individual in sociedade’ ‘ (MORAN, 1993, p.11). See Adam Sandler for more details and insights.

The actors who act in the ecosystems that perpassam the pertaining to school space are all members of the pertaining to school community: educators, managers, pupils, parents, employees in general, members of the local community. The energy changed between these actors is the communication, is it who promotes interaction ones with the others and with the way, with the collective reality producing in it modifications, that also modify the actors, for thus being, she understands that it is also a dynamic way. So that the pertaining to school or educative communicative ecosystem is in constant balance is necessary that each one of its informing members is felt responsible for the energy flow, partilhando, communicating, opening canals of interaction and integration, that is, of exchanges among others communicative ecosystems. The interrelation between the communication and the education works, from a common substratum that is the communicative action in the educative space, that is, interpersonal, group, organizacional and massiva the communication promoted with the objective of to develop communicative ecosystems through the educative and formative activity.

Cables and Wiring

Cable should be secured to the wall using plastic clamps or clamping straps with padding. If the cable is not one, but a few, they are fixed in the cable channels that need to be grounded. Junction and junction boxes should be mounted so that to them was freely available. Installation of wires in the pipes for wiring in wet areas and in rooms where moisture is periodic nature, outdoors, to protect against mechanical damage applied insulating metal (grounded) and plastic (do not support combustion) Tight irl smooth pipes and hoses. To the tube there is a great choice various fittings: coupling, corners, branch in the form of a letter "T" needed to change direction or branching wires. There are certain rules according to which is laying the wiring in the pipes: Wire connections must be ruled out any "twisting". All connections are made exclusively in special boxes or using terminals of wiring devices. You may wish to learn more. If so, Atmos Energy is the place to go. Strictly forbidden to carry out connection directly inside the tubes.

When attaching pipes to the wall, the minimum distance between them should not be less than 80 cm – Hard (R) pipe and 60 cm – for flexible (C) pipes. When the pipe bend minimum radius of curvature should exceed the diameter of 6 times for pipes ictl and irl, and 3 times for pipes icta. Copper or aluminum wire which is better? Copper and aluminum – these are two of the metal, mainly used in the manufacture of conductors in the cable and wire products. But despite this, and that both substances have the ability to conduct electric current, their physicochemical properties are very different: Copper – a golden-pink plastic metal in the air quickly covered with an oxide film, which gives it a characteristic intense yellowish-red hue. Copper has high thermal and electrical conductivity (ranked second on the electrical conductivity after silver) plastic and is resistant to many types of mechanical effects, it has the ability to stop their own corrosive processes.

Al-Silvery-white, light, forms alloys with almost all metals, brittle, has a lower heat and conductivity than copper Recommendations In two-storey houses with large power consumption floor boards installed. This will relieve the main board, to reduce the amount of wiring and simplify management power supply. Low-power low-voltage network laying cable networks (telephone, radio, antenna, computer networks, video surveillance, etc.) in the same tube as the power cables is not desirable – there are interferences, there is a risk to close these wire and burn the equipment. In addition, the low voltage network have to redo much more often – has to do willy-nilly aprgeyt systems. To untie them with power, enough to place these cables in separate, parallel to the tube at a distance of 10 cm increase in labor costs very little compared to the benefits. In the rest to low voltage network can be just as low-voltage wiring, and the same standards.

Veins Systems Biometric

Biometric systems are no longer something completely unknown. Today, many people are aware of these appliances, which analyzed some quality of behavior or physical, to establish who is one person. Many already know mechanisms for the analysis of fingerprints, eye patterns and facial features. However, thanks to advances in technology could be created devices that analyze other qualities, which are also unique to each human being. One of these qualities are veins. Analysis have allowed to establish, that the qualities of the veins are different in every human being.

Thus, is has been able to ensure that the width of the veins and its location, in the face or in hand, could be used to establish the identity of persons. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Xcel Energy. The biometrics of veins, the most notorious example procedure is that checks the vascular conformation of the hands. This analysis requires that the person, to be verified, place your hand on an infrared scanner, then the system produces an image of the conformation Vascular hand and compares it with the information in a database. Similarly to other biometric systems, analysis of veins has a registration process with one check. Tuition is entering the system information, which will be the basis for the verification process. Verification compares the sample taken, with the of a database and be positive the person, subject to this control, you can access a specific place.

The veins have several advantages, such as biometric indicator, it is that they are difficult to emulate, steal, lose or forget. Analyzing something which is far below the skin, deceive the system chances are virtually nil. However, the analysis of the veins is something very new, so that devices of this type cannot be found in the market and the information about them is somewhat limited. In addition, devices for analysis of veins can be large, which is something that very few customers are looking for in a system of this kind. Without However, there are organizations that make use of this technology, as part of an access control. Example of this are some military institutions that have been found in biometric systems, analysis of veins, a totally secure method to safeguard the security of its facilities and its information. A biometric clock is one of the tools offered by the biometric systems to managers, in can be more aware of the activities of their employees.

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Watches Biometric Time

Many responsible business often wonder if their employees are where they should be. Similarly, a large number of them asks if your schedule control system is tedious, time-consuming and imprecise. To stop all this concerns, business decision-makers, should implement the use of biometric clocks and integrate them to your payroll software. Currently, a substantial number of businesses has begun to do so and has obtained significant results. Below are some positive points of the biometric clocks. Best payroll procedures: with the use of a biometric clock, hours worked are entered automatically, on the clock, when the employee arrives or leaves his work. This eliminates the need for time cards, handmade.

Get rid of these backward routines, removed the confusion that can generate the way in which some people write. When it comes time to settle payroll, time worked is taken, electronically, from the clock, so there is that transcribing data. All this not only saves time, but it increases the accuracy and quality of the realized accounts. More precise tracking of hours worked: currently there are companies in which the same employees recorded their hours of entry and exit, on sheets of paper. Thus, many heads do not believe that its employees are totally honest when it comes to record their hours. This concern can be reduced drastically, with the implementation of biometric clocks. With a biometric clock, the boss can see real time output or income of an employee. This is possible because the staff must place their finger on a fingerprint reader, that marks the time.

Employees can not anticipate nor turn back the clock, so that the information that is registered will be completely truthful. Process optimization: when a clock to the programs is integrated for payroll, all processes are made more rapid and simple. On older systems, it was necessary to rewrite data taken clocks clock, to pass them to accounting books physical or virtual. If a biometric clock is used this no longer happen, since the system has an electronic registry of schedules, that facilitates the work to counters and auxiliary. Biometric clocks, as well as other biometric systems, have come to lend a hand in those tasks that were tedious and in need of much attention. That is why with this technology, the processes to the inside of a company have been made more comfortable and accurate. Biometrics has allowed the creation of biometric systems, which can be very important for the safety and control.


All Directors of companies would like to believe that you can rely totally on their employees. They want people who have passed an interview and subsequent testing, to be completely honest. However, human nature makes that there are always a few people, that justify the existence of surveillance and control methods. For this reason, since long ago, companies have gone to systems, to ascertain that their employees comply fully with their schedules and that they wear just their functions responsibly. One of the problems with which many businesses have had to contend, has to do with counterfeit cards schedules or forms of assistance, resulting in the payment of a work that was never done. While traditional controls can be effective in the prevention of some dishonest tactics, can not detect many violations that are committed on a daily basis and that infringe on the equity of a company. As a result, many companies have opted to electronic methods, to monitor your employees. Initially they ceased to use the forms of assistance and watches ponchadores, and attendance clocks that worked with electronic cards were implanted.

With these devices several things were achieved as a better and faster data processing, which was very helpful when it comes to settle payments, since the accounts are made by the system software. However, it was still possible that your cards should be provided between workers. To ensure that people only give account of themselves, biometrics provided the most successful solution. With biometric systems are analyzed, which are unique to each person and qualities that cannot be transferred to others. These qualities include fingerprints, iris, retinal and voice.

There are currently controls access and assistance by biometrics, which help increase safety and to see closely the activities of the staff of a company. Biometric clocks have come to be very helpful for staff accounting of any company. Thanks to them the preparation of schedules and attendance reports is much easier and a company’s employees have no way of committing any irregularities. In addition, biometric systems have also collaborated to increase the levels of security, so that goods, facilities and staff of a company can be better protected.