The display is bright, clear, well feels like in the sunlight. In terms of color at different angles display worthy only of praise – the picture does not lose its properties under consideration for anyone, even the most acute angle. Battery due to the small screen and optimize energy consumption allows the phone to work a couple of days with most of its functions and capacity of mobile communications and Wi-Fi. As a result, all routine actions to be surprisingly easy and convenient to carry with X10 mini, and even typing, oddly enough for such a miniature model – very convenient. 5 Samsung GT-S5230 is an inexpensive, well equipped and comfortable touch phone model, suitable for both men and women every day. Build quality is high. The menu is familiar to samsungovskim tubes with a touch screen, ie nothing new. Phone features 3.2 megapixel camera and high-quality display, the same can safely listen to music without straining your ears.

The battery can withstand three days of battery life under light load. Phone was tested in the fall, frost, heat, pressure, diving into the beer and got a total score 261 score of 336 on the crash test. 6 HTC Desire Fast and stable Android-smartphone business class with a capacitive display, MultiTouch, with a large touch screen 3.7 'and 1 GHz processor. One of the main "chip" devices is a user-friendly interface HTC Sense, allows you to configure your desktop, putting him all sorts of widgets. The smartphone is quite broad, and very easy to read and work with text browsers and the Internet.

On Today – this is one of the most powerful, pleasant to use and well-balanced machines that only ever met. 7 HTC Touch HD2 slim and stylish smartphone with support for multitouch. Options HTC Touch HD2 impressive. Gigahertz processor, 448 MB of RAM, the machine quickly, just fly and application programs with a detailed look great.


In this era of technological change, the business environments grow and grow. Atmos Energy wanted to know more. For this reason, emerging companies, as well as the veterans, need safety and control, that are accurate and reliable mechanisms. Biometric clocks are suitable devices, which comply with the requirements mentioned above. You may ask: what is a biometric clock? And the answer is very simple: is a device of control of employment assistance, similar to that agujeraban cards, but automatic. It is possible that at some point we saw that traditional assistance controls had some shortcomings, with biometric clocks these shortcomings are things of the past. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Salar Kamangar. Well, a biometric clock is an advanced method of attendance control, but can that thing of biometric still is not very clear. Biometric refers to physical qualities or behavior that are specific to each individual.

This is best understood with examples, in this way, fingerprints, iris, the retina, the voice, how to talk, how to write or type; they are biometric qualities. Biometric clocks work to receive a biometric quality, that is usually a digital fingerprint. Imagine that an employee arrives at their work site, what is the first thing that makes? Register your attendance. If you have a biometric clock employee goes to this and puts his finger on a reader. The reader sends the recorded information into a spreadsheet, where you post the employee name and your arrival time. When an employee ends his working day, the process is similar.

As you can see, an employee can only give account of its entry and exit. You can not report income or output of a partner, since one fingerprint is something personal and non-transferable. Many cards or access passes had this inscription: personal and non-transferable, but this was not the case. In contrast with biometric clocks this if applied, no matter beliefs about thefts of traces or clones of them: not possible to circumvent to the System. Thanks to biometric systems, and in particular to the biometric locks, it is possible to have better mechanisms of security in business and even in homes.

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Disclose Education

Introduction the sprouting of ' ' globalizao' ' or ' ' Society of the Informao' ' in the end of century XX, it was characterized for the dissemination of the information and the knowledge. With this, the use of the computers if makes each more evident time in all the areas of the society. This new technology stimulates the search of more information and a bigger number of relations between the information, beyond promoting the cooperation between its users. (PINE, 2007) This modern version of ' ' Industrial&#039 revolution; ' it led to the development of some areas related to the Technology of the Information, being that one of the benefited areas more was of the education. The sprouting of new technologies makes possible the sprouting of the ED (Education in the distance), a well old concept of learning already. The Technology of the Information helped to transmutar the idea of ' ' education of low quality and little eficiente' ' in one of the forms most modern, looked and accessible of learning in the scene of the current education.

The expansion of the ED Education in the distance or (ED) is a learning method where it does not have a physical interaction between the pupil and the educator, whom contact through diverse tools keeps: computer, you emend, digital medias, among others. The education environment migrou of the classroom, for a virtual environment with diverse resources and tools that make possible the pupil to carry through different tasks proposals for the professors. Diverse institutions of education already had adhered the ED. The courses of after-graduation and extension are the ones that more are offered in the modality in the distance, therefore the fact to be shorter and more specific they not only facilitate the search as the continuity of the pupil until its conclusion. However, today, many institutions already offer its courses of graduation in the distance.

Good Governance

The secret to successful projects is simple: draft the introduction of electronic document management systems are successful only if the system used a simple and intuitive interface, which easily can work even for beginners users. By definition, the existing market systems, electronic documents, usually has all the basic functions inherent in systems life cycle support documents. But the interface systems for user experience is much different. According to surveys of users and potential buyers of such systems more and more attention is paid to user interface, which can operate freely users, even with the initial level of ownership of personal computers. The logic of this claim is simple: the higher the ergonomics of the user interface, so it is more convenient to use functions, the easier job in the system for beginner, the more users get used to the system laid down in the technology of electronic equipment.

The less time users need for what would possess skills in the new for them the system, the faster the system is accepted by users, and begins to benefit his organization. Conclusion about the convenience of the program can be done in a few minutes looking at the interface of a software product. Therefore, Many developers and software vendors prefer not to demonstrate publicly the work of interfaces they sell systems in 'on-line', I rest on quantitative indicators, and instead display systems showing slides presentations in a 'show', trying to convince the words, images and text. At best, these vendors demonstrate custom surveys 'functionality-price', hiding all the complexity of the user interface in selling systems, and because it is a misunderstanding of the interface of these systems then faced by users, especially novice users pk.Esche not uncommon for customers of eds "fall for" long-standing, or better known to them in advertising, software development companies. Exploring the set of electronic document management systems, the development team bb workspace could not find another product with the same clear and simple ergonomics, user interface, as in an effective management system bb workspace. Demo version of an effective management system bb workspace in the base edition of Corporate Business is available freely on the manufacturer's website.

Systems Biometric

When it comes to increase the levels of security at facilities of any kind, more recent systems provide better solutions than the traditional ones. Back have been systems of access, security guards. Also, controls for assistance, for cards that are agujeraban, also are thing of the past. Technology allows to implement better systems that deliver impressive results. Max Schireson can provide more clarity in the matter. One biometric designs, that is most striking, is face recognition. These devices are based on technology that captures the facial features of individuals. Then these details are stored in a data bank and when a person re-visita facilities, attendance control system back to capture the individual facial details and runs a stored details and the last comparison process.

When the comparison is positive signal that so does know is given. Max Schireson is actively involved in the matter. A biometric facial recognition system consists of a camera that helps capture images of persons. It also has a device that gives notification of time and a computer that helps to record and archive information. These systems are easy to install and maintenance is simple and inexpensive. Facial recognition is one of the best solutions for the control of assistance, since he eliminates the use of paper and pens. The previous systems, which were made by hand, were not accurate and it was difficult to store all the recorded data.

Thus, the storage of these data was problematic, with facial recognition should not use roles and no written reports of any kind. The information the device captures is recorded electronically in an internal database, which reduces the possibility of data loss. Apart from this, facial recognition, for attendance control systems, have a digital clock, which offers an optimum level of precision. With this system people can not alter the time of arrival or departure. Furthermore, the system makes sure of that each person can only report your income or output. As you can see biometric systems, face recognition, they are ideal to keep track of attendance at any type of installation. When using these devices as biometric clocks, the job performance of the employees of a company increases significantly. Moreover, these are very simple to use, accessible and friendly with the user devices.

There are two basic types of biometric categories which can be used to uniquely identify individuals in an almost foolproof manner. Those two ways are physiological and behavioral. Some physiological methods of biometric identification are familiar and have been in use already for many years. Fingerprints are the best and perhaps oldest example, but today with computer programs biometric analysis has come to include face recognition, DNA, palm print, iris recognition and hand geometry. In the case of voice recognition there is a small distinction which applies putting this type of recognition into the behavioral category rather than the physiological. Since each person has a different voice according to their biology, the voice should be considered a physiological characteristic. However, because what is really studied in voice recognition is the way the person speaks, and not strictly his voice. Since the way a person speaks is behavioral, voice recognition is placed in the behaviometric category.

Behavioral biometric parameters include typing rhythm, the way a person walks (their gait) and voice recognition.  Behavioral biometrics is often referred to as behaviometrics.


Reasons to buy Control of access by biometric systems many people or companies are considering the adoption of new security systems. Anyone that is the case, the best solution is the implementation of biometric systems and the reasons for doing so are quite a few. Below are some of them. 1. Any Bandit can access to facilities or information, steal an identification card or a password.

Using biometric systems, the authorized person must be present. 2. A biometric access control implies that it does not need ID cards and there is no to memorize passwords. In business, with many dependencies, each access door can have a password or different entry card, which can cause much confusion. 3 Biometrics is now within the reach of everyone, is no longer just a luxury of the rich or the most important. 4 It has several methods of analysis to make a better choice.

For example, if it is in a company’s construction, in which employees always have their dirty hands, it is best to use an analysis of iris or facial, instead of one fingerprint. 5. The biometric access systems, can be used for control of attendance of the employees of a company. To implement this technology prevents workers to register the income of absent colleagues or that including cards, pay to access areas that have not been approved. 6. This technology is highly accurate and is similar to DNA, in that it is virtually impossible that two people have fingerprints, eye patterns or similar features of the face. 7 A crawl, can be reliably, to know who have tried to enter a site in question and also knowing at what time. In this way attempts, fraudulent, by entering a place are recorded in the database of the system. 8. The use of biometrics increases levels of security, since persons not registered in the system may never pass by it, regardless of how much try. 9 Access controls, using biometric systems, are very accurate and investment that is made in them is recovered in a short time. This is due to that after installing an access control, of this nature, productivity levels are increased dramatically, while operating expenses decrease. Biometric clocks also work as a method for the control of employment assistance and for access control. Thanks to biometric systems security and responsibility have increased. Source: Press release sent by shane.


And in any case, do not use an ordinary cloth, but even more so – not smoothing wallpaper from the middle to the edges. Otherwise, all the mess. The fact that is still wet from glue wallpaper to a time warp. Moist swell, and relief spreads and disappears. But it dries, the figure tends to recover, but it prevents glue. And the panels between the edges of the gaps may appear. However, even with this accident is not tushuytes, do not panic. And it is not necessary, cursing, tear off the wallpaper.

Take the putty and fingers (not with a spatula) spend on each seam. Method two: Is it possible to paint the interlining? The second type of wallpaper under paint – non-woven wallpaper. Fleece – a panel made of compressed fiber segments, very dense in structure. What is Nonwoven? To, for example, do some detail jacket nemnuscheysya to just the wrong side and stick interlining. So, just for him (through a stencil with a pattern), sprayed foam vinyl. The reverse side of wallpaper (wrong side), however, remains smooth. If you buy wallpaper for painting non-woven basis – a remarkable thing in all respects, because glue them even easier than paper. They are not deformed, not compressed, not vzbuhayut.

Moreover, the adhesive plaster is not cloth, but only a wall. Therefore, the adhesive will need less and work will be fun. If you are not convinced, visit Atmos Energy. It is because of the strength of specialists is particularly recommended to glue them in new homes. Wallpapers non-woven, not only will not tear from shrinkage of the walls, but in a sense, will keep the crack will not let her go further. And everything is good. But there they have a 'harmful': should be handled very carefully. The fact that the relief (foamed vinyl) in principle can be scraped off even with a fingernail. Therefore, they must necessarily paint, then the top layer become much stronger.

Description And Overview Of Samsung S3850 Corby 2

More features for the money you want to get all the necessary modern-touch touch phone at an affordable price? Then buy Samsung S3850 Corby II. This new phone is constructing advantage predecessor in the square. Perfect balance of price / functionality. Now, for the same money at your disposal will be the fastest wireless technology, and improved 3 megapixel camera and a solid screen. Hurt and appearance, stylish, bright solution allows stand out from the crowd of gray-tone 'tubes'. 3.2 'capacitive screen, as you like smart phones serious way to control the iPhone? You want the phone to realize the team with a light touch, and do not have the power to put pressure on screen, in the hope that the press will not be false? Then the Samsung S 3850 Corby2 will not disappoint you. After all, it is equipped with 3.2 inch QVGA screen, performed on a capacitive technology, which means all of the above applies to him in full.

Through excellent color rendering (16 million displayable colors), the picture on the display pleases alive with bright colors. Sverhudobny proprietary interface TouchWiz widgets and What a pleasure to give commands the device when it is not necessary to use sniping ability when released into the label or letter on the virtual keyboard. Corporate TouchWiz UI is optimized so that each button itself literally go under the fingers. And for maximum convenience, you can configure desktops at its discretion. One of them you can put your favorite contacts, on the other – shortcuts to key applications, and the next – a variety of widgets.

With the latter we can obtain relevant weather reports, news social networks (there are some clients to work with Facebook, Twitter, etc.), listen to radio and music. High-speed wireless technologies are available to all used the prerogative of the new high-speed interfaces, Wi-Fi 'n' and Bluetooth 3.0 are top, expensive machines. Samsung S3850 Corby two breaks market, offering these features is much cheaper! Now you can transfer data at speeds of entirely new. For example, the speed between two devices with Bluetooth 3.0 is 24 Mbit / sec. In the appendage an opportunity to connect to the router settings in one touch, to do this press on the router, as well as to activate a similar button in the menu of the device (WPA SecureEasySetup). Have not gone away and the standard 'features' – FM radio support for microSD memory cards and standard 3.5 mm audio jack. Never touch phone did not work as long 26 days! That's how much can stretch Corby second standby time from a single battery charge. A long-running conversation may last nearly 10 hours. It would seem that a large touch screen is simply obliged to spend a lot of energy. But South Korean engineers were able to reduce engorgement phone to record levels, and now you can safely use the phone as usual to 4-5 days. Emotional removable panels Unique removable panels Samsung GT-S3650 Corby prompt you 2 original style, emphasize individuality and help you express your most vivid emotions. You can choose any one socket, which most reflects your worldview, or to change the look of the phone like a glove, adjusting it for your mood or clothing. Included are three different rear- panel, plus you can buy them separately, since there are plenty to choose from. Corby Buy 2, you can shop online and mobile phone accessories –

Research Consulting

How to get reliable results? For inspiration, marketing agencies, market research cease to be something unique in the Russian business practices. Research the market grows every year by a quarter or more of its annual volume has already exceeded $ 300 million. Representatives of even the most conservative industries no longer rely on an ephemeral 'entrepreneurial intuition' and appeal to professionals in search of knowledge about market. And it is quite timely, it should be noted, please contact: increasing market failures and even death are caused by companies the wrong course of business, murderous strategic blindness. Marketing research – the loyal, if not the only way to practical knowledge about the environment in which there is a business. This information is based on the most important management decisions, through which the company is certain, more or less favorable position. It is logical to assume that the quality of these decisions depends on two factors – the competencies manager and reliability of the information gathered during market research.

This article focuses on reliability problems of marketing information gathered during the quantitative research. This material continues a series of publications on the problems of marketing research, begun in article '2000 words about how you can not conduct focus groups' in August this year. Quantitative marketing research aimed at obtaining the most accurate quantitative estimates of various parameters of the studied subject, that is, deal with figures. Clearly, if the serious decisions based on the figures, the requirements for the accuracy and reliability of these figures must be no less serious.

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