Synergy & Technology

Such synergies have a good argument. First is a significant cost savings. According to the Spanish make the investment in Martorell for the development of the new model was 200 million euros, significantly reduced the creation of a new model. Another argument for the adoption of the Exeo is the reduction of development time, that the Spanish company has been set at 24 months. In fact, this period could be less if you count since Erich Schmitt has confirmed this model in May 2007 and the launch a « due in Spring, 2009 -. Later would come the familiar version of the Exeo, also based on the A4 Avant.

A stylish and dynamic sedan One of the features of the new Exeo is SEAT’s return three classic volumes, a concept that had been left forgotten in the wake of Toledo before the current model. Therefore, the Exeo is a traditional three-volume sedan and a size consideration. Although the Spanish firm has not provided the final dimensions of the model it has developed its length to be around 4.60 meters. However, if we take into account the size of the previous Audi A4 we can say that the new Exeo will take measures similar to the following: 4.58 meters long, 1.77 wide and 1.42 high. Likewise, the battle will be about 2.64 meters and the capacity of the trunk will have approximately 460 liters. The salient features of this sports sedan is its dynamic and elegant design, agile and secure conduction, high comfort and a dynamic engine range and organic. The new Exeo will be launched with three petrol engines (1.6 liter 102 Hp, 160 Hp 1.8 TFSI and the 2.0 TSI 200 hp) and three common rail diesel engines last generation (from 120 Hp to 170 Hp). Five of these six engines are turbo engines.

This means: more performance with less consumption and fewer emissions. A four-arm front suspension and trapezoidal link rear suspension ensures a sporty driving dynamics and agile handling. Room With regard to equipment, the Exeo offers including a navigation system last generation, a new infotainment system with multiple functions and connections (MP3, MPEG4, IPOD, USB, Bluetooth), and for the first time, a roof with solar panels to launch an air conditioning system while the car is parked in the summer. Security All versions of the Exeo will have the anti-lock brakes, traction control and stability control. Also, this car will have two front airbags, two side and two head. So far, anything relatively new. Is new, however, the inclusion of the knee airbag for the driver, a passive safety feature was not included in the third generation of the Audi A4. According to a statement Seat, the new Exeo a « which will arrive in spring 2009 – will be priced starting at 22,000 euros. The range will be formed after the combination of the six mechanical three versions: Reference, Stylance and Sport. Dear reader, we reiterate our invitation to visit our website Auto Vision Magazine, where you can learn about the latest happening in the exciting world of automobiles, the ultims news, launches of new models and everything that happens around the automotive industry world.

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Related Registar

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Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is the most efficient technology in the field of biometrics. Fingerprints are at risk for counterfeiting, as well as reaching mistakenly prevent access if your fingers are dirty or wet. Iris recognition devices are too invasive. They can generate diseases or serious conditions. Voice recognition devices may not give good results, especially when you have a sore throat. Perhaps the facial recognition isn’t perfect, but it is more advanced than most of the existing methods of identification. Speaking of facial recognition systems, 2D devices are more frequent than the 3D, although both have advantages and disadvantages. For some reason, the 2D work best under relatively modest lighting conditions, but often are affected by changes in gestures or expressions.

3D recognition systems are not as common, but tend to become increasingly cheap and fast. It is not something Atmos Energy would like to discuss. As a disadvantage, the database of 3D images are very few in comparison with the 2D. The fundamental difference between the two models is the most obvious: the 2D system considers only two dimensions of the face, while the 3D generates images that resemble the real object. You tend to think that 3D system ensures by itself only best results, but this has not been tested scientifically. From the point of view of experts, the 3D system is too expensive for most people, although it is also true that it tends to cheapen it. On the other hand, sometimes their effectiveness depends on the disparity of the light. Technically, the difference between the two models is the variation: in 2D there are a variation of intensity, while the 3D variation is of form. As the facial recognition system is used to distinguish faces according to the colour, intensity or other facial features, the 2D seems to be best suited to provide the required information.

The conflict may be noticed in the recognition system 3D, which only discriminates the shape of traits. Despite being considered more reliable and accurate, the 3D system still requires much development to extend its use. Experiments have shown that they will achieve better results with the combination of both technologies. Using many different biometric variables ensures greater than the best sensor accuracy for a single of them. In a recent study, it was discovered that combining 2D and 3D a 98.8% hit rate can be achieved. In conclusion, the 3D tends to become popular and promises to gain new benefits on the 2D, but is this last most used model, since it presents many advantages, it takes a while of development much greater and remains in constant improvement. The 3D can offer better results in certain cases but still requires much research and development for its consolidation. Both systems can coexist and complement without drawbacks.

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Coca Cola Product

It is, therefore, a specialized type of market research that uses biometric measurements (brain activity, heart rate, Galvanic Skin response) of the subjects studied to obtain conclusions. The neuromarketing would improve techniques and advertising resources and help understand the relationship between the mind and the conduct of the recipient, something that currently can be considered the most important challenge for marketing however, detractors criticize that they could manage customer consumption decisions, and that these techniques can be considered invasive to privacy of persons, able to reach to orient the personal emotions towards products on the market. According to Le Monde, this would be the last version of subliminal perception, which would seek to impregnate a brain of advertising unless the person can realize adds us, that without a doubt, the neuromarketing brings with it a resource of enormous value set to investigate the market, segment it and develop successful strategies for products (design, brand, packaging), positioning, pricing, communications and channels says Wikipedia which methodologies that uses the neuromarketing are varied and mostly come from, in the field of neuroscience. The neuroimaging can investigate what is happening in the brain of a client to the different stimuli received, which provides a much more powerful field of studies that provided the traditional marketing because of its limitations to explore mechanisms metaconcientes, which are those that determine more than 90% of the decisions of customers. For example: when using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), each scan allows you to see how and where the brain is activated before each stimulus while this work. It’s believed that Atmos Energy sees a great future in this idea. The reader imagine the scope of This methodology since, according to the areas of the brain that are activated, we can investigate (among many others): what are the attributes of a product or service that generate acceptance, rejection or indifference. This can be done with brand awareness and test blindly, as did Read Montagne in United States with Coca Cola and Pepsi1. The level of acceptance (pre test) and Remembrance (test pos) of a commercial, in any of its forms: television, radio, graphic, public roads, etc., and the degree of impact of each one of its parts, both in sensorineural aspects relating to the mechanisms of attention, emotion and memory.

The strength of the emotional attachment to a particular brand. The stimuli that must be implemented in a sales point to encourage purchases. Definitely, the model suggested by the traditional economy sets an individual of totally rational behavior, based on a subjective measure named utility. From this perspective, the demand for any product depends exclusively of the price. However, it has been tested by several investigations from the field of neuroscience the majority of organizations competing to establish an emotional link between your product and customer, and this link always diminishes the effect of the price. In short as Gabriel Olamendi, tells us the Neuromarketing explores what areas of the brain are involved in each of the client behavior, either when we choose a brand when we buy a product or, simply, when we receive and interpret messages that make us reach the companies. Marketers measure the results of activities in terms of sales, perception of brands, preference, with the beginning and the end of the process of consumption, but not the fundamental part in between. In other words, what happens in the mind of the consumer marketing notes. Virtual classroom, program graduate management of the quality and productivity of Faces, University of Carabobo original author and source of the article.

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Asterisk Linux

The importance of enterprise level telephony is evident. Therefore, every advance in this service is crucial to the sector. The universalization of the Internet has made possible the development and generalization of IP telephony, a technology that allows the integration of the voice and data communications in a network based on IP protocol. The result is a more efficient and economical solution that allows to satisfy business needs in communication. This low cost centralized communications system is based on various software PABX, as for example Asterisk. This free software application allows you to manage the communications from the company and includes many features that were previously only available in cost proprietary PBX systems such as voicemail, conferences, interactive response by voice or automatic call distribution. Asterisk emphasizes the broad advantages offered by this free IP telephony software: cost savings on telephony, viable free software with Linux, various programmatic options, easy maintenance, among others. Codec g729 free Asterisk Linux installation John Olive doesn’t matter that software is free, but it is good reduction of costs with IP telephony Press releases Hispanotas

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Technology and Doctors

On June 30, 1947, in an old mansion Jr. Ucayali, in the Historic Center of Lima, 24 renowned gynecologists and midwives elected by acclamation, Dr. Constantine J. Carvallo, as President of the newly SOCIEDAD PERUANA DE-SPOG Obstetrics and Gynecology ", in recognition of their qualities and Humanities Academic Year after year, distinguished as honorable teachers have taken place, there are currently 15 branches in provinces and thousands of partners , have organized many national congresses and numerous workshops, seminars and workshops, events honoring the memory of the old midwives of the Maternity of Lima and the prestigious 5 gynecologists flag Loayza Hospital. The technological revolution has enriched the practice of medicine in general and in particular Gynecology, currently processes of medium and high complexity have become an everyday and thanks to these advances: the ultrasound … we are no longer blind !, Today we have restored the vision before we had it in our touch, our fingers. This technology has not diminished, however, that almost esoteric charm that captivates both young physicians, will be perhaps as Dr. Shing because it gives the opportunity not only to cure our patients, but to make them really happy .

Or is it perhaps as Arnold says in his book "Andean Culture: Labor in the Andes", that this specialty is emblematic of the struggle against death, because it is exercised on a stage full of mystic symbolism and fears … "where spirits appear evil is attracted to the mother's blood … "scenario where life intersects with Death, where the line between them is very thin and often one or the other depends on a quick decision and daring and skillful action, competent and accurate. It is a specialty, where the birth of a baby, is our peak, despite the high-tech equipment and diagnostic and therapeutic help, remains the party, a time of great anxiety, the great mystery … is victory Life!, where the forces are strained, where the fingers do not shake, which breathes adrenaline, where the nerves do not betray, where the cries of the mother mingles with the cries of the newborn, where the deliverer is received from Priest and as such, there sitting in front of the mystery, is a Sunday or holiday, day or night, tired or not … There he is in the midst of the "Good and evil spirits" … as were the large old obstetricians History, amid tears, where blood flows in spurts, amid bruising and whimsical glasses, There it is! Breathing anxiety and torment, with the front iradah m, jugular, restrained, plugging …

beating the battle to the death. Greeting Gynecologist your HEART OF LEON! For only a strong heart, you can exercise your specialty greeting your HANDS OF WOMEN! With that cures, and consoles caress your eagle eyes Greetings!, Which make it a perfect hunter, nothing escapes you, as often as you arrive late night in few other dawn comes to you earlier, in many your rest, interrupts a Labor, inappropriate bleeding. How many nights of your life, half dozing, away from family, including stretchers hurrying, shouting and crying, and bleeding between contacts in delivery rooms and operating rooms … I welcome your adrenaline even at the cost of your health you do everything to be ready time! The Life of a Gynaecologist, worth many lives and feeds on every delivery, each child perpetuates … deserves a long life!, For it … killed when a gynecologist …. Do not die! Health, beauty and long life Gynaecologists of Peru! .

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Apply Free Resources

Persons with access to the internet as well as with possibilities of obtaining a computer have tripled in the past year, not only that but it will continue also grasping, since the situation of the world and mainly people always tends to improve; in this case the majority of people tend to be closer to technology and what this allows us to achieve. Now with the help of technology is becoming easier to learn how to generate revenue with a computer, from the comfort of our House or even running a business on the internet while we’re on vacation or in another location that is not his place of residence. At the moment if one has a PC with the idea of starting to dabble or researching on the web with plans to create a business, you only need to perform a simple search related topics, earn money, online income, marketing online, etc. You will find with millions of results and different techniques or ways to earn money on the web, since there are thousands people who are already earning money on the internet and the great part of them already live, with all the benefits you get from this. You asked, if there are so many people making money on the internet, then the possibilities that I can enter in that category, or that business should be limited? The reality is that the opposite, when more is the number of people on the web, more extensive and more possibilities exist make money online and live comfortably only of this. It happens that in internet develop us possibilities are almost endless, topics or niche markets are as varied as types of people, professions or skills exist in the world; even if two people are engaged or focused on a same niche, rest assured that one will do in their own way, with its own approach and the other also in their own personal way.

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Cement Materials

According to the data, with the continued progress of industry and the increasing efforts in environmental protection, the demand for the number and variety of wear-resistant materials are constantly expanding and this industry will become more silah and have vitality. However, with the continuous development of wear-resistant materials, some industry issues emerge, bringing great impact on the development of wear-resistant materials industry.1. Large-scale manufacturing enterprises have not been formed. From the current situation, medium and small enterprises account for a large share of China s wear-resistant materials industry. Therefore, it is difficult to form a strong competitiveness in terms of scale. In recent years, as the global economic integration is constantly advancing, foreign enterprises enter the Chinese market, which makes our wear-resistant materials in the market vulnerable industry.

One of the reasons is that wear-resistant material is a kind of attached products and its profit is smaller than that of the host and many manufacturers are not willing to produce. Instead, one overseas enterprise change the traditional concept of the production of a single product in the development of strategies and begin to conduct diverse and professional production. At present, it has become the world s largest wearable material manufacturers. We can learn from its experience. 2 The intellectual property protection is not enough and imitation issues emerge in endlessly. The quickly copy of modern enterprises results in the wear-resistant materials that are reluctant to invest large cost to research and develop new technology. Because of the low profits of wear-resistant products, many companies only focus on the investment and cost of large-scale equipment.

As for the need of wear parts, in order to reduce the investment, they use high-tech to imitate other brands. For example, the imitation of the hammerhead of hammer crusher. 3 The concept of industry collaboration is weak. The wear-resistant materials industry take separation and confidentiality among peer companies in the same industry in order to capture the market alone. However, with the continuous progress of the modern business philosophy, mutual benefit has become the important factors for the development of enterprises. Wear-resistant materials industry is a new industry with rapid development in recent years. We believe that our wear-resistant materials industry will get better development space through the joint efforts of the wear parts manufacturers to overcome the existing problems to realize mutual collaboration.


With asdiferenas cultural respected and kept the representative values of cadasociedade, the WEBCRACIA if becomes one of the best forms decooperao between the nations, a movement for the quality of life. What it is decided and if makes here rees-echo in the whole world. then, porqueno to decide together. Conscientious citizen WEB can react, and, in one another time, because not, decide on important subjects on its country. Oque if sees happening in ‘ ‘ Reality shows’ ‘ whose objectives are the puroentretenimento can, perfectly, to apply the maisimportantes and vital guidelines to the life of the citizen. Poderamosdecidir on budgets, the management of the culture, the education.

Let us think, for example, on natural and energy the ambient laws of preservation, use correct derecursos, as much other modalities of aesgovernamentais that can through the WEB reach more mobilization einterao of the citizens of the country and the world. If the WEB can proporcionaressa approach of the citizen of its government and the governments of the world, because not to instrumentalizar and to direct applicatory that they make to issoacontecer? Deposition: Recently, I elaborated a called project New Coletnea directed toward the incentive to the reading and the practical daproduo written next to my pupils of General deMinas the Public Net of Education. Not obstante we were limited in our budget emorando in the interior of the State, where any effort in divulging oprojeto already is a ousadia, we had the satisfaction of, for an email, to contactar with the WebCitizen, and its Assistant of the Nucleus deRelacionamento and Dissemination in Social Media, Thamires de Andrade. Asua intermediao oportunizou the nip of our relation with oresponsvel for the diffusion of the actions of culture of the State and ours it projetopassou to reach greater abrangncia. Of the classroom to the pages dogoverno of Mines. What this represented for we, does not have to comoexpressar, but the power proved that small initiatives can terquando somebody make the mediation enter these activities with the rgoscompetentes. what one will not become with subjects and guidelines so relevantespara the democratic decisions? The subject is not depleted here. Very still we have to argue, better to start now, is not same?


If employees are trained to ensure that it's not telling the roaming and writing in their daily and weekly plans, which can be seen in computer through the Internet, the live head becomes much easier. And now – she awaited hope for freedom! Therefore, keep records and indexes can be daily, weekly and monthly basis. Perhaps you will say – A lot of reports, statistics and graphs! And when the same work? And here is the rule. The closer you get to the operational activities, the less time you have to keep track of. For example the seller may maintain daily Statistics, and the cashier at McDonald's can submit their statistics every hour. How much time they spent on it to record number and put a point on the graph and connect the line? Even if he goes for a pencil and ruler to the road after drinking a cup of coffee – a maximum of 5 minutes! At all – it's just the system and does not require time-consuming, but rather to reduce them. The farther you are from the tactical control – the greater the time span you see, for example: parent can keep track of weekly and monthly reports. The closer the distance, the more – the time span of control.

For example Headache continental organization monitors its branches in different countries for 3-6 week-long trends (ie, watching the trend graph and an increase or decrease over this period). As long as this organization will receive a report for the week – the situation can be corrected and improved on the ground that it is not reflected in the weekly or monthly chart indicators. Management on the basis of valuable end products and statistics – the only simple but very effective way, enabling the head distance and start to create some new projects, expansion or be able to live a full, free life and manage your business and not be held hostage. Personally, I tested this method in practice repeatedly. As a founding member of several companies that provide both goods and services can safely say – it works and I get from business and life satisfaction, as well as have the opportunity to learn and evolve as a spiritual person, and what you dear readers, I sincerely wish.