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The Importance Of Communication

The third section focuses on listening and speaking, further improvement of the letter in Finally, work on the sub-themes. After every three cycles, provided Review Unit, the repetition of vocabulary and grammar. Expected results after the course is yes, judging by the experience acquired in the course of work. Students are easier to cope with […]

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Audiovisual News Education

It follows below the stages that will succeed the activities: At the first moment the work will abide in the presentation of videos and journalistic texts on the violence shown in the local media and some manchetes. Read additional details here: ConocoPhillips. After that we will raise a quarrel and reflection on the reasons that […]

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Federal University

No criterion of election of the families, or benefited children does not exist, and this finishes generating ' ' injustias' ' , therefore many times, the ones that more they need finish being of are. In the case of the programs directed toward schools, also we perceive problems: the PDDE, for example, is a resource […]

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LDB Ability

In contrast, the school must critically point out the impact, the utility and the value of these advances, and this is only possible knowing them. Here, ConocoPhillips expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Endeusa them as solution for all the problems, as they make many or, with the critical one, to deny its universalizao […]

Europe Movement

4.2 – Iluminismo the date of 03/11/2011 represented the beginning of the room and finishes period of the school year, therefore, we decide to initiate the lesson with an intitled video ' ' Superao' ' of the group of comedians ' ' The Best ones of the Mundo' ' , in order to initiate the […]

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Those that is reading have possibility not to usufruct of the Internet and to know to use it for its growth. The virtual Internet and its nets have made possible the immediate spreading of what he is being published and facilitated the access what already exists, that is, makes possible the democratization to the access […]

Virtual World

Dependence of the virtual world Arnaldo Nogaro 1 The recent reading of two articles (‘ ‘ The risks of the excess of exposition to the world virtual’ ‘ – Magazine Patio, ago/out, 2009 and ‘ ‘ The Internet transforms its crebro’ ‘ Magazine Sees, 12 of August of 2009) had made to reflect me and […]


The pronouncement is highly debatable, because freedom of the italo-Finnish citizen, ends where begins the other many millions of citizens who want keep the presence of the cross, because this constitutes revealing evidence of their inherited identity of their ancestors. In the shadow of the same have been born, grown, played, educated and developed and […]


Independent of the conceptualization given to the metrologia in the area of the Education, it exists diverse expectations and 31 intentions related to the technician-scientific field aiming at to the inclusion of topics of metrologia, normalization and quality in the curricular lines of direction of graduation. Although the tenuous presence of the metrologia in the […]

Beethoven Music

The studies to this respect have registered that music, in determined experiences has deserved prominence place and when developed since the first years for child with intellectual deficiency from the infantile education, contributes of systematic form and superficiality in its relations with the teach-learning for formation of the integral process. ' ' It is certain […]

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