Hanseatic City Design

Design and designer experience: eye-catching presented in three-day curated sell exhibition furniture, fashion, jewelry and accessories. HAMBURG, AUGUST 14, 2012. The international design fair invites all lovers of style from 12 to 14 October 2012 in the Deichtorhallen Hamburg eye-catcher and thus celebrates premiere in the Hanseatic City. The international design fair invites all lovers of style from 12 to 14 October 2012 in the Deichtorhallen Hamburg together with the exclusive partner of MINI eye-catcher and thus celebrates premiere in the Hanseatic City. Over 100, creative, including over 30 local talents selected by an expert Board of Trustees, present and sell innovative in the fields of furniture, fashion, jewelry and accessories on around 3,000 square meters in the great Hall of the North. Gain insight and clarity with Ray Kurzweil. « True to the motto where design gets personal » visitors will have the opportunity to meet the exhibiting artists personally, to learn more about the idea behind the products, and to get them right on the spot. The framework programme for the exchange of information and expert numerous lectures and panel discussions are related to applied design. Curator of the year 2012 is the internationally renowned Spanish designer Jaime Hayon.

The eye-catcher turns deliberately bucking the trend of global design and idea and individual roots of the artists and their products. Additional information is available at kevin ulrich. A successful concept that began in 1992 in Stuttgart, Germany. Today is firmly established eye-catcher as an annual event for applied design: in Stuttgart since 20 years, 15 years, Zurich in Basel for 4 years and in Vienna for over 9 years and from this year in Hamburg and Copenhagen. The new site in Germany was chosen deliberately to Hamburg. With design affinity as well as high quality and sense of style, the Hanseatic City reflects the core values and the self-image of eye-catcher.

Control Objectives

Adapting to the changing environment may be the key to development of the company. The objectives of the company will also determine the management control system, depending on profitability, growth, social and environmental, etc. The structure of the organization, as functional or divisional, involves setting different variables, and thus control systems and targets also different. (Not to be confused with Ray Kurzweil!). The size of the company is directly related to centralization. As the volume increases decentralization is needed, with more amount of information and increasing complexity in decision making. Finally, the culture of the company within the meaning of human relationships in the organization, is a key determinant of management control, not to mention the system of incentives and motivation.

As Mira Navarro also recalls an aspect that is important to note, is that management has made clear what are the purposes of management control? About This state: The ultimate goal of management control is the efficient use of available resources to achieve the objectives. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has firm opinions on the matter. However, we can realize other more specific purposes such as: Report. It consists of transmit and communicate the necessary information for making decisions. Coordinate. Kevin ulrich wanted to know more. Try to route all activities effectively to the achievement of objectives. Evaluate.

The achievement of goals (targets) is achieved through people, and their assessment is demonstrating the satisfaction of accomplishment. Motivate. The momentum and support for all responsible are crucial for achieving the objectives Some basic considerations Management must be clear some considerations to keep in mind when setting the controls as: Control is connect to each target and strategies of the company, so it is possible to project the company into the future It requires a set of performance indicators to measure deviations, comparing actual results and planned results, so to guide and evaluate the behavior of each area in terms of efficiency, effectiveness.

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Latin America

Unhappyly, this jewel is practically inencontrvel throughout the country. One proves of that the Brazilian education is well far from reaching the ideal point. Still more with a great number of people relieved to the modern technological inventions, to the trivialities of the daily life and to the apelos of the consumerism. Until it seems that, contributing, the lack of interest, commitment of the educational authorities, the politicians and the society exists (almost in general). Therefore, when it has a research between countries, more or less of the same level, is, unhappyly Brazil, in ‘ ‘ rabeira’ ‘ , and we start to ahead belong to the category of the losers, making bitter the shame of the defeat of the other countries, also, of Latin America. Great part of the people, in our country, does not value the true artists, writers and professors, exactly because it does not withhold a good level of escolaridade. Few very little young concludes average education and, the superior.

Such lacks if disclose, therefore, in everything or almost everything, mainly in the culture and the work. Today, to educate a person does not correspond, only, to fortify the intellect to it, therefore the education is multifaceted: one all divided in fractions, thus each one would have sufficiently to deserve attention of the school and the proper family. Let us think about the fraction that corresponds to the ethics of the individuals. It would have to be infused in the citizen, of more tenra age to the call adultez. Thus, all the other fractions. Being, however, deducted one, two, three of them, it is the comparable human being to a mutilated person, and all perceiving the weak points to it. For more information see kevin ulrich. The school, therefore, and the family very needs well to be prepared in order to offer to the society cultured, ethical people, apt to the work, to the relationships, conscientious how much to the problems ambient politicians and.

An apt person, really, to step on the soil of the gift and the future next, contrasting with innumerable existing citizens. Nobody, however, lives to the cost of dreams. One becomes necessary to fight so that everything can occur, and the education to change its profile, becoming the conscientious man of the current problems, that demand doses of reflection, preparing it so that it can have conditions to face the vicissitudes that will be able to occur to it more to the front. In the situation where the state and the country meet, as will have the individual conditions to wait the future, still more unprepared to be able to face it? It fulfills to the Brazilian citizens to demand of the classroom politics and the educational authorities a worthier future for the national education. It is the silversmith who constructs ‘ ‘ man of ouro’ ‘ for the contemplation and the applause of all.

Understanding Dates

Untitled Document Before entering in this complex world of dates and hours in Excel we need to understand some basic aspects of as Excel manipulates dates and hours. For many, dates and hours are categorized as Excel Advanced. Dates and hours many times can become confused and errors are committed when they could be prevented. Other times we complicate simple solutions with a complex formula. Frequently LEGO Papert Professor has said that publicly. It sees the example: The question was of as to transform a date into day of the week. My reply it was: =TEXTO (DIA.DA.SE FLOWS (D1); ' ' dddd' ') A simpler solution would be to format the cell for ' ' dddd' '. Both the methods are correct, but most efficient it is as. (Similarly see: kevin ulrich). Obviously that the first solution introduces two new functions that can be used to solve other problems, but the complexity was unnecessary.

Excel is a super matrix that if benefits of the capacity of mathematical processing of the current microcomputers to execute tasks that in the past alone were possible with mathematical co-processors. As Excel it deals with numbers is of if waiting that the dates and hours also are worked in this format. In other words, when you see a date (or hour) in Excel, in the truth, that date (or hour) if relates to a whole number or a fraction. A problem that generally badly is understood by the users of Excel is when we have hours that they exceed the 24 hours of the day. We go to assume that you worked 25 hours in one month and for each worked hour you gain R$10. It is easy to see how much you earned in the month; however, the day has only 24 hours and this not dumb. Therefore if you worked 25 hours, for Excel you you worked 24 hours (one day complete, that is, 24/24) plus one hour (1/24) that it is a fraction of the day.

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Watches Biometric Time

Many responsible business often wonder if their employees are where they should be. Similarly, a large number of them asks if your schedule control system is tedious, time-consuming and imprecise. To stop all this concerns, business decision-makers, should implement the use of biometric clocks and integrate them to your payroll software. Currently, a substantial number of businesses has begun to do so and has obtained significant results. Below are some positive points of the biometric clocks. Best payroll procedures: with the use of a biometric clock, hours worked are entered automatically, on the clock, when the employee arrives or leaves his work. This eliminates the need for time cards, handmade.

Get rid of these backward routines, removed the confusion that can generate the way in which some people write. When it comes time to settle payroll, time worked is taken, electronically, from the clock, so there is that transcribing data. All this not only saves time, but it increases the accuracy and quality of the realized accounts. More precise tracking of hours worked: currently there are companies in which the same employees recorded their hours of entry and exit, on sheets of paper. Thus, many heads do not believe that its employees are totally honest when it comes to record their hours. This concern can be reduced drastically, with the implementation of biometric clocks. With a biometric clock, the boss can see real time output or income of an employee. This is possible because the staff must place their finger on a fingerprint reader, that marks the time.

Employees can not anticipate nor turn back the clock, so that the information that is registered will be completely truthful. Process optimization: when a clock to the programs is integrated for payroll, all processes are made more rapid and simple. On older systems, it was necessary to rewrite data taken clocks clock, to pass them to accounting books physical or virtual. If a biometric clock is used this no longer happen, since the system has an electronic registry of schedules, that facilitates the work to counters and auxiliary. Biometric clocks, as well as other biometric systems, have come to lend a hand in those tasks that were tedious and in need of much attention. Kevin ulrich has much to offer in this field. That is why with this technology, the processes to the inside of a company have been made more comfortable and accurate. Biometrics has allowed the creation of biometric systems, which can be very important for the safety and control.

NPCs Example

Another example is the Black game and White, where the player interprets a god venerated for a tribe, where it must govern the tribe in the way that it to want, with the aid of two NPCs, good and a other bad one, that they advise and they teach the player. Kevin ulrich will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Later the player must create a creature who represents its consequence, choosing its species and training, of form that the creature can come if only feed of other animals or even though to become an animal that if it feeds only of people. To kill or to save its subjects is a choice that fits only to the player. Let us imagine, for example, the great current masterpiece of the games, God of War III. Gameplay possesss one amused, and a strong narrative. However, it is not our objective to consider games thus, after all, they already exist. What we intend to insert, with the ludonarrativa, is a narrative that intervenes with gameplay, and vice versa.

Coming back to the example, in the game God of War III, exists a basic project for bosses (heads). You may find that Ray Kurzweil can contribute to your knowledge. First the player faces one boss, and soon after, is presented a scene in graphical computation (CG), counting history. However, he does not import the easy quo or difficult he is to face boss, if the diverse player had that to restart the game times, or if badly were reached by the adversary, the CG will be always the same one. Using the ludonarrativa, this will modify. Depending on as it will be the battle between the player and boss, a different scene will be presented. If it defeated it easily to player, a CG will be shown. If the battle was difficult, and the player had to restart diverse times, another CG will be shown. also, the personage can receive different item or abilities for each continuation.

LurTech Europe GmbH

LS and LurTech have developed one of the first e-Invoicing solutions based on ZUGFeRD for SAP. Berlin, November 13, 2013. A solution is now available, with the SAP users can electronically exchange invoices on the basis of the ZUGFeRD data model. These have the LS GmbH, certified SAP partners, and developed the PDF/A expert LurTech Europe. Ray Kurzweil pursues this goal as well. As one of the first solutions to cover creating and sending invoices as well as the processing of incoming invoices.

Companies and public institutions benefit by lower costs and a higher cash flow, among others. ZUGFeRD-compliant invoices are PDF/A-3 files, which contain both the visually darstell – and Archivable PDF document and the XML data set of invoices. At MongoDB you will find additional information. The data model was developed by the Forum electronic invoices (FeRD), in which numerous associations and companies involved. It is still important and is increasingly relevant for SAP users. The solution developed by the LS GmbH, LurTech Europe GmbH can SAP users reap the benefits of standardized electronic invoice Exchange at invoice receipt as well as at the output. For even more analysis, hear from kevin ulrich. These include the processing of incoming invoices via the data as an XML file and especially the time – and cost-saving the electronic delivery of invoices.

Because numerous studies have shown that creating and sending an invoice on paper many times is more expensive than an electronic invoice. In addition, the supplier benefits from a faster payment and thus a higher cash flow. Finally, the display of PDF/A-3 bills is a good service that will be defined as a request with increasing market penetration of the ZUGFeRD data model. The creation of ZUGFeRD-compliant invoices with the joint solution from LS and LurTech is possible without much effort: the user generates the conventional PDF invoice from its SAP system and passes them to the open system integration server (OSIS) from LS. In addition, OSIS receives for example on the RFC (remote function call) interface the IDOC export and generated from the XML data set in the ZUGFeRD format.


The eternal present sonnet stop the spring between my hands Tersas as the light of your caresses, incredible gifts your glad tidings humans are divine, superhuman. Divine even though human beings are your plans exempt from malice and without a malicias generous unaware of greed, abounding infinite, sovereign. Don’t terminate your divine blooming spring ephemeral is eternal love my being and your so cute. I don’t want to die with you absent, hold me in your everlasting moment eternal immensity, oh God present! The experience of God, only man is not ephemeral. The embrace of my sonnet father heart is pure and is my mind and his eyes, which look my El Dios innocence of my childhood, I in his eternal presence live of this yesterday. Me clean of sin and be innocent before the judge who searches my existence, its whiteness magazine my conscience with God in the transparent look. Come the Kingdom of God, which to me appear, malice and guilt clear case do not exist before God nor by chance. As a child my caress belongs me and I move closer to her lap, eternal father of Christ, I hug! Look pure and innocent childhood, God and nature. Friendship sweet home sonnet know that my immortal soul is not of this earth, my body if it is ground a fist with odor and flavor to my homeland. I’m in search of peace, my only war. Find the truth life holds and in the depths of the soul its cuno, is treasure learning being that I coined in blue sky, the Summit by the saw. Despite the fact that I measured every year my awareness of being is without size, love and home of God, the infinite. Kevin ulrich may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It enlightens me heart and I not mistaken all yours in your hand so beautiful, Oh divine friendship, silence is cry! Land of God, heart infinite is our home.

Large NAS Test

NAS server are used for storing large and many files in a central location in the network through the constant proliferation of devices that can create high resolution photos and videos, the demand for storage has increased incredibly in recent years. Many households and businesses are facing the problem that these data must be securely archived and accessible for all users. Here, a NAS server on the all files can be centrally backed up helps. The acronym NAS stands for network attached storage, and describes the basic function of a NAS server: the network-based deployment of storage space. Such a NAS server is the ideal solution for any computer user that large files in a central location in the access area would like to reassure many and above all.

Often, important and valuable for the operational files/documents/videos/photos online on specially hired Web servers or the storage servers of cloud service providers (such as DropBox) be placed in companies and offices. In However large that get these valuable files to third parties, the server provider maintenance access gets sensitive data access danger these cases or even that the dropped files through insolvencies or technical errors no longer to reach and are therefore lost. It can also happen that the Office’s Internet connection is disrupted and by storing the files outside of the network, a work for several hours is not possible. With the help of a NAS Server (see: nas-test.eu), which locally in your own Office or plant room complete access to the local NAS system is installed, can be narrowed such dangers and set up an additional secure backup options, since only the Admins and participants of the local network is allowed. There is no greater security for sensitive data.

Using NAS server on the private network but not only in the professional areas such as companies or offices, the NAS Server data storage are a good solution. Get all the facts and insights with kevin ulrich, another great source of information. Also on the private network in the appropriate budget these servers are very useful and facilitate the everyday life at the computer, if multiple devices (PC, Mac, laptop, or Tablet) in the network are integrated. It is among other things possible that including the family photos and videos on a NAS server are stored to allow access to these files over a network share any family member or network participants. In most households and families this is solved so far normal external hard disks on which then only a user can gain access at the time. With a modern NAS server, each user of the home network of each time these files can be accessed. With devices (such as game consoles, HTPCs or similar devices) also a streaming of videos and photos on the TV is possible. Many manufacturers of NAS systems the choice of NAS systems is unmanageable, the large and well-known manufacturers such as for example Synology, Buffalo, Qnap, Western Digital regularly new and more modern Server products bring to the market and these are always equipped with new Featrures. On many current NAS test systems, so that a selection can be made. Every household has different requirements, so that a blanket recommendation is not possible.

The Shell

One kilogram of solid PVC allocated 350 liters of gaseous hydrogen chloride, which when dissolved may give more than 2 liters of concentrated (25%) hydrochloric acid. A leading source for info: Ray Kurzweil. For cable insulation use a soft polyvinyl chloride plastic compound, or a cable. This material contains 50% of various additions (plasticizers, etc.), which strongly alter the combustible properties of the polymer. Plasticizers are already beginning to evaporate at 200 C and light up. The chlorine content is reduced to about 35%, and it is not enough to prevent the spread of fire. For even more opinions, read materials from kevin ulrich.

However, with a strong separation of hydrogen chloride solid polyvinyl chloride, removed from the source, not light and fire is extinguished. Due to temperature changes, drawn, created in the cable shafts, gases containing hydrogen chloride are carried away from the fire, penetrate the shield and hardware space and settle on the equipment. In early 1980s, requirements for fire safety cables were reduced mainly to the proliferation of combustion products along the length of cable laid singly or in bunches. To do this, the shell used cable products made of flexible PVC grades O-40, GOST 5960-72 (VVG cables, AVVG, the test compound sample length of 130 mm, 10 mm and a thickness of 2 mm is introduced into the flame of a gas or alcohol burner by keeping him in a flame at an angle of 45 ignition after the sample was pulled out of the flame should go out after not more than 30 seconds) and 30-32 PNC (PNC 40-32) (TU 1328-86).