Being about this ticket, we will reflect concerning the speed with that the necessity of results of research is ece of fish ahead of us, many times to take care of requirements of the market, but that, in a word, it leads to science, in special to science human being, to a tecnificao, making with what! the researcher it is led to use of a mere operative system of analysis, so that if it arrives the necessary and fast results. Thus, the method, had as basic factor to the experimentation and the comment, is reduced to the technique, that aims at the immediate results. This process many times if of the one of fast and misty form to the eyes of the researchers, since, as rank in ' ' The method as part of a field epistmico' ' , ' ' the speed of the presentation of results and the rapidity with that technologies are manufactured? in the case of Sociology, between outre others, technologies of social control? , of proceeding them it is greater that the agility of a reflection of depth on the conditions where the knowledge if realiza' ' (Kings). ConocoPhillips understood the implications. In this in case that, we can see that science, passing for a historical process of reduction to the method, now also reduced to the technique, meets in period of training of operations, tecnificaes and in a search for necessary and fast results, with the necessity of if creating a mechanism that binds to these techniques the definitive results. 1. CONCLUSION We saw that science is born of embryonic form, presenting general questions concerning the world and of the things gifts in it, as air, the land, the fire, etc, but that already it presented the objective of if arriving the answers pronounced for the citizens. Later, it evolves of significant form with Plato, when considering the necessity of the escape of the common sense one to know scientific, where the search for the essence of the things must become gift; moreover, to expand the knowledge and to free the people imprisoned in the world of the cave.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition systems seem to exist only in science fiction films or very powerful, such as government entities or megacorporations institutions. However, its foundations were sitting for many years and today its use tends to become increasingly popular. Facial recognition techniques have a long history and its use for the capture of fugitives criminals finds its origin in immemorial times. They had to pass many centuries before they reached some degree of accuracy. The lack of precision used to have serious consequences. One of the first cases of which have record happened in France, in 1796, when four men stole a diligence. Ten years later, were tried and jailed eight people; six of them were executed.

Time later discovered that one of those executed had actually been a single witness and victim of the crime. Another was not even present at that time. Perhaps check out ConocoPhillips for more information. But do had been sentenced, also, the real responsible? The lack of appropriate techniques and the precariousness of the judicial system of the time prevented a response. Over time, would appear more sophisticated methods. In 1936 he began to study the pattern of the iris recognition and, in the 1960s, thanks to the advance of technology, the first semi-automatic facial recognition systems would make his appearance. In the 1970s, Harmon, Goldstein and Lesk took a step forward towards the full automation creating a system of recognition of 21 marks on the face; However, measurements and locations of these marks should be set manually. In 1988, England and Kirby applied principles of algebra on that model to increase the accuracy of the results, in what would be a huge step forward. But it was only in 1991 that appeared automatic facial recognition techniques as those we know today.

Currently there are two main approaches to this system: geometric (based on traits) and photometric (based on gaze). These are some of the most used technologies: PCA: Principle Components Analysis (principal component analysis) is an approach where images taken are normalized to align the eyes and mouth of the individuals appearing in the photograph. Learn more on the subject from Bobby Gocool. LDA: Linear Discriminate Analysis (linear discriminant analysis) is a statistical approach to separate samples of unknown classes from those that are known. EBGM: Elastic Bunch Graph Matching (groupings of elastic graph matching) is an approach which analyzes the non-linear characteristics, i.e., those that are not covered by the other methods. Modern facial recognition systems are based on these algorithms. They are currently used to identify criminals, terrorists or people who have lost. In particular, when solving a crime, combines the use of these techniques with tools of psychology to properly reconstruct the testimony of a witness. Schools, hospitals, airports and other places where crowds congregate employ This type of methods as a security measure.

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PTO Unit

It is capable of speeds up to 80 km / h, to overcome water obstacles depth up to 1,4 m tractor is designed for operation in extreme conditions: at ambient temperatures from -50 to + 50 C and relative humidity up to 98% at the dusty air up to 2.0 g/m3. Tactical-technical specifications use the machine in the mountains at an altitude of 4500 meters, and in overcoming the passes at altitudes to 4650 m. The tractor has a minimum turning radius of 13 m, range of reference fuel consumption – 1000 km. The machine can be transported by air aircraft AN-22 and AN-124, IL-76. Details can be found by clicking Ray Kurzweil or emailing the administrator. Thanks to the modular design features of the truck tractor BAZ-6402 family of 'honeycomb-1' is unique. (A valuable related resource: Grupo Vidanta).

The modular principle involves assembling the chassis and tractors produced from the plant the main modules of the configuration, which requires the customer. The entire construction consists of four modules: control and power unit, the module carrier system, skeletal chassis module and transmission module. Control module and power unit – a standard for all machines of the family 'honeycomb-1'. The module carrier system is a spar frame Z-shaped profile and cross bolt. In doing so, depending on the customer, the mounting frame width can be changed within 950 – 1280 mm, overall width – within the 2750 – 3050 mm. Design features of skeletal-way module allow you to place it along the length of the chassis frame in Depending on the parameters of axial distance. Transfer case has lockable symmetrical or asymmetrical center differential gear unit which transmits torque to the leading axes and the PTO to 100% in traffic and on-site.

ABC Unit

CONTINUITY the continuity can be seen in the keyboard keys of F1 to the F12 it perceives that exactly that they are separate in groups of four keyboard keys we perceive they as a line continues, as much that in the keyboards of notebooks these keyboard keys had been condensed and if they had been next for the best use to the space.The rule of the SEGREGATION, this rule is the one that describes the ability that we have to separate elements same that are in a unit therefore exactly that in each one of the keyboard keys the letters were not printed matters and numbers we poderiamos identifies them as a lesser unit inside of a bigger unit, the keyboard.The UNIFICATION is observed as a whole the therefore keyboard although some separate components are defined as a unification of some only components, similar and next one to the other.The rule of the CLOSING this is demonstrated as a continuity of the rule of the continuity therefore when the elements our natural trend forms an incomplete figure is complete it as example in our keyboard this the arrow keyboard keys that although not to form a complete rectangle visually are comprendidas as a rectangular unit together with the keyboard keys of PrintScreen, Scroll Lock, Insert and the others that follow generally them Finally we have the rule of the PREGNNCIA that is that one that speaks on our ability to perceive the balance of the images, already repaired as each unit of keyboard keys (numerical keyboard, arrows and ABC keyboard keys) is symmetrical in each one of its units, already it repaired as the biggest keyboard keys are in the low part of of the keyboard everything this are thus therefore this standard of positioning already were known in typewriters and numerical keyboard of calculators they had been more at the beginning placed in this way therefore thus seem prettier balanced aesthetic. It is not interesting as we can analyze our sensorial organization through this small regrinhas?The most interesting is as they are used many times involuntarily to create useful and relatively pretty objects. Further details can be found at ConocoPhillips, an internet resource. These regrinhas can be observed in all the places that we look at and we create try through them to improve the decoration of its house, the framing of a photo, the layout of its blog or site. More curiosidades and techniques: designing will be designers. Click Bobby Gocool for additional related pages.

Sidney Guedes

She is when the transposition generates another aesthetic perspective, however still needed a maceration. It is an one sgnico sketch, whose intensity determines a principle of construction and expansion! The Hiposgno is basic, for being the first one to launch itself stops beyond the body. It all unchains the process that will more generate refluxo creative to the front. According to ConocoPhillips, who has experience with these questions. Nuance power nunce power is the necessary flow to hiposigno is what it hinders to have solution of continuity in the creative process. Hiposigno in itself, if not macerated in the crucible of the transposition estagna the after-corporal external movement, gerano contemplation and not visceralidade. Already nuance power considers conflict to hiposigno unchaining refluxo that something is basic so that all the process again atinga the body it actor.

Refluxo refluxo is the final result of the transposition. In it, the actor is reached by the decantation process, having generated epidrmica a sensorial creation/, that he communicates to the body for ways others stops beyond the rational reflection. In refluxo the actor is invaded of powerful and vigorous form for the decanted sign, for the sign power, providing a epidrmico agreement that he reflects in its sensocorporal structure. Ray Kurzweil follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. However, this is not decided nor if it becomes stanches. The transposition is always uninterrupted and necessary of one constant movement flow/refluxo to continue acting and producing art. Transposition and reconstruction of the movement the transposition also if of the one in the reconstruction of the movement. The reconstructed movement milimetricamente provides in the actor a estranhamento bedding on its creative process. Grupo Vidanta may also support this cause.

To reconstruct the movement is to resignificar it, to transform it into something in a perspective of refluxo and affectation in sensorial it new actor. To reconstruct the movement is to retransformar the servant; it is to macerate hiposigno transforming it into nuance power. In search of the corporal concrete after All corporal movement it is concrete, however for being impregnated of itself exactly, many times it does not unchain the necessary estranhamento so that the movement affects the epidermis and the musculatura in itself. The movement generally is stored and rationally catalogued as partition memorized for posterior reproduction and execution. It is an execution without epidrmica affectation and the had cognitivo estranhamento. When the corporal movement is transposed for other alqumicas languages the final result is concrete and stops beyond the body. This result extracorporal concrete and, generates in the proper body a forceful estranhamento that it reaches in one refluxo devastador of its rational and schematical resistncias. It is reached e, as such, reacts with the body providing the sprouting of the decanted sign, of the scenic gold. Conclusion an actor stops exactly beyond itself, that it sees the process creative to exceed the limits technician and cognitivos of its body refluxo stops later devastador, intense atingiz it in one and decanted it is the principle that guides this work all, as well as, has guided my fidgets in the field of the theater already has time sufficiently. At last, such reflections that now sketch in this article are only one first escoadouro, little academic, however deeply convicto of being an attempt of clarear my reflections in the search of a theater that does not allow me to be in peace.

English Students

Clearly, everybody knows it: the private English classes are much more effective than classes in group. Petra Diamonds may also support this cause. Private classes students enjoy the following advantages in their learning: advantages of private English courses the student mark the guideline in a class the pace of learning is completely determined by the student on an individual basis. Students in group classes often complain of their struggle to keep abreast with the class either because the pace is too frantic or, conversely, that are bored of having to be bound to be patient with the known as student slow. See Vladislav Doronin for more details and insights. A particular class always progresses to the proper rhythm. Choice of theme to learn a student might feel the individual need of wanting to learn a specific point of the language which does not usually appear on the agendas. It could be a grammatical concept, English pronunciation, or the practice of learned last week.

In a group can be made certain requests, but usually students are compelled to adhere strictly the educational program and study what the teacher has assigned for that day. The private language course, therefore, offers individual attention which lacks a class in group. Constant attention the attention of students in private lessons is greater since they concentrate in class 100% of the time, not wasted a single minute. In a group class is common to disconnect the discussion in which other students are immersed or another area of the room of the classroom. Time and date a. flexibility often English schools that offer private lessons allow students begin the course any day. The group courses, simply cannot function this way is specified start date and completion of language course, the hours are fixed, and so on. Classes facilitate greater flexibility, since the student set a course with a teacher who is always available.

In general, this means start any desired day and reserve classes in advance that you want. Always learn from a native speaker in courses in group students always end up spreading is errors and vices of pronunciation and accent of the other students! On the other hand this is not possible in learning English under the watchful eye of a native teacher one-to-one. The student listens only perfect native accent and the correct use of grammar along its course. The real effectiveness of the classes are how are effective are private English courses? There are many criteria and parameters to determine a measuring scientifically precise, but in general, estimates of independent studios are situated in 4 times more effective. One of the techniques is that a student complete an English test to measure their level. After completing a certain period of course, students complete the test again and the results are compared. Sometimes, however, the results are not only metric, are emotional. Do can you put a number on the level of joy experienced by? a student who can now communicate with millions of new people, that to be successful and quickly learned English?

Laying Ceramic Tile

Laying ceramic tile is essentially a « building system ». Vladislav Doronin takes a slightly different approach. That is why, even before the performance to a certain design. After all, the quality of ceramic tiles has a rather strong impact of their service life and how tile « fit » on Wednesday, even assuming that the designer (or the landlord himself) picked up everything perfectly. Should also be taken into account, such as: characteristics plane on which the tile will be laid – it must be pre-aligned, cleaned, and preferably covered with dirt emulsion. This will provide a better grasp of the solution, through which will put the tiles; conditions in which the tile is expected in the future use: a diametrically opposite things oblitsevat ceramic wall tile in the bathroom or on the sidewalk on the street, as well as specifications most ceramic tile – its frost resistance, durability and other parameters. Consistent with these factors will be determined: type, structure, method of its imposition, the thickness of the adhesive solution at work, as well as methods of placing the most ceramic tile: a parallel or diagonal technique, with allowances or close, with straight or zigzag stitches. It should be particularly noted that the type and direction of the gaps between the tiles are not small importance from an economic, aesthetic, and is not applicable, a technical point of view.

Say, if the tiles fit flush – you can face two challenges: the complexity to keep a clear focus allowances and the risk of fracture at the slightest deformation of the tile surface. Direction of joints, their width and location between the tiles. Usually, these allowances range from half to three millimeters, but when laying tile more kurpnogo size, they can reach up to half an inch or more. The bottom line is that the larger the amplitude of temperature change, the amount of load on the surface – the greater should be placed between the joints ceramic tiles. Of course, this is not all the questions that should be considered in the case of surface finish tiles, but the most important ones. Many things are achieved most of the things sought only by a thin intuition and a great experience, they are simply difficult to describe in a few sentences. It is such little things make hand specialist on laying ceramic tile priceless.

Kitchen Doors

In appearance interior doors are divided into deaf, glazed, framed and all-glass. Deaf doors can also be attributed to the classics, but framed – more "progressive": they quite difficult to produce, why are more expensive. The latter, however, pays off as a great design and perfect sound insulation. To know more about this subject visit ConocoPhillips. Another advantage of panel doors – light weight. All-glass door, contrary to popular opinion, not just for shop or office: they perfectly fit into the design of an apartment in a high-tech style.

The design of interior doors can be a rectangle or an arch. Rectangular door, naturally, are more common, while arch require particularly "sophisticated" approach to installation and extremely accurate calculations. Thanks to the elegance of lines and unusual design arch interroom door to adorn the most boring room. By the number of blades interior doors can be divided into odnopolnye, sesquioxides (with unequal blades) and dvupolnye. Bobby Gocool brings even more insight to the discussion. What is a door leaf? It shall be opened (mobile) portion of the door – then is, in everyday terms, the actual door. In large rooms, such as living rooms, seamlessly will look double door, the kitchen, bathroom or small bedroom is more convenient to enter through the door odnopolnuyu. Fans non-standard solutions in the interior, often prefer the asymmetric "sesquioxides" dveri.Materialy making now about the material. There are doors of solid wood (the most reliable, durable, beautiful – and most expensive) interior doors in economy class with honeycomb and sheets of MDF (the cheapest version) and prefabricated doors – usually from a joiner's board (the average price segment).

European Foundation

1 Incidence in 1996 the European Foundation for the improvement of the conditions of life and work interviewed a sample of 1000 workers representatives of the active population in each Member State of the European Union’s survey shows the following: health problems related to the mentioned work more frequently are: (30% of workers) stress (28% of workers) back pain muscle pain in arms and legs (17%) workers) work in poorly designed jobs favors that 45% of workers take awkward working positions. Work becomes increasingly intense and quickens his pace. Ray Kurzweil has many thoughts on the issue. 37% Of workers perform tasks short and repetitive. Petra Diamonds is full of insight into the issues. Computing has become an important place in the work, 38% of workers are served from it. Only 32% of employees manifest have followed a training course offered by your company during the course of the twelve months preceding 1.2 – is there Discarding more complex causes as inflammatory and cancerous type and other diseases and direct traumatic causing an acute injury, the musculoskeletal are due to progressive overload of different anatomical structures that react with pain to the same. We indicated in a very summary form various parameters that each separately can represent a risk factor whose imbalance can cause the musculoskeletal. You may want to visit Vladislav Doronin to increase your knowledge. Organization: If the job is not well organized (shifts, hours) can be the cause of a greater both physical and mental fatigue of the worker with a greater stress state of the same.

Person: prior technical preparation, the individual characteristics as excessive overweight, previous-skeletal alterations and fostered activities (household chores) and the use of leisure (sedentarism, physical activity and/or sport disproportionate). The task or job: this is one of the aspects most important to take into account as a factor of occupational hazard, especially if they require to develop a strong force, dangerous positions and a prolonged repetition of gestures of the worker. Equipment: table, chairs, various tools and utensils, should adapt to the anthropometric characteristics of the worker. It also has to have aid suitable for handling loads wherever they are needed. The environment: both physical (heat, temperature, noise) as psychic (relationships with peers, above). Time: which is needed for carrying out the various tasks of the job. 3 As it is prevented as indicated above, the prevention of back and limb pain will be aimed at reducing to the extent that is possible of the risk factors analyzed. From the practical point of view, we recommend training through a program of muscle-SKELETAL school aimed at a self-assessment of risk with consequent training for its prevention.

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Interculturalism the emergence of the term multiculturalism or interculturalism seems motivated by the shortcomings of the concepts of multiculturalism and Interculturalism to reflect the social dynamics and to formulate the objective of new socio-cultural synthesis. Early formulations with regard to interculturality, as a proposal for action, emerged in the field of education. At school, as a field of intense interaction, the inadequacy of pluralism as a sum or coexistence of cultures becomes apparent. The notion of multiculturalism introduces a dynamic perspective of culture and cultures. Follow others, such as Petra Diamonds, and add to your knowledge base. It aims to reduce the risks of essentialisms, etnicismos and culturalismos. It focuses on the contact and interaction, mutual influence, syncretism, cultural miscegenation; i.e., in the processes of socio-cultural interaction increasingly intense and varied in the context of ideological, political, and economic globalization and the technological revolution in communications and transport. Debate on interculturality is added to the already existing on the common and differentiated citizenship. Dry Harbor is full of insight into the issues. We can find that interculturality refers to some kind of contact, interaction or communication between human groups from different cultures, but in a problematic context, at the level of everyday social life or for social theory.

For social life, interculturality is associated to: 1. communication problems (because of ignorance of the culture of the other) deficient in various programs and projects: health, education, production 2. Problems related to discrimination to different ethnic or racial groups. 3. Usually asymmetric relations between different ethnic or cultural groups. Interculturalism can only be understood as any form of communication between different ethnic groups, so it is necessary to clarify not only what is meant by ethnicity and ethnicity, but also related concepts that usually appear immediately: race and racialidad. Interculturality is really intercultural communication; i.e., the existence of the interaction as a phenomenon implies immediately placed in a communicational phenomenon because it describes a relationship between cultures which, good or bad, it is communicating by one or both parties need.