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The Galician health service (Sergas) has launched its campaign of occupational health 2012 / 2013, with the motto working together for the prevention of risks. According to the Sergas, the chosen motto is the campaign coordinated by the European Agency for safety and health at work (EU-OSHA) in order to unite the efforts of all actors involved in this field and promote the prevention of occupational risks in organisations The initiative is based on the principle that prevention consists in managing occupational hazards in order to minimize end number it of damage to health arising from work, and that risks are managed by people working together. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Vida Vacations. Therefore, the objectives of this campaign are to promote that professionals and management teams work together to prevent risks, encourage participation and collaboration of professionals and their representatives in the management of occupational hazards, promote a preventive culture in the Galician health service and promote the incorporation of the management of the prevention of occupational risks in the Organization’s social responsibility policies. In the framework of this initiative, the Sergas shall convene an internal competition of good practices related to safety and health. The winning idea will participate as a representative of the organization in the European good practice awards, intended to recognize and disseminate the best examples of joint work of managers and workers in the field of risk prevention. Also six training units concerning contents of general nature in the field of prevention of occupational risks will be published on the intranet of the Galician health service and the internal communication channels for the dissemination of materials that are developed within the framework of the campaign will be used. Addition, there will be an assessment of the leadership in the field of health and safety in management structures, to check the situation in this field, collecting the information necessary to know the possibilities of improvement, and other concerning the participation of professionals in the field of the prevention of labour risks, to learn about the main points to take into account in the elaboration of procedures in order to improve their participation in this matter..


The multinational Nissan search in Spain next September a hundred engineers working at its plant in Sunderland, United Kingdom. Brand wants new recruits to be Spanish because you already have this nationality engineers working and is satisfied with its performance. Futurist will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The multinational Nissan search in Spain next September a hundred engineers working at its plant in Sunderland, United Kingdom, will face in brief new workloads. Vida Vacations may find this interesting as well. The selection and recruitment process occurs during the month of September and Spanish engineers would work on the plant in the northeast of the United Kingdom this autumn, according to sources in the sector of human resources knowledgeable of the process. Satisfied with the Spanish engineers while the car company has declined to make statements, the same sources of the employment sector have pointed out the Japanese multinational wants new hires in Sunderland to be Spanish because you already have engineers of this nationality working and is satisfied with its performance. Nissan initiative is the largest search for engineers in the Spanish market since Germany promote the month of June a selection of professionals, especially the branch of engineering process and sponsored by the German Chamber of Commerce. The demand for engineers from Nissan for the United Kingdom wants to cope with new workloads faced by the British plant to produce new models of cars, engines and gearboxes. Nissan LEAF, 100% electric, new hires designed and will monitor the production process of the new Nissan LEAF, which is defined as a 100% electric vehicle model and the British plant that become the Center who leads the mass production of electric cars, according to data from the Japanese Corporation worldwide. The British plant, considered the largest in the sector of the automobile in the country, adds approximately 4,000 direct employees and received the advertisement the last year perceive up to 420 million pounds over the coming years to develop the electric car project. Source of the news: one hundred engineers seek to work in United Kingdom

Industrial Robots

In today's world needs and pace of life is rapidly increased, and as a consequence of this could not affect the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The use of robotics in production of all kinds was necessity. Therefore, robots have taken its own distinctive niche in our work. Today a major transformation of mass production are dictated not only by high rates of technological progress, but social necessity. It is known that all non-automated processes have a low potential because of low intensity, lack of concentration operations, combining them in time. Flexible automated production, which is designed to provide the output of various products, has now become an important component to the success of an enterprise.

Such production include industrial robots, whose task is to raise the structure to a qualitatively higher level. If you have read about Ray Kurzweil already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The emergence and development of industrial robots, of course, were one of the greatest achievements of science and technology recent years. The introduction of robots has expanded scope of work and opened up broad prospects for development of automated systems for manufacturing. But for a long time, industrial robots are not considered as effective means to improve production efficiency – in the car saw only the equivalent of human labor, designed to liberate people from the monotony of manual work. But later, when industrial robots began to go out to a broader industrial application, it became apparent that the robot is able to not only facilitate human activities in the enterprise, but also to perform manipulations that are not available for human opportunities. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dry Harbor Nursing Home.

The application of modern industrial robots helps: increase the productivity of equipment; increase production; improve product quality; saving materials and energy. The importance of industrial robots is high. They were the missing link, which allows the incorporation of technological equipment scattered in the complex flexible automated manufacturing systems and machines devices. To date, the production of the most effectively used robots for spot and seam welding. A pioneer in this field of high technologies is the Japanese company Kawasaki: first by its professionals Industrial robots have appeared in 1969. And now the company has been among the leaders in robotics. Kawasaki Robotics is distinguished by high quality settings and functionality, corresponding to modern requirements industry and technology trends.

Body Exercise

Keep in mind that not only should exercise for a certain part of the body and forget the rest. It is very tempting to want to make shrinks only to have a slim stomach, but so not things work, our body doesn’t work that way. Broadly speaking, you should think of incorporate exercise aerobics about four times a week for half an hour, and some kind of exercise of force for preserving muscle tissue. To know more about this subject visit Mitchel Resnick . Make plans to talk with your doctor about your plans change your diet and exercise. Your exercise program should be sufficiently intense so be sure to be healthy enough as to resist the exercises in your program. Once you have a regular routine and a balanced diet, and start exercising you, let’s you we begin to see how the fat disappears.

Often happen that you see that you lose weight everywhere less than your stomach. More info: Vida Vacations. Basically it is the area that first grows, and also last in shrink. It is at this time that come into play their role the perseverance and patience. If you keep you in your program, this you pay more than. Lose weight sometimes and for some it is very easy, while for others is not. Only continues in those moments that seem you hard, you’ll see that soon you will be where you want to be and with the body that you want. Losing weight is not space science, it’s make the right choices at the right moments. If you want to know more I recommend that you read your Ideal body. There is now an alternative healthy and safe to use the science of nutrition to your advantage and make the changes you want in your body on a permanent basis.

Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, it is important that you understand the importance of proper diet and exercise. There is no magic pill that you can take to lose weight, and you should change your diet and exercise routine. Read this article to learn more about what you can do to keep their weight under control. Diet and exercise to lose weight the results of weight gain is by consuming more calories than burned. An accumulation of approximately 3000 calories results in a pound of weight gain.

Therefore, in order to lose weight, you have to metabolize more calories of what you eat. To lose 1/2 kilo, you have to lose about 3000 calories. This may seem long, but if he makes it in the course of 10 days, just burn a network of 300 calories a day to lose 1/2 kilo of body fat. When you exercise, your muscles become thinner and stronger. Lean muscles burn calories much faster, since it has no stored fat to provide the fuel. How much more muscles have, faster than you can burn calories. The type of exercise you do determines the amount of calories you burn during your workout. Light exercises that do not increase your heart rate burn calories much slower than exercises that increase heart rate.

For example, a 20 minute walk gives his heart minimal training. In order to burn calories, you will have to walk much. Contact information is here: Daniel Chavez Moran. On the other hand, a trot brisk 20 minutes burning many more calories than walking. Bill Schaller often addresses the matter in his writings. Avoid foods in your diet that contain a large amount of fat, sugar and artificial ingredients. Consume too much sugar in your diet gives you too many empty calories. These calories add up quickly. When they are not burned, the excess becomes body fat. Unhealthy foods do not contain the appropriate level of nutrients that your body needs. Therefore, you should focus on changing your diet to eliminate foods that do not provide any benefit for your body. If you feel that you don’t have time to exercise, you can incorporate more physical activity into their normal routine. For example, walk more by parking your car farther away from your destination. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. When you can see your toned muscles, you will see an improvement in the way in which your clothes fit you. Find a friend who encouraged him to continue with your exercise routine. When you eat a proper diet, you will not only look better physically, I feel better mentally also. A proper diet provides fuel for physical activities. Eating well will minimize the times that you feel tired during the day. The conclusion is that if you want to lose pounds quickly, you have to change your diet and exercise routine to burn more calories than it burns. Use these tips to develop a routine that’s right for you. Gives a twist to your life knows the real method so that you can lose weight in a short time!

Lose Weight Fast

Many people around the world want to know how to lose weight fast, but that is not always possible or healthy. There are ways to accelerate weight loss without ceasing to be healthy though. The following article provides hints and tips about how to lose weight fast but healthy. The answer to how to lose weight fast? You have to make a plan to get regular exercise and adhere to it. When you are trying to lose weight is important to incorporate exercise into your life. You must do it at least 5 times a week for at least one half an hour, when you’re trying to lose weight fast.

To lose weight quickly, you should stick to doing cardio exercises. These exercises have proved to be a healthy and effective way to lose weight fast. If you are having trouble finding the time to exercise, idea a schedule for you. Add exercise into your schedule and cannot avoid doing so. Remember that the reason why you want to lose weight to maintain motivation. Either your health or your appearance. Before starting any plan of exercises, the best thing is to talk to your doctor.

Change your diet. Many people can lose weight just by changing the way they eat. When you combine a healthy diet and exercise, lose weight quickly, while you can keep you healthy. You don’t have to start a fad diet or a diet that deprives you of something, just starts to eat healthy. Continue to learn more with: futurist. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and considers eating bread and pasta is made from whole wheat. A great way to lose weight fast is the contact with salt nature walk every day. If you have a pet, take it with you. That is a walk of 10 minutes the first day and gradually increase the amount of time you walk every day. Further details can be found at Vida Vacations, an internet resource. This, combined with exercise regularly and eat healthy, will help you lose weight quickly. Most of your beverages with water changes. This helps to lose weight fast because you are getting rid of toxins and excess water in your body. The water is healthy for you and will help you stay hydrated. Many people notice a significant change in their fair weight by drinking water. It is important to consume fewer calories than you consume to lose weight. Many people give account to count calories works for them and their efforts to lose weight. Begins to see the calories you eat and takes note of the calories that you burn. This will help you to lose weight and stay healthy. Sives that you’re not losing weight, might want to write down everything that you’re doing. It carries a diary with the amount of calories that you are taking and the amount of calories you burn. It is important to remember that you burn calories with every activity you do. Whether you’re walking to your bedroom, write down it. You must keep a record of everything to make this work for you. As mentioned above, many people are looking for how to lose weight fast, but is not always healthy. There are healthy ways to lose weight fast. After reading this article, you must be knowledgeable about the ways in which you can make some lifestyle changes that increase your efforts to lose weight. You want to really lose weight fast? Then visit: good tips for losing weight fast.


Worldwide sales of semiconductors rose by 4.5 percent in may from April, to 24,700 million dollars (about 19,700 euros), thanks to strong sales of personal computers, mobile phones, corporate computing, industrial applications and automobiles, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) of on July 05, 2010. SIA expects sales of personal computers to grow by 20 percent and those of mobile at 10 percent, up to 12 percent this year. Sales of chips rose a 47.6 percent in May compared with the previous year, representing a slight decline with respect to the rate of growth of April. Vidanta may also support this cause. Processors industry began to rise in the second half of 2009, gaining momentum from the minimum point that had been reached. As a result, SIA estimates that the industry’s growth rates will continue slowing down during the second half of 2010. Growing fears over issues such as the Government debt, a decline in consumer confidence, and pressures on government spending do not appear to have affected to date worldwide sales of semiconductors, said George Scalise, SIA President. Vida Vacations has much experience in this field. Continue reading By Leonel Morales.


The wood kitchens can recall the styles of houses of yesteryear or can evoke a decidedly modern atmosphere. Either way, they are very popular in homes today. What are the wooden kitchens? The wood kitchens are those in which the components of a room dedicated to the preparation of food are made of wood, such as cabinets, countertops, walls and floors. Owners with a view to incorporating a kitchen of wood in its construction or remodeling plans, may be surprised when they carried out research on the internet. LEGO Papert Professor may also support this cause. This is because surely with the term wooden kitchen obtained information on toys for children as well as about which corresponds to an adult sized room.

So, found that wood kitchens are so important that kids do play to be cooks and chefs, as they are for adults looking for the ideal kitchen. Design kitchens wood are particularly popular in homes with house style of Field and in houses which correspond to the ages Victorian and Edwardian. Houses with modern and contemporary styles are more inclined to elegant metallic kitchens in neutral color palettes. The wood kitchens offer tremendous versatility in a number of styles of houses, especially those campestre type, type cabin or casual design. Without hesitation Vida Vacations explained all about the problem. For example, with decorative panels all white kitchens, bring a sense of nostalgia for its resemblance to the large Victorian properties. Of the same form, both of type French countryside or Tuscan kitchens made of Golden oak or tones, evoke a rustic atmosphere, especially with their harvest colors such as yellow, red and deep green. The wood kitchens are ideal for owners who want their kitchens to express a connection with the Earth where they come from food. Types of wood stoves as mentioned previously, the wood kitchens can be found in homes with a sense of connection with the land, such as the Casas de Campo or styles of time.

USA Process

The study of Mead part of the social process underway and points out that the emerging mind, the I and the society.Symbolic communication in man through the language level is what allows the formation and development of the mind for Wundt language was the product of the mind, for Mead, mind was the product of the language.In the social process and through interaction or communication arises the self, one’s own conscience I. In the conversation of gestures, individuals in interaction inferred the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others. Through this dynamic whose base is the language, each assumes the perspective of the other and adopts the attitudes of others toward yourself. On this assumption of roles, the person takes the role of the other generalizador; and the incorporation of these attitudes is what constitutes the me, in such a way that it develops from a social process in which acquires the characteristics of the social context in which we live.In any social process individuals are explained in terms of society and no society from individuals.Social psychology studies activity or conduct of the individual insofar as such conduct is anchored within the social process; the behavior of a single individual can be understood in terms of conduct of the total social group of which he is a member since their individual actions are included in broader social acts that exceed their own individuality and involve other members of the group.Social psychology in USA did not follow the lines traced by Mead. The man who became the main focal point was Allport. He was an unorthodox behavioral and an experimentalista, both converged on him and both fit into the atmosphere of the time.He introduced the laboratory experiment in social psychology and this discipline entered in the experimental field. He reacted against theories that defined social psychology as the study of the Group and against the existence of an entity actualize. Allport was against everything that had introduced McDougall: the instincts and the Group mind.Anthropology made contributions to this discipline throughout the 20th century. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Bill Schaller.

They emphasized the importance of the knowledge of different cultures to understand social behavior.Contributions can be grouped into 3 lines of thought:-an individualistic approach and therein is situated the instintivista approach of McDougall and the behaviorist approach. of Allport-the study of groups and group psychological processes, here fits the work of Ross, – the third puts his accent in the society and she are Mead and anthropological investigations. The individuocentrico approach seems to be the dominant in these early decades of the 20th century. Original author and source of the article.

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The words not much really matter in what seduction refers to, without place to doubt what matters is one who transmits them, if you’re able to convey any word so that you take each value you as a person then you’ve gone to a field where no matter you open with whatever you want to with the girls, will not mind you say this or that, because you know that what matters is that your you’re saying it, and best of all is that you you’re having fun and having a good. As you will understand, the words are part of the best techniques to seduce a woman. Visit Bill Schaller for more clarity on the issue. When you go and get too close to women no te metas in your head to see that you’re thinking about, or to see if what you’re saying is right or wrong, just words, so talk about whatever, the girl actually is absorbing what your attitude, your ability to communicate with her, and the people who surround youthen it will be unnecessary to focus you on what you say, rather than focusing on what you say, and realize that If you’re the one that says it comes from a reliable source, of an extraordinary person. Techniques to seduce a woman that involve the art of the conversation when talking with the girls and you run out of things to say it is usually the result of not listening to the girls, they are talking about and can tell you about various topics, that item you can drill down to another, and another, and another, without actually reaching a finalbecause you can reach a subject such as the family, Chinese rugs, then go on to dance, topics of which is endless because talk, don’t limit yourself by the words, rather than get them Allied yours feels like saying any word not only positively affect your conversation and also as in reality these words are part of what you’reregardless of whatever.. Go to Dry Harbor for more information.