That often happens. As in joke. He said: "If it were not for my money, we could not teach his son to an English school, there would be a new apartment!" She: "If not for your money, I'd be here, too, was not!". Now let's think, and how many women from the nearest environment married, being financially independent? Ready, in case of difficult circumstances, to support themselves and their own child and help her husband? Found? If so – good! Let us sing of women in the poems and songs. I for them happy. There are other observations.

After many years of their training, found that girls consciously, and often unaware, looking at men, inter alia, the financial well-being. You do not want to financially dependent on their husband or partner. Such a contradiction here. More often than not, she earns a little, but it lacks a living, he earns a lot, and his life missing. Knowing that the addition increases the amount they begin to live together, but now they literally have nothing to live! In marriage a simple arithmetic does not work. And yet, count the options? On what many hope the young ladies, married? A man must be reliable. This includes financial security and the absence of cheating.

I agree, because she herself had just treasure, putting yourself in a relationship with a man, therefore, hopes that this investment will be – safe. If you're a little familiar with the economy, we must know the simple truth. Reliable men often have low returns. What does this mean? It therefore is reliable, that few people want. Does not change because they are not attracted to girls, or he can not. The most reliable bank deposits with low income. Therefore, men with more money and opportunities (in all senses of the word), it is not reliable. A man must be profitable. As has been noted that men with high income, interest in all respects, not very reliable. They are in demand, the girls want them, you see, and obscured. A man must be liquid. Many women say so, and if he does not perform its duties of her husband, no money, no sex, no romance and love, why do I need? One problem, unreliable men and low income – not liquid. Many of you know how hard it is to get rid of, for example, an alcoholic who terrorized the entire family. So all the women's hopes for a man like source of financial well-being very slim, like the lottery, may or may not be. It makes no sense to blame men, as it is done is not very intelligent feminists, the number of claims nothing has changed, men are willing and able financially take care of the woman, family, child. But not always it turns out, often due to objective circumstances, accidents, sudden trouble, etc. So expect to correct themselves, will help – well, not will be – too good, if a girl gets married and is willing, if necessary, to feed themselves, the child, and once and help her husband. Do you so? When you place a link to this site.

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