Association Brighton

The show produced specially for energy Union will prove once again that Coldcut will still exceed limits. Be expected to innovative live theater in the typical mash-up Coldcut style. Coldcut’s label Ninja Tune is also for sound artists with a focus on audiovisual music. For impressive projection design, digital as well as analog, the Viennese projection artists 4youreye and Lichttapete provide. 4youreye supported Coldcut with live visuals for the show. In the context of energy Union, the topic around intelligent energies at the content level is discussed and explained.

This is done in the framework of discussion forums and workshops, whose design of the Federal conservation e.V. (the German group of friends of the Earth Europe,) « Global 2000 » leading converts in Munich in Austria. FoEE is one of the largest environmental organisations in Europe, working at the grassroots level with over 3,000 local branches. The European NGO (non governmental organization) has successful climate protection campaigns like the big Ask »launched. These campaigns are seized with energy Union and advertised throughout Europe. The objective of drastic emission reductions in the EU are States, supported by binding commitments to the responsible politicians. To make the tour as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as possible, the equipment mostly with one, will be transported specially adapted, train wagon for energy Union.

This energy Union wagon, the Linz Cultural Association of Z6, is however still much more than a mere means of transportation. He serves as a mobile art space and will accompany the energy Union tour on its stations across Europe as a meeting place and space for temporary art exhibitions. The wagon also houses the interactive installation Brightonart »by the Brighton-based artist Association Brighton way. Brightonart »operates on the basis of pressure sensors that detect movements of people within the installation on a grid. These pulses are simultaneously linked to audiovisual clips. The videos are on a projection screen with Through a speaker system combines audio signals.

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