Marshall Berman

To the end the shock happens and the triumph shines, fact that it cause such state of ravishment that comes back toward house singing rias Italians, its triumph passes unobserved for the society of the time a time that public is not noticed by nobody. Of chofre, the three steps of my enemy, I decided unexpectedly me, franzi sobrolho and we shock ourselves with force, shoulder the shoulder! I did not yield nor one vierchk and I passed for it, absolutely of equal for equal! It did not turn itself at least and dissimulated not to have seen nothing; but he only dissimulated I am certain. I keep this certainty until today! … What it mattered was that I reach the objective, keeps the dignity, it does not yield nor a step, and public places, me to the level of it, the social point of view. I came back toward avenged house of everything. Learn more at this site: Eliot Horowitz. My state age of ravishment. (DOSTOIVSKI, 2000, P.

70). Marshall Berman (, when analyzing the Memories in the secular aspect, saw in this point of the romance, generally neglected, one of the overturns marcantes than modernity brought for the Russia of century XIX: ' ' the rebellion of the inferior social' '. A man of the layer lowest, as he is the man of the subsoil, to the floor in the sidewalk, would have, according to customs of the czarist Russia, that to give ticket more to the man of raised social classroom than its. However, the times had moved, for 1860 return. The romance of Dostoivski exactly counts the confrontation that the man of the subsoil wants to make with this superior being. It does not want to give more ticket, does not feel more in this obligation. All the affliction that this man of the subsoil passes, the plan to face a superior to not giving ticket to it in the sidewalk, suffering that this cause, everything this is described in the romance, that caught the essence of the change for which Russia passed in middle of century XIX.

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