Samsung Vacuum

A model from Samsung can be activated by mobile phone. Orient themselves in space robot vacuum cleaner can with ultrasound (Trilobite from Electrolux): covered with a thin gold plate sonar picks up the vibration at a frequency of 60 kHz, and its semi-circular shape allows the robot to the viewing angle of 180 degrees. Thus, it accurately determines the wall, the legs of chairs, doorways and steps, easily overcomes the wires, cables and abroad, "a half-rug." A new and very necessary function of a robot vacuum cleaner – a timer to set the day and even the exact time of harvest. At the appointed time he will perform a vacuum cleaner the work needed and shuts down. You can program the vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning, and after a while you will feel that the air in the apartment was much cleaner. As the robot vacuum cleaner cleans? Cleaning mode is selected button: the cleaning of 20 minutes, depending on room size and degree of contamination. Configuration options are extensive in the robot: the choice of harvesting days per week and duration of each cleaning (from 20 minutes to 1 hour). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Eliot Horowitz on most websites. Optimal duration of the harvest – 40 minutes, because he must also look for the charger after the harvest.

But the type of surface do not have to ask – cleaning mechanism automatically tunes the properties of the surface being cleaned. Maximum speed cleaning – 40 cm2 / sec. The robot travels around the room in the following modes: spiral, random, along the walls, zigzag. .

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