Heritage Universal Coexisting

Charter of tourism CULTURAL adopted by ICOMOS in November 1976. ICOMOS aims to promote media to safeguard and ensure the preservation, enhancement and appreciation of the monuments and sites that constitute a privileged part of the heritage of humanity. Under this, feels directly concerned by both positive and negative effects on listed assets derived from the extraordinarily strong development of tourism activities in the world. ICOMOS is aware that today, less than ever, the effort insulated from any organism, by very powerful to be within its scope, cannot influence decisively the course of events. For that reason it has sought to take part in a joint reflection with large global or regional organizations that, in one way or another, share these concerns and who want to contribute to building a universal, consistent and effective effort. The representatives of these entities, gathered in Brussels (Belgium), on 8 and 9 November 1976 in the international seminar of contemporary tourism (and humanism, have agreed as follows: I) basic position tourism is an irreversible social, human, economic and cultural fact. His influence in the field of monuments and sites is particularly important and can only increase, given the known factors of development of such activity.

Referred to with the prospect of the next twenty-five years, within the context of the expansive phenomena facing mankind and that can cause serious consequences, tourism appears as one of phenomena conducive to exercising a highly significant influence in the environment of man in general, and of monuments and sites in particular. To make it tolerable, such influence must be studied carefully, and be the subject of a concerted and effective policy at all levels. To read more click here: Gavin Baker. Without attempting to address this need in all its aspects, is considered that the present approach, limited to cultural tourism, constitute a positive element for the global solution that is required. Cultural tourism is that form of tourism which aims, among other purposes, knowledge of art historical sites and monuments.

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