Learning Communities

By learning to read the book Learning Communities Dr. Gallegos, I left the traditional idea that the school was a place apart, where are educated without having anything to do with the environment, and an even more restricted: the my class and my class were independent of everything else. I understood that, like it or not, learning occurs in a community in which both managers of the institution, including teachers, students parents and the community at large, because the life of each person within their context is what gives a particular meaning to the content to form part of the curriculum, and thus everyone builds its own curriculum, reflecting the sense that the knowledge they have for their interests and needs you have within their own community. And are therefore extremely important that learning occur in an environment of collaboration, integration and respect, in a context of community, that enables learning, and the evolution of consciousness to the perception of whole, as a true learning community seeks to create unity through diversity, learning is geared to learning throughout the organization, where all community members become students, learning communities to educate life and life along with content to help build good human beings are capable of being free, responsible, happy, compassionate, global citizens open to diversity, learning communities, according to the plans of Dr. Gallegos, curriculum and integrate people from an interdisciplinary perspective to integrate the curriculum of any educational experience, including courses, workshops, seminars, etc. while integrating people, children, adolescents and adults, learning communities beyond the fragmentation of knowledge and raise the importance of education to be conscious and interactive, are aimed at promoting a sustainable society, compassion, justice, fraternity, sustainability, democracy, etc.,.

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