Digital Rights Management

Optimum data security, digital rights management (DRM) know many with security from the music industry new software of the company. But there is the possibility to provide only those data that are considered as the recipient in the field of computer aided design (CAD) programs. The OLicense suite of the Karlsruhe company optimum is a modern digital rights management system to protect of your products against piracy and to protect of your customers against unauthorized disclosure and reproduction data. . Digital rights management to protect against data abuse fear of industrial espionage is not new, however, is through the digitisation and networking for several years brand new in the focus of the company. How do files, such as CAD documents, protect and secure against data abuse? The Karlsruhe optimum GmbH offers a unique encryption.

Even if the data of your customers through various security measures such as firewalls and virus programs are well shielded from outside, there is a relatively high within this shelter Possibility of abuse. Theoretically, every employee has the opportunity to copy copies of project documents on a storage medium and unmolested to steal from the company. With the DRM software of the Karlsruhe optimum GmbH, the rights-owner retains full control over his documents. « The possibility of a license server for every license unlock individual functions, lock and back at any time to take », explains Markus Nubling, Managing Director of optimum GmbH. Thus, the use of license dongle (hardware) or the sending of passwords is superfluous. Especially for manufacturers of CAD documents, digital rights management manufacturer of CAD documents at any time keep track of their important data. At the same time the DRM software equipped optimum temporary work of an employee from home of the company, without having to run the risk that the data in the private environment of the employee can be copied and stolen.

Only systems, to a license server are connected, have the ability to access the protected files. th analysis. Of course, you can protect all other documents in the same way. More background information on the DRM software of by optimum, visit the homepage below. Contact: Markus Nubling OPTIMUM datamanagement solutions GmbH deer Street 12-14 D-76131 Karlsruhe + 49 (0) 721 57 04 495-0 + 49 (0) 721 53 10 284 in the technology factory in Karlsruhe, the optimum GmbH developed intelligent database applications, client/server applications, as well as user-friendly software solutions and Web-based applications. The optimum GmbH places special emphasis on individual software development, which is optimally matched to the requirements of customers. As independent systems integrator, the company is obliged to any manufacturer. A special emphasis in the selection of the ever-growing royalty-free open-source products. With a watchful eye for software ergonomics ensures the optimum GmbH thereby, that the applications possible intuitive to use and so user friendly.

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