CCD Network

AXIS Communication announced the AXIS 211 network cameras that support PoE, and designed for outdoor or indoor use in places where not let down the power supply. Novelty is equipped with varifocal lens with DC-control and forms the image quality when light is not worse than 0.75 lux. To protect against unauthorized access to the AXIS supports the IP-filtering technology, has a password protection at the user level and is equipped with an input for connect the controller WatchDog. Through the use of proprietary algorithms for video, 211 passes through the network model frames in JPEG format or streaming MPEG-4 video with resolution up to 640×480 pixels in real time. The new network camera AXIS supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) and can be powered by a twisted pair category 5, which in many cases to reduce the cost of supply cable. Alternatively, you can use an external power supply 9V DC, which is included in the package. AXIS 211 has a sensitivity to 0.75 lux, equipped with a CCD, which is resistant to the direct hit of bright lights and shapes image quality in lighting up to 500 000 lux. Therefore, the model 211 can be installed in rooms and in outdoor digital video surveillance systems, the placement of cameras in ThermoJacket.

Supports UPnP service is much easy to install ip-camera AXIS. Immediately after connecting to the network camera is automatically configured, and an icon appears in the folder 'My Network Places' on your computer desktop. With the support of multi-user access with AXIS 211 can view information on the network for up to 20 users.

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