Administrative Vice Chancellor

History of the Faculty of Dentistry Entrance of the School of Dentistry (2008) By the year 1985, begins the construction of the headquarters in Florence, in the municipality of Sucre, Caracas, Venezuela. This would have more than 7 Buildings, the administrative headquarters and Rector, Gym, fair and recreation areas as soccer, baseball and basketball. One of these buildings under construction, specifically the module 10, was destined to host the First Private College of Dentistry in the country. The original project was conceived by Dr. Julio Alfonso Vaz, who was President of the College of Dentists during the period 1949 to 1950. Thus some consider him the first Dean of the faculty, but this can not be maintained or developed as expected due to financial problems, forcing the school to close for 2 years.Much later, the heirs of Do a Lola de Fuenmayor sold to Magnate University of Italian origin, Umberto Petricca, who finished building the new headquarters and expand the number of faculties at the university, to this end and seeks to enhance the prestige University, Dr. Petricca, for 1996, appointing a commission, which contains the Dr. Luis Alonso Calatrava and restarted the project from the Faculty of Dentistry, reopened once the power starts implementing it, Dr. Calatrava as the 1st Promotion is progressing at different levels, constructing clinics for the practice, developing and implementing the new Academic Pensum he and a team of Dental Professionals unparalleled able to put together.As the first Faculty of Dentistry of the country to initiate the clinical management of patients from the 2nd Year Running, encouraging social service, research since joining the faculty, promoting biosafety, it was the first school to have a course Biosecurity formal entrant to all faculty and dividing the various branches of dentistry by quarters to allow for a more specialized in each area to students and future dentists. For the year 2005 – 2006 The Faculty of Dentistry is still standing and improving, for these years and had gained much popularity worldwide, not only the quality of professionals being formed but by the spirit of research that develops and inculcates in their students. Prestigious international meetings are conducted at the School and its students earn awards in both clinical and research in various national and international conferences. But again because of administrative problems, the power is in crisis.The absence of materials for clinics and laboratories, lack of maintenance to the physical structure, and the demands of Dr. Luis Alonso Calatrava to the Administrative Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Charles E. Pe a, generate conflicts and unpleasant working environment, which gradually was feeling among students. On several occasions required the resignation of Dr. Luis Alonso Calatrava and its director, Dr. Luis Evaristo Diaz Bruzual, who by their severity and discipline marked his personal stamp on the faculty, is the first to resign. Subsequently, due to lack of support from the central authorities of the university, the situation becomes untenable, and despite the support of teachers and students, Dr. Luis Alonso Calatrava resignation.These events produced a mass resignation of many of the teachers who made up the School’s academic team, creating great discontent among students of dentistry who repeatedly strikes and close the main streets surrounding the school and forced to suspend classes University-wide. Yet their voices are not heard. After some promises (which were not fulfilled by the central authorities) the situation returns to the calm and is appointed Dr. Maria Antonieta Cotis as interim dean of the School while a new authority is sought. For 2007, appointing anew dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Francisco Bechara and Dr. Maria Antonieta Cotis is appointed Director of the Faculty. With his arrival, the new dean Dr. Bechara, try to find the calm in the troubled school.His first mission is to increase international recognition of faculty, equipped with the most modern dental clinics, strengthening the library faculty with complete collections of the most important journals in the world and make available to students and faculty a modern digital library with wireless Internet connections, equip and modernize the laboratories of the future, Dental Research Institute and for new teachers to replace many of those who resigned.

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