Work Wikipedia subordinated five simple principles: 1. Allowed to edit, rename, change entries – this is the pleasure of editing, since the author does not need to create ideal text, although this should strive. To spoil anything. All previous versions are preserved. 2. Wikipedia – an encyclopedia that includes elements of general and specialized encyclopedias, almanacs. Simple – it's not messy dump information.

This is not a collection of original documents or unimportant facts, vocabulary, no podium, no newspaper, not publishers, not an experiment in anarchy or democracy, and not a directory references. This is not the place for the presentation of personal opinion, personal experience or personal reasons – and because all participants must follow the rules on the prohibition of original research and strive to be accurate. 3. Wikipedia adheres neutral point of view, this means that we must strive to ensure that the articles are not favored a separate point of view. Sometimes it requires the presentation of multiple points of view, what should be done as soon as possible accurately, accompanying each of them necessary context that the reader can clearly understand, whose views are represented.

However, the online encyclopaedia often come members, who are defending their own views on events. Arise and conflicts diametrically opposite points of view, which ultimately leads to war changes, and sometimes to vandalism. That's why Wikipedia is a mechanism of defense articles from editing, which allows you to temporarily disable your edits in the text. 4. Proceedings of Wikipedia are free to use, where anyone can make changes.

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