The Marriage

Both options are also obtain diametrically opposed results. while the marriage relationship that God considers it legitimate, it is pleasing in his eyes and bless him, the relationship between people of the same sex it is abominable to the point of legislating to remove the Jews on homosexuality root and death, to be blessed His chosen people. One question frequently asked on the subject of sexuality: « So men and women have no right to choose their sexuality to » be happy « ? » Men and women not only have the right to choose their sexuality, but always freely choose their actions with those who seek and « find happiness » but that « happiness » is only a physical satisfaction, God I will never stop their acts freely choose to « be happy », just have to be very clear on what you choose, you can choose a path that puts you under the cloak of God or you can choose a path away to place it under the domain the devil, both roads are of their choice. Under the « dominion of the devil, believe it or not. That » happiness « choice, some find it in the marriage that God blesses, that is on the right path of God, and other say they find it in perverse acts abhorrent to God, as in pedophilia, adultery, sodomy or other.

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