Lower Nasal

It consits of ideally symmetrical bones which form a pyramid shape. This is commonly known as the bridge. The back is the flat surface on the front of the nose caused by the meeting of the nasal structures. The brow is where the bridge joins the forehead. The lower two thirds of the nose structures are composed of cartiledge.

a hese consist of five large pieces, the septum, two lateral nasal cartiledge, and the two largest cartileges wing. There also several small pieces of cartilage known as the lesser alar cartileges. The septum is a piece of cartilage that runs through the center of the nose, nasal cavity is divided in half. The front of the septum (further from the face) is thicker, which is thickest where it joins the nasal bones. The lateral cartilage is about halfway through the nose. It is wide and flat, and has a triangular shape.

The front of the lateral cartilage is thicker, and the top is connected to the nasal bones, the lower part of it is connected to the alar cartilages. The alar cartilages are small and thin and flexible. They are located at the bottom of the nose, and folds in on itself, forming the tip and forming the bottom of the walls of the nose. The two are connected at the center, and as they spread from the center become flatter, narrower and more oval. The nostrils can be changed in a rhinoplasty as well, by division of the sections of the floor of the nose or at the junction of the nose, where he meets the cheek.

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