Quit Smoking

Leave of smoking by hypnosis the person in a hypnosis trance can be easily impressionable, which is what makes this hypnosis technique is a method that helps you quit smoking. Hypnosis is a State in which the person is in a phase of light sleep, deep meditation or mental relaxation that seems to be temporarily disconnected our way of communicating with the outside world (smell, hearing, taste, touch and sight). It has no links with religious, mystical divination, or similar. Proponents say that through Hypnotherapy hypnosis can cure psychosomatic diseases and overcome other addictions such as tobacco, helping therapies for quitting addiction. Hypnosis or self hypnosis smoking cessation sessions have a duration of 45 minutes and use relaxation and repetition of words that evoke concepts and ideas that are assumed by the unconscious that predispose us towards the negative in smoking tobacco or reducing anxiety tobacco cessation and even reaching tobacco make us It causes disgust and negative feelings. Suggestion, psychotherapists causes of not in smokers patients positive feelings and to induce rejection of taste and smell tobacco. Some research in the field of hypnosis to quit smoking, are those of Milton Erickson, Corydon Hammond, Helen Watkins and Erik Wright.

The method used is the American psychiatrist Herbert Spiegel, which consists of three main proposals: 1. tobacco smoke is a veneno.2. Our bodies deserve to be protected against the smoke from the tabaco.3. It is possible and enjoyable to live without smoking. The use of hypnosis to quit smoking is one way to help this process of quitting tobacco is easier, although the ideal is to combine hypnosis, hypnosis or relaxation of other methods at our disposal to stop smoking without great force of will. Studies on weight loss through hypnosis and other measures to lose weight. Visit this other article about quitting > here < original author and source of the article.

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