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Vice President

Life is like a CAP; some put it, others removed. National universities, specifically the respect to Venezuela, are facing at present serious problems, not only by the role of the State that has significantly affected it with regard to its budget, to really staff that integrates the universities being paid the debts that les has […]


The eternal present sonnet stop the spring between my hands Tersas as the light of your caresses, incredible gifts your glad tidings humans are divine, superhuman. Divine even though human beings are your plans exempt from malice and without a malicias generous unaware of greed, abounding infinite, sovereign. Don’t terminate your divine blooming spring ephemeral […]

Juan Goytisolo

Said the composer and American writer Paul Bowles to without the Jemaa el Fna square, Marrakesh would be a city like any other. But it is not, it is not a city like any other. The plaza, as well as being the geographical, social, cultural, economic and emotional center of the city, is an absolutely […]

Body Exercise

Keep in mind that not only should exercise for a certain part of the body and forget the rest. It is very tempting to want to make shrinks only to have a slim stomach, but so not things work, our body doesn’t work that way. Broadly speaking, you should think of incorporate exercise aerobics about […]

Flash Memory Option

The instant messaging option can be used when you cannot talk with a person and needs to communicate in a different way, an instant message him solves the problem. Another option is the e-mail. This phone has great sound effects, has a Media Player option. With the player average user can listen to any song […]

SPAV Results

The evaluations were made between the months of September and October 2003. In conclusion each child was assessed by two different examiners chosen at random. The period between the first and second evaluation was of two to three weeks of difference. Is worth mentioning, that also measured the application time of the SPAV of each […]

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp

Therefore, the argument raised doesn’t seem to have too much sustenance. While the purchase of active toxic ceased to be the priority for Paulson, not so the generation again funding, beyond the banking system, which is considered vital for the recovery of the U.S. economy. Why Paulson announced that the Fed and the Treasury are […]

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Real Madrid Liverpool

If the Elimination of Real Madrid Liverpool has caused a catastrophe in Chamartin, Atletico in Porto tie has uncovered a separation with permanent dyes. Colchoneras stars do not combine with your technician, Abel Resino.Nada more complete meeting Aguero bite the microphones to ensure that, if he had done the initial eleven, Forlan played always. The […]

Quit Smoking

Leave of smoking by hypnosis the person in a hypnosis trance can be easily impressionable, which is what makes this hypnosis technique is a method that helps you quit smoking. Hypnosis is a State in which the person is in a phase of light sleep, deep meditation or mental relaxation that seems to be temporarily […]


We are in our city of origin, connected to the internet looking for the best deals for our favorite destination, the Costa del Sol. As we have already planned in advance or have known some who has recommended us, proceed to put us on the website where you can book our hotel in Malaga and […]