It is inconceivable to deal with this phenomenon without taking in account the biological factors that conduct or hinder this event. As main biological importance, in if treating to the function related to the germination of the seed, an essential fact for the balance and success of the vegetal life in the propagation process or perpetuation can be considered. Without the consumption of this fact (germination), the cycle of these individuals would be interrupted, causing a probable one extinguishing of these species and others, pertaining to other Kingdoms, due to interconnection and interdependence of the same ones (To sound, 1992). The necessary biological events for a good production of seed and, consequently, its germination would be: initiation of reproductive primrdios sufficients, favorable development of the vulos and estames, adjusted polinizao, which had dispersion, maturation and health of the seed, beyond a good ambient condition; everything this clarifies the importance that biology has for the accomplishment of this sequence of facts, of which the germination is part (Rasp & Rena, 1993). According to Son et al. (1986) and Cabral et al. (2003), considering itself that the seeds consist in the main vehicle of propagation of vegetal species (about 75% of the cultures explored for the man they are installed with the use of seeds, reproduction of sexuada form), the base of the agricultural productivity and bitico potential of each species fanergama is seated in the attainment of adequate populations of plants for unit of area. In such a way, the concentration of studies with the objective to elucidate the process of germination of the seeds of cultivated plants and to improve the knowledge on the effect of factors that can benefit it or harm it, must be with priority, therefore these information are basic in the direction to guide the adoption of practical of handling of the ground, adequate the cultural technique and cares in the physiological potential of the seed for its germination.

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