Optical sensor There are two types of optical sensors, CCD and CMOS. CMOS newer promising and economical. On photo quality also affects the size of the sensor, a digital SLR camera it more and therefore more and pixel size, so the image quality they will be better than compact cameras. Lens aperture more open Lens aperture the more light that gets inside the Lens and it means that you can make high-quality images in low ambient light. Aperture is a very important characteristic Lens especially if you want to take pictures indoors without flash and with a long distance. Aperture is shown as f / number like f/2.0 or f/3.5. Aperture f/2.0 is actually means that the diaphragm opens half the focal length lens. Therefore, the lower the number the more light gathering power.

I really like the lenses with large aperture, with them I can shoot indoors without flash photos look more natural than those that are removed from the flash. You can also make great pictures at night or when such is not desirable to attract the attention of many 'flash', then manage to catch a shot over the right moment. So what does the value of a good aperture. To date, most compact digital cameras available with values aperture f/2.8 – f/3.5, but a few years ago I would have bought Olympus C3040Z or the C4040Z, with lens f/1.8. Keep in mind that now, almost all lenses with a zoom lens has two aperture values, such as f/2.5 – f/4.0.

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