GSM Phone

Anti-theft satellite complex consists not only of the GPS-unit, capable of transmitting the coordinates of its location, but also a set of mechanical and digital devices: immobilizer, tilt sensor, datchki heel sensor shock, alarm button, the siren. The list of installed devices defines a service company, a satellite signal, and also depends on the brand of car, its condition and, of course, the material opportunities for the owner of the car. If your car near the signal blocker enabled mobile phone, the car will not be able to transmit any signal in the format of SMS, GPRS or Data call. A signal that sends a set GSM-car unit may be of different nature: anxiety, damage / malfunction of the system, the coordinates of the location of the vehicle obtained by means of GPS, the message of the discharge the battery. The data is transmitted to driver's mobile phone or remote centralized monitoring – if such a contract is concluded. It's no secret that of all the funds warning (siren, radiopeydzher) GPS-Alert is the most popular and comfortable among car owners. Today, the market there are dozens of GSM-GPS-devices, but all have one drawback – the helplessness against GSM-jamming. GSM-suppression device signal can be purchased online or at markets.

Their choice is great, they differ in size, range, and depends on their value. Applied detective agencies, security services, public institutions that do not allow the use of mobile phone and, of course, autothieves. Methods of controlling these devices simple and effective. Manufacturers of anti-theft systems have long since learned to do it. For example, some car alarm systems, for example, MS-P GSM, there is a function as control channel. The order of its work is as follows: GPA-pager from the car passes the signals to a special server, which contain a periodic check of serviceability. If at a point in the signal from the GPS-pager to do this, please no signal detected as jamming, and server starts to call or send SMS-message to your phone motorist. Experience shows that lack of signal jamming occurs at the moment. Motorist, knowing where parked car can adequately assess the threat by and at the time to take action. Therefore, the function of control communication channel will help to protect the vehicle from car thieves.

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