Unique Camera Surveillance Day

Range of equipment Smartec replenished entirely new camera STS-3080 series ULTIMATE ultra-high resolution and sensitivity. New items can be used for day and night surveillance, since they form color / black and white when the illumination on the object to 0.15 / 0,001 lux with a resolution of 580/700 TV lines. Such high resolution is obtained by using the latest in a cell 1 / 3 "matrix Sony Super HAD CCD II and processing digital video processing a new generation. In addition, the video camera has a higher signal / noise ratio and better color reproduction, as well as supports the functions of noise reduction, image stabilization, reversal of bright illumination, and accumulation of personnel to work on objects with complex lighting conditions. Application of STS-3080 Innovation 1 / 3 "CCD Super HAD CCD II, Sony has improved not only permit, but many other parameters of image quality.

In particular, the increased dynamic range by 6 dB, the increased sensitivity of the surveillance cameras to 0,001 lux, improved signal / noise ratio to 52 dB and color images. Achieve such performance was for by increasing the aperture size and light-sensitive cells of the matrix camera, optimizing the height and shape of microlenses, and the application of the new chemical composition of the colored pigment color separation filter elements. Clock video surveillance at the facility carries new vehicles thanks to the IR filter that automatically shifts when you receive a signal from the light sensor and switches the STS-3080 regime of "day" in "Night" and vice versa.

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