Hunting along with fishing known to man from ancient times. In primitive societies it was the main fishing hunting of all peoples and tribes. The meat in the form of fried cheese and used as food, hides – for production of warm clothing and footwear, large bones – to create a variety of tools. Currently, hunting is fun, or even a hobby. In the XXI century, only in rare cases, hunting is forced to trade character – that is, subject to shoot those animals, whose numbers in a particular area exceeds the permitted limit or are distributors of any epidemic. But as the hunt craze at the moment very much common.

Special equipment and ammunition, several hounds, a hunting rifle collection manual work – what more needs to be completely happy hunter, well, of course, except mining, as such. I wonder if you Ever wonder about where the hunters are the same store guns and ammunition? Legislation of the Russian Federation, or rather the decree 288 MIA, requires every citizen to keep existing weapons with a strict observance of all rules and safety rules – ie in a safe or lockable cabinet. Moreover, to buy guns you have the right only in cases when you can guarantee its safe storage. Safes for guns. No shares doubt we can say that they are present in almost every hunter, no matter whether it is hunting all the time only to boar or a fur-bearing animals. The design of weapons cabinet, by and large, is simple. All cabinets Firearms are made of steel with a thickness of 1 to 6 mm and differ in the type of the stored weapons, and, consequently, fixtures, and the number of stored stem (from one to sixty). Castles in the cabinet is usually use the most simple-minded, but nonetheless available for sale and models from complex high-level locks in secrecy.

In case you are a collector of weapons – your best bet so-called elite weapon cabinets that different style of execution and expensive parody of wood on the outside inside. They are designed to create optimal conditions for the careful storage of the rare and unique weapons. Safes pistol. Of course, such safes were not designed for hunters, and the storage issue weapons and weapons for personal use. Safes pistol, usually used to store traumatic, and gas pistols. Their small size cause number of stored stem – one, two, plus ammunition and other necessary supplies. Lockers are made from sheet metal thickness from one to three millimeters. Colour – any, even the "custom". As for the castle, it is not uncommon You can see these boxes, equipped with an electronic combination lock or even a high-tech – a biometric.

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