PEW Research Center

Since the Kirchner came to power, its attitude toward the United States has been provocative and disrespectful. When George W. Bush visited the Uruguay in March 2007, the ruling couple held in Mar del Plata along with his close friend Hugo Chavez, a great party against the Empire. If not liked Bush, problem, the offense was against the President of the United States and therefore against their country. The neocomunista Argentina lined up with their lineage: Castro, Chavez, Morales, Ortega, belt and above expected that North America is condescending to her. All countries of the world, Argentina is the most anti-American of all. A survey conducted by La Nacion, corroborated by another conducted by the PEW Research Center in 2008, showed that 84% of Argentines are anti-American.

That negative index, the highest in the world, is higher at anti-Americanism exists in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and any Muslim country. Not being enough you with the relationship with Washington come ailing, Hector Timerman, annoying because Obama is not going to visit Buenos Aires, has released more covers, stupid and camorristas accusations that someone has dared to make against the United States, with the exception of Hugo Chavez. He accused Washington of being behind the coup against Manuel Zelaya in Honduras in 2009. Added paranoid accusations suggesting that United States is promoting an arms race in South America and said that there were three immovable points to Cristina Kirchner’s Government in its relationship with the Barack Obama: we don’t want to buy weapons, does not want to sign security agreements and does not want to sign free trade agreements. If Timerman understand from Affairs of State, he would know that United States does not sell guns, but that private companies are those that do. Obama is not no armament factory emissary. The U.S. Government simply gives its approval or disapproval for sale to other countries. Aside from weapons, which not can purchase them from anyone because they have no money and do not want strengthen the Argentine army, to the Casa Rosada is not interested to do business with United States nor ensuring international security, then do for what the hell want Obama to visit them?

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