Metal Module: Types Of Finishes

Metal cabins for temporary housing on the market sales of huts (including building cabins), are not only high levels of insulation, reliability and durability. During the manufacturing metal building huts (block-containers, block-modules) can be used various kinds of interior decoration. Thus, sales can be found as standard metal cabins (block-containers, block-modules) cabins and high comfort. Interior finish metal hut (block-containers) Standard metallic cabins (block-containers, block-modules) When you have finished insulated metal construction site huts (block-container block-module), plank floor, walls and ceiling are sheathed. For metal interior standard cabins available on the market sales of huts, the materials used domestic production, thereby reducing the cost of cabins without loss of quality manufacturing. Sex in the metallic cabins (block-container flow module) veiled wooden board, which is then covered with domestic linoleum or chipboard.

The ceiling and walls are sheathed cabins or hardboard paneling. Improved metal cabins (block-containers) in the manufacture of flooring covered hut not normal, and the floorboards. The advantages of such a board – quick installation, durability and good looks. On top of floorboards covered with hardboard and domestic linoleum. Ceiling cabins (block-container block-module) is made of lining, MDF or PVC sheathed wall fiberboard, paneling, PVC and MDF. Metal cabins (block-containers, block-modules) luxury cabins covered floors floorboards, chipboard and linoleum. These metal cabins (block-containers, block-modules) are well suited not only for luxury housing, but also for mobile offices and commercial premises. Due to different standards of manufacturing metal cabins (Block-containers, block-modules) offered to sell the company « Steel Structures », look neat and attractive, providing a decent holiday for employees of your company.

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