External File Storage System

Electronically archive or external bearings? Companies are obliged to up to 10 years and partly also to keep tax-related documents through the statutory retention periods. Many companies voluntarily incorporate documents of important customers in its archives over a much longer period. Over the years, so a considerable volume can occur that requires a significant effort concerning in particular research and care. Although the digitisation and storage of documents forms an interesting alternative – in the computer here but usually with very high costs. Frequency and duration of archive access stored original documents were often between file storage and digital archiving decision criteria. The company smart-store from Bremen offers »an interesting decision support – an external file storage system. This system more like the so-called chaotic inventory management at first glance. Files and boxes of documents on special shelves are stored in a specially decorated warehouse.

The concept of special This storage is that which is captured in a database of possible detailed content and storage space each folder. Access to this extensive database regarding his documentation gets each customer over the Internet. Extensive search facilities available there, to retrieve individual documents from the storage folder structure. Click the companies requesting your documents. The performance of the system is that the requested documents are available within an hour – the customer must only decide whether the documents by E-Mail, FAX a copy or by Messenger in the original to be served. Not only by the quick access to originals, administrative expenses at the customer drops immensely – the system allows it to give, at which time the original according to the legislators may be destroyed at any time information. These messages automatically go to the customers at the end of the year. The ensuing destruction is also taken over by smart-store.

Due to the external file storage system » digital online search facility, which significantly reduce access times to originals. An advantage that was given to only the electronic archive. The costs for such external storage significantly below the costs resulting from storage and management in the customer archive file are compared. Smart-store smart-store company was founded in 1997 and deals with a focus on Scandienstleistung and electronic data archiving. Core business is the daily digitization of customer documents. Germany is smart-store in the area of the old data archiving active, where all archives are digitized and stored with free search software on data media such as CD-ROM or DVD within a very short time. Since early 2009, smart-store has now also the external file storage. Customizable – due to the increasing requirement for experienced storage techniques, which can offer the company smart-store through their experience. The file storage makes a meaningful addition to the electronic archiving.

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