New Coating System For Conservatories

Self-cleaning insulating glass is a term many people today. The prospect is the winter garden tempting to clean the glass roof or even the glass facades no longer by hand. Only the relatively high price of the industrially manufactured specialized glasses often deters basically quite reasonable investment. Remedy now promises a new coating system on the basis of photocatalytic titanium dioxide. This is an invisible coating that subsequently is sprayed on glass, profiles and even covers and provides a real self cleaning of coated parts so over many years. The only requirement for the function of the coating is light, which required the photocatalysis to the decomposition of the dirt and every now and then some rain. Both are abundant in our latitudes. The response to the coated surfaces but also ensures that water can make no more drops, but runs into a very thin film of water.

This promotes self-cleaning and incidentally provides for always Clear, even if it’s raining again like from buckets. A startling side effect is the air-purifying effect of types of coated surface. So, scientific studies have shown that already 15 m are coated glass surface able to clean as much air of nitrogen oxides and organic particulate matter, such as a large deciduous tree within 12 hours of light. The durability of the coating is specified by the manufacturer with 10 to 15 years, while the effectiveness is not consumed, as photocatalysis is stimulated by the light again. The system in Germany under the brand name TitanShield is available. The execution can be many winter garden companies, glass services or preservation companies on site can be made.

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