Warehouse Shop Software

The my-warehouse shop software in version 2.8 is now available. The new version offers several new marketing opportunities and expands the possibilities of the individual optical design. So the shop system now offers connections to the price comparison platforms shopping.com and Shopzilla, as always with the convenient product export control, the own tracking system and the integrated statistics. Also new is the connection to the Affilatenetzwerk affili.net also here there is the appropriate tools for a comfortable integration. About the PDF queue can PDF documents be collected and issued as a document, perfectly suitable for printing, for example, all invoices a day. With the recording of brokers orders and customer registrations get mappings from what channels they are. Also, the display of the customer’s shopping cart, as well as the customer wishlist expanded customer management.

The USC tool checks even more aspects of the shop so that the shop owner with a click his system to the optimal settings and check can. A standard review of serious problems is integrated into the Adminstartseite. As an optional add-on, the gold buying tool extends the functionality of my warehouse shop systems to a tool for the convenient community service purchases in the field of precious metals including precious metal machine, precious metal letter etc.. With the new direct attribute of « Child protection » the shop owner can integrate information in accordance with the EU toy safety directive 2009/48/EC in the shop system. Matching, there is a tool for mass setting direct attributes also a variety of other direct attributes quickly equip allows you with default values. Among the possibilities, the shop system offers many new features. So is it possible to change the labels of the buttons of the selected template with the ButtonDesigner, Furthermore, can up to 10 images provided now per product online and also the infobox can categories with your own link text colors as well as individual make their own head areas, well positioned in the footer be.

With the new templates of the my-warehouse shop operator can now have more than 160 Shoptemplates that are contentlibary available on the my-warehouse conveniently and free of charge. A tool to embed the Google 1 + button allows to use the new Google social network for the shop. The new version extends the layout and marketing opportunities, opens up another social network, simplifies the work with the backend.

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