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Exactly that the tears cut its face. Exactly that everything to its return can say that you do not go To obtain Exactly that the Difficulties darken Its Way Goes in front It happens what to happen, does not leave the error to massacre its life, therefore the human being has the power to recommence, […]

It Listens To Me

It will be this same? It will be that my destination, will be this tragic end? I never had as much fear as I am now. It is as if somebody pulled out me the soil Worse that this, seems that somebody is taking off me air. Because that it had that to happen this […]


That we need some reasons not to like, but only one, to love. Activision Blizzard is actively involved in the matter. That after the storm, always it has the rainbow; That when a star falls, a desire if carries through; How the friends make in them happy always! ; That the truth never will leave […]

Sung Poetry

I I free want me to fly, to float and floor where he was not stepped on or imagined That it is my destination that I grow with this he comes to have a commitment. Me eye of South North East West alone orizonte I see I am imprisoned inside of me exactly More I […]

Sung Poetry

IT EXISTS IN US 19.06.09 to *Exister en Nous I am seeing vestibules, them seem not to stop more, Rodo, rodo without stopping I start to scare me it comes approaching I already is getting used. I have that to know I defined what exists in me, Dreams are moments only thoughts while vises are […]