Pucca And Garu

Pucca and Garu Pucca games is a cartoon series produced by the South Korean company Vooz Character System in the year 2000 and Calvin Kim and Boo Kyoung Kim. It was carried out by computer with Adobe Flash. The second version of the series was produced by Studio B Productions for Vooz Canadian company, Jetix Europe originally Pucca character was created by the South Korean company Vooz as the image of an electronic postal service, but due to its success, the company began to make a series of 24 episodes of only 2 minutes and a half per segment.1 The series was distributed by Jetix in Europe and Latin America ceased to be short two minutes to become an animated series of 26 episodes of 22 minutes (each episode consisted of three shorts), since production joined the company Jetix Europe and the Canadian company Studio B Productions, 2 in this new version of the series were made several changes which include the inclusion of technology Maya, a new theme song played by Plus-Tech Squeeze Box, new characters 3 and, finally, dialogues the characters (except for Pucca and Garu). In the Latin American channel Disney XD (before Jetix), the series has grown and has become a successful broadcasting every day including special marathons. The plot of the series focuses on a village called Sooga where Pucca tries to seduce Garu and kissing it more that can, while Garu tries to escape. Garu is a skilled ninja, so it performs great escapes, but then uses his skill with Pucca always achieves catch him, ending each episode with a kiss. Meanwhile there are problems and extremely large complications that seem impossible to resolve, that develop a little history to give emotion. However, the great Pucca always finds an extraordinary way (sometimes impossible) to resolve the situation, through his intelligence and his superhuman strength to demonstrate that love conquers all..

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