Natural Sciences

The energy is in all the side. In the nature it is in cascades, in the rivers, the wind, the sun and the animals. For example, the foods that we eat changed into energy we to be able to study, to play, to run, to think, at last, for everything what we make in day-by-day. The energy makes with that everything happens, that is, without it would not exist life in the planet Land. The word energy comes of the word enrgeia Greek who means ' ' force in aco' '. Since daily pay-history the Man felt necessity to use some forms of energy wants for its comfort in day-by-day, wants for its proper survival. For this he has used a variety of raw materials that he gets from existing sources in the way. Most of the times is materials that ' ' extrai' ' of the Land, as it occurs with minerals, but other times are energy forms, as the solar one.

For example, the Man discovered that with the fire he was possible to generate heat, to be heated and to cook the foods that ate. All these sources of substance and energy are assigned for resources natural, but we go to study in particular the energy resources. Thus I go to elaborate this work in the scope of disciplines of Natural Sciences, having as objectivo to widen my knowledge on the existing energy resources, its importance and the evolution that have suffered fruit from the increasing necessities of energy. 1. ENERGY To give to one meaning to the term energy is very difficult, however we can affirm that a body possesss energy when it provokes alterations in other bodies with which if it interrelates, or with the way encircles that them. In this way, the energy assigns everything what it can be transformed into heat, movement or light, therefore exists distinct types of energy as the electric one, the radiating one, chemistry, the nuclear one, among others. It stops beyond having some types of energy, this is gotten from energy resources that can be renewed or you did not renew.

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