Hydraulic Cone Crusher

HP series of highly efficient Hydraulic Cone Crusher is a world-level cone crusher introduced with the up-to-the-minute technology of Germany. The cone crusher not only improves the production capacity and efficiency, but also widens area, hardness range applying crushing of materials from limestone to basalt. It has a great performance in the work of medium-size crushing crushing, fine crushing and super fine crushing. The crusher is the improved type of spring cone crusher and can be used to replace ordinary hydraulic cone crusher in the field of mining and construction. It is the most ideal equipment for large stone crushing factory and mining industry.

HP series of highly efficient Hydraulic Cone Crusher has a better performance compared with spring cone crusher and ordinary Hydraulic Cone Crusher: 1. High crushing ratio and production efficiency. Connection of higher turning speed and stroke makes rated power and passing improved greatly and crushing ratio and capacity increased capacity. 2 Less spare part consumption and low operation cost. Advanced crushing principle and technical data, reliable operation and low operation cost. All parts of the crusher Han anti-wearing protection, which can make the life time of spare parts increased by 30% and the maintenance cost decreased to the lowest. The crusher avoids the disadvantages of impact crusher like low average crushing ratio, large energy consumption, fast abrasion of blow bar, impact plate and lining board. 3 Between-layer pressuring crushing and better finished product shape.

The crusher adopts between-layer pressuring crushing principle and suitable turning speed, not the traditional single particle crushing principle. The crushing cavity can make the crusher crush special materials selectively, thus the proportion of fine product and product of cubic shape is increased distinctly and product of lump size is decreased by a large extent.impact crusher: ball mills: 4. Hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity clearing, high automatization and less stopping production and repairing time. Discharge opening is adjusted by hydraulic device and overload protection makes performance of the crusher increaser by a large extent, maintenance and operation are easier, repairing time is shorter.; the bidirectional metal does releasing hydraulic vat makes slab pass through crushing cavity? the crusher can material discharges automatically when the hydraulic device works under the condition of iron passing and instantaneous overloading, thus there is no trouble of stopping the crusher to discharge material by hand. 5 Thin oil lubrication makes the life time increased. Unique design of thin oil lubrication system prolongs life time of the crusher, high performance and not touchable labyrinth airproof part block off dust and remove common disorders like mixture of oil and water in spring cone crusher. 6 Various crushing cavity. It only need change fixed cone lining board and movable cone lining board; the type of crushing cavity can be changed from standard cavity to head short coarse fine cavity, which can meet various kinds of requirements. 7 Easy maintenance and operation. all parts of HP series of cone crusher can be assembled, disassembled and repaired from the top and side part, including the fixed and movable cone cone. If change, no need to disassemble the crusher body and fasten the bolts. Hydraulic engine makes the performance of crusher better.

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